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Sony 4K HDR TV Discount (e.g 60" X67E for $1099, 43" X8000E for $699) + Free Shipping @ Sony Store (EB Games World Members)


Great Deals on Sony 4K TVs if your received the email from EB Games. CODES ARE UNIQUE.

60" X67E 4K HDR SMART TV with ClearAudio+ @ $1099 (was $1999)
43" X8000E 4K HDR TV with 4K X-Reality PRO for $699 (was $1599)
49" X9000E 4K HDR TV with X-tended Dynamic Range PRO for $999 (was $2499) SOLD OUT
55" X9300E 4K HDR TV with Slim Backlight Drive+ for $1799 (was $2999) SOLD OUT

To redeem your code:
1. Visit http://store.sony.com.au/ebgames and add the applicable product to your cart.
2. On CART SUMMARY screen, enter your Promo Code and click Apply.
3. Finalise your purchase & enjoy!

Hyphens need to be included. This code is case sensitive. This offer is valid until 11:59PM AEST 23 April 2018 or while stocks lasts. Terms and conditions are available at http://store.sony.com.au/ebgames

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  • +1

    I think it's time.

  • Doesn't seem to be generic. As the code i got is different

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      you need to use the code.

  • Code is unique for each person. Email says 'your unique code'.

  • anyone can tell me the difference between these TVs why the smaller one is more expensive? Thanks very much

    • +2

      Slim Backlight Drive+ equals better blacks on the tv screen so they don't look grey. There is a X1 Extreme processor so the upscaling is pretty good for non-4K content. The X67E is a budget quality tv. Big screen while cutting down on features.

      • +1

        I haven't watched TV for almost 10 years don't know much of new TV features

        • +1

          Go for the X93E if you can, you won't be disappointed. If you are considering a X67E, you might as well get a high end Hisense tv etc. You can go google X9300E for reviews.

        • @PlushToys: Thanks very much for TV brand which do you suggest? Samsung, Sony, LG … I don't want to buy one and need fix after a while.

        • +1

          @RichardF89: Wait for a deal on a LG OLED tv or get a Sony X9000E, X9300E or newer (My opinion)

        • @PlushToys: I don't need a really good TV like OLED. A normal 4K LED is enough for me

        • +3

          @RichardF89: hisense (N7 range) , then. Good blend of quality and value.

    • +10

      This should help you figure out the differences, RTings does a very good job explaining the pros and cons of each model. I've translated the models because RTing uses the American model names

      55" X9300E 4K HDR TV with Slim Backlight Drive+ for $1799: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x930e
      49" X9000E 4K HDR TV with X-tended Dynamic Range PRO for $999: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x900e
      43" X8000E 4K HDR TV with 4K X-Reality PRO for $699: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x800e
      60" X67E 4K HDR SMART TV with ClearAudio+ @ $1099: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x690e

      tldr: the x900e and x930e's are very good for the money, the x800e and x67 are average

      • +1

        thanks very much

      • +1

        thanks I bought 49" X9000e

  • Wish there was a good deal on the 70"

  • +1

    Anyone has spare code please..

    • +5

      *Code Taken for charisma *

      • +1

        Thanks a lot

  • +8

    First come first serve, here's my code.


    • ‘Code has already been reseemed’

  • Way too small code.. 😝

  • +3

    Spare code for anyone interested!

    • ‘Code has already been reseemed’

  • +3

    Unbelievable price for the 49" X9000e, but I don't need anymore TV's atm.

    Here is my code if anyone can use it:


    • ‘Code has already been reseemed’

  • $1800 for the 55" lol. Go in to JB Hifi and compare this to OLED and you'll conclude that it's twice the price that it should be. Just buy the Panasonic or LG OLED when it's down to $1900 (or probably less when the 2018 models come out soon)

  • Thanks for posting this. Very very tempted by the 60" for $1099. Don't think will likely find anything better or cheaper for that size/price point?

  • Can someone please PM their code is not using. Thanks

  • Can someone please PM me a code. Thanks

  • is $999 a very good buy for th 49" ? I really need a small TV

    • +1

      That is a ridiculously good price. Considering the 7 series of that same size is currently on sale for $999. The 9 series average sale/retail sits around $1800-2400

  • +1

    I got a code. If anybody wants it, message me

    • Given away now

      • can you please pm me your code? Time to upgrade my 8-year old samsung tv…

  • Can someone please PM me a code as well. Thanks

  • +1

    I get all sorts of spam from eb world except the one I’d actually use. If anyone has a code they aren’t using, I’d love it please.

    • Yep, every single email accounted for - except this one, funny that.

      Let the Day 2 of finger crossing for the both of us, begin.

  • If anyone has a spare code, please PM me. Thanks!!

  • Anyone a pare code please? Please PM thanks!!

  • Anyone have spare code please? Please PM thank you really appreciate…

  • +4

    What’s up with all these “new members” all of a sudden pop out of nowhere and asking for a code??

    • +6

      Yeah, they should suck off a veteran first like the rest of us. Everyone else did that right?

      • Veteran?
        Oh crap I thought it was VEGANS!! , you mean I've been wasting all this time?

  • Does someone have a spare code that they are not intending to use? I would love one.

    • I don't need it. If it ain't broke…

  • If anyone has a spare code, I'd really appreciate it :) please pm me!

  • Why did you guys received the code? ebgames email subscription members? I need a TV =(

  • Would someone be kind enough to share their Code with me. Thank you xo

  • Anyone kind enough to PM me their unique code if you aren't using it - thanks!

  • I'd like a code, please. Can someone message me privately? Thanks!

  • +1

    I bought x93e last time, it is fantastic, absolutely stunning in 4k HRD, the black is very deep and the brightness is unbelievable.

    Watching Planet Earth 2 and Blue Planet 4k HDR on this tv is a must do if you want to know why you need to buy 4k HDR tv.

  • Well then, since everyone is asking…can I pretty please get a code pm'ed also? Pretty pretty please!

    I'll edit my begging to blissful happiness when I got one

    • -1

      I'm about to offer my firstborn, which isn't born yet…..and probably never will

    • I'm going to cry…no code for me!

    • I'm sorted thanks to the ozbargain community…so happy!

  • Can someone PM me a code too! I'll edit my comment if I get one too :)

    • Tried to pm you but it said you would not accept new private message.

      • Hey sorry, I fixed it!

        EDIT: Thanks for the code @kendo :)

  • -2

    All too small,

    Where are the 75-85" discounts?

  • Please add me to the queue for spare codes.

  • If anyone has a spare code that they could pm me that would be much appreciated! :)

  • keen on a code if anyone has one. I'm EB member, so not sure why I not get one

  • Anyone have a spare code there not going to be using, thanks ..

  • +1

    Ugh. Too many people asking for PMs. How is anyone supposed to know who has been given one?

    Help yourself to mine


    • +2

      Thanks I bought X9000E

    • +1

      Thanks, much appreciated MovielandDom …

    • ‘Code already redeemed’

  • Could someone not using the code message me their code please? Wanna get a tv. Thanks I'm advance.

  • +1

    Here's mine for anyone to use:


    First in, best dressed.

    Please post if you use this, so others know it's taken, thanks.

    • +1

      Redeemed! Thanks heaps Baltoski!!

    • +1

      ‘Code already redeemed’

  • Any Cashrewards? I have no idea how to use that system haha

  • +1

    I'm also an EB Games member but didn't get one. Would really appreciate if someone could PM me a code too, as been waiting ages for the 49" to get near my budget to replace old, dinky 32" in my apartment. I'll immediately edit my comment if I get one. Cheers :-)

    • +1

      Got one. Thanks so much you legendary OzBers.

  • please PM me if you have a spare code. Thanks in advance

  • Would love a code if anyone has one.
    Edit: Dw, got one off a friend

  • Please PM me if you have a spare code :)

  • ditto if anyone has a spare code

  • Time to upgrade my 8-year old Samsung 42" TV. IF there is anyone that are not using the code, please PM me. Thanks!

  • Can someone pls pm me a code as well, much appreciated.

  • Damn it, where's my code eb?? If someone has a spare, I would much appreciate it. Last time they had this promotion I wasn't ready to buy, now that I am, they decide to not send me one. Go figure.

  • Can anyone please send me a code? I need to upgrade my old tv. Tks

  • If anyone has an unwanted code, would appreciate it immensely!

  • Dang, my partner didn't get the code. Looked like a good one to buy to upgrade my opa's TV. If anyone has any other recommendations for 40-50" TV's preferably with freeview+ otherwise a non smart tv, for under 800 let me know :)

  • Hate following the bandwagon but I did miss the last Sony TV sale contribution from TA as I was out of the country. If anybody is willing to PM me a code I’d be most appreciative. Had my eye on the 9300E for a while now.

  • Yes do pm if anyone has unused code

  • Would appreciate a spare code. Cheers.

    • No longer need one. Cheers.

  • Currently have a 55" Sony 4K (non-HDR) TV, wondering if it's worth replacing it with the 49" X9000E.

  • In need of a new TV. Anyone not using, can you PM me please? :)

  • Thank you to kind person who gave me code :)

  • Anyone needing a code pm me happy to give it away, if I don’t reply I’ve given it away


    code is now gone

    • Yes please!

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