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Kogan RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Blue Switch) $35 + Delivery (Or Free Delivery with Shipster) @ Kogan


If you missed the promotion on Kogan for $45 delivered, now it is back again, and even cheaper.

Blue switch only but for $35 delivered, I ordered one without second thought. :)

Was free delivery but seems they've updated the page now.

  • 104 beautiful backlit keys
  • Blue Switches (Gaote switch / Otemu switch)
  • Premium design – aluminium top housing with sanded finish and metal base
  • 3 brightness and 13 breathing rate levels
  • Full anti-ghosting and n-key rollover capabilities

Link to Dick Smith (with shipping fee)

Update 12 April 2:30pm: This deal was originally available with free shipping on both Dick Smith/Kogan sites until 10:30am when delivery fee was added. But as comments have pointed out, free delivery from Kogan is available for Shipster members.

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  • Thanks OP! Got one for $25! :)

    • +1

      Did you just buy it for $25 with free shipping? or before the postage increase

      • +1

        I made a new account on Shipster and got it for $25 delivered. It was charging $9 shipping otherwise.

        • I did the same thing and bought the keyboard for $25 delivered. But I have to create new kogan and shipster accounts with 2nd email address. As I did not click the referral link with my 1st kogan account. I have unsubscribed my 1st shipster account and wait for the $1 test coming back before removing the card detail. Is is a correct move?

        • @catcancode:

          No need to signup for new shipster account. Just change the email on your new kogan account to match old shipster account.

        • @catcancode: I created a new Shipster account and a new Kogan account as well. My previous accounts on both websites are active as well.

      • Sorry I posted under the wrong thread

  • +3

    It was free delivery this morning on both Kogan and Dick Smith, not anymore now.

  • Kogan was like " Send me a screenshot of it being purchased as free postage, as we have never had it for free postage for a long time"

    like cmon….

  • They increased the price on DSE/Kogan eBay too from $37.62 to $47.30!

    Sucks for those who missed out, there's no shortages of no name brand RGB mechanical keyboard around the $50 mark from Amazon/eBay/aliexpress.

  • the typeface on those keycaps… though I suppose you can buy a new set

  • +12

    If the delivery cost is only $9 as mentioned above, then you can still get it for $25 if you sign up to Shipster;

    1. Create a new Kogan account via the referral link on this page
    2. Create a new Shipster account with the same email (free trial)
    3. Pay only $25 when you use your $10 credit

    Link to the product on Kogan

    • It was showing free delivery about an hour ago. Kogan has done it again.

      • stuhtb is saying you can get free shipping via a trial of shipster. Follow the 3 steps provided.

    • Worked for me. Thanks!

    • Worked for me. Thank you!

    • Cheers for the $25 keyboard!

    • You bloody legend - worked for me too.

    • I guess 25 dollars is my trigger point… ordered, thanks for the tips!

    • worked for me

  • +3

    Was close to buying one, stopped after I saw the delivery charge.

    • You were about an hour late when before it was showing free delivery.

    • Read stuhtb's post on how to get it for $25 posted.

  • Damn, just got it for $35 when I could have got it for $25 :( aww

  • +1

    Now it is showing:

    Our Lowest Price Ever
    + Delivery
    Was $109

    wasn't that a bit awkward… when 'ever' mean never

  • $44.00 total when I go to the PayPal Checkout :(

    • I think you have to use the Shipster trial (Free Delivery) and the referral link to sign up to a new account ($10 Credit).

  • +2

    I got it like 2 weeks ago for $35 Delivered. The Keyboard is much louder than my "Gaming" membrane keyboard. But for the price, it has a decent build quality. The USB cable is braided and the keyboard is very sturdy.

    Someone made a youtube video if you want to checkout the RGB lighting effects:


  • would this keyboard have any advantages over my g19? I like the small screen, but it wouldn't be the end of the world without it.

  • Nice deal op, just got one for $25 delivered - little bit of work - new shipster, kogan accounts from a spare email but a good price. Keen to try mechanical keyboard for the first time.

    • +1

      I am still not quite used to mine and it's been a few years. Keen to try red next time. $25 is an absolute steal anyway

  • +1

    Looks very similar to this keyboard:

    Font and format is the same, however it's missing a few screws and the original keyboard is allegedly programmable.

    Hope this helps anyone who purchased.

  • So how do you apply the free shipster "free shipping"?

    Ive got the $10 voucher but cannot figure out how to get free shipping. I just signed up to a free shipster trial.

    The email from Shipster says, "Just use your email address at checkout and you’re all set."…… i don't understand that at all, or cant see where in Kogan's Checkout they give you an option to input that as a discount code??? AM i missing something?

    • +2

      needs to be same email adress - it picks it up automatically based on email address. ie. signup for shipster eg. [email protected] then signup for a new kogan acc with referral link also with [email protected] - then it will auto apply shipster and $10 creidt

      • +2

        hey why did you use my email address in the example.

  • +4

    1) Make a fake new Kogan referral account from your existing real Kogan account (giving you $10 credit on both sides)
    2) Make sure you can see $10 is in your new fake account before you make a fake Shipster account using the same email that you used for the fake account
    3) Give it about 5-10 mins
    4) Go and checkout on Kogan for the $25 dollar keyboard, when you use the email you signed up for with Shipster it will automatically make shipping free
    5) Download your dodgy $35 invoice and double check your bank statement only shows $25
    6) Keep repeating this to stock up your keyboard inventory and load up Kogan dollars to your genuine Kogan account

    Hope this helps!

  • Not expired yet…

    • Expired because the free delivery is no more (not without using Shipster)

  • So, from kogan website, it is $35 and using the $10 referal code it came to $25. Processed the payment and was charged $34 total. Looked into it more and found that deleivery to Perth Wa is not free and was charged $9……. Oh well, saved a dollar atleast.

    • Have a look in earlier comments where they mentioned Shipster, l haven't used this before but seems many people have got free delivery using it.

    • I have a same problem. Referral is okay but with Shipster's id doesn't make it free shipping… What's going on.. Is it because wa?

      • +1

        As long as you have registered for Kogan and Shipster using the same email address, it should auto apply on Kogan checkout (last page before submitting?). If still not working, prob just because WA isn't part of Shipster or something.

        • Thanksdheywood, didn't know the process have to go to the end.. It shows free shipping to the end. :)

  • Got it for $25 with $10 referral and Shipster. Thank you, OP!

  • Silly question, which switch is the quietest and softest?
    Is there a switch that does not make much noise when you type?

    Thank you

    • From memory, the red switches are the quietest. Maybe the blacks are similar/same?

      • thanks mate

    • Red and Brown. But if you're going to use in office they are't going to be as quite anyhow..

      • Actually, i use them at home and dont want to wake my wife up.
        So Red and Brown are the quietest. will go for them.

      • If someone is going to complain about the noise tell them to go whinge to whoever implemented open plan offices at work, failing that there's always the RSI card to be played if forced to use some stock standard $4 piece of crap of a keyboard all day. I haven't had to go that far but in all seriousness I've worked at places where this might have been an issue. At my current work not much so, but I still bought a <$69 (OzB deal of course) mech keyboard for work, going to claim it on tax, and now there are 3 people with mech keyboards in our isle.

        Got to stop this or make a business out of it…

  • Bought one also for $25 inc shipping using Shipster trial. Don't really need it, but for $25 a spare would be handy.

    • Am I the only one paid $35 lol

  • Is there a way to remove that F__ING UGLY Kogan logo?

    If they didn't brand their shit I'd buy more of it… does anybody else also feel this way?

    • Yep, was just about to ask if anyone knows how I would go about stripping off this logo?

    • I don't understand the hate. My phone says "Sony" up the top, my TV says "Panasonic" at the bottom, microwave says "Samsung" on the door. Keyboards at work say "Dell", "Hp", "Lenovo". Why can't this Kogan keyboard have a "Kogan" logo on it?

      • Because it's so massively prominent and a very ugly logo!

        In any case I don't like logos on anything; I'm all for minimalism :)

        It might also come across a bit materialistic, but the shitteir the brand, the less likely I am to want their logo on the product! You'd probably happily wear a Rip Curl t-shirt, but would you wear the same shirt with K-Mart branding?

        • It might also come across a bit materialistic, but the shitteir the brand, the less likely I am to want their logo on the product!

          Makes sense, this probably explains all the hate.

          I don't mind the Kogan logo, seems pretty minimal to me compared with my steelseries logo on my other keyboard.

          FWIW, I buy most of my clothes from China, and they're mostly cheapish brands like baleno with no prominent logo lol.

        • @idonotknowwhy:

          Makes sense, this probably explains all the hate.

          Hate is for the logo, it's ugly and big.

          FWIW, I buy most of my clothes from China, and they're mostly cheapish brands like baleno with no prominent logo lol.

          Which is exactly what I want from my keyboard. Cheap and unbranded!

        • @idonotknowwhy:

          steelseries logo on my other keyboard

          Which one and how are you liking the keyboard? I recently got an Apex M400… I think. I don't find the logo intrusive at all, but if it were Krogan in bright colours standing out it might be an issue. Anyway, it has actually increased my typing speed/accuracy quite a bit compared to bog standard keyboards which was surprising. At first I thought no wrist support… but it actually works fine and really happy with it, can't imagine going back to the "normal" ones for full-time office work.

        • @decr:

          Which one and how are you liking the keyboard?

          The 7G (PS/2 interface, no RGB, MX Black switches)

          I'm enjoying it a lot for gaming. It's built like a tank, and feels like I could use it as a blunt weapon without damaging it lol. I generally prefer blue or brown switches for typing though.

          Your M400 looks pretty indestructible as well, and the design looks similar to my G7 (but with the backlight and without the removable wrist rest)

          What are the QX1 switches like (using Cherry-MX as an analogy)?

        • @idonotknowwhy: No idea in comparison, sorry. This is my first one and haven't used any other mech keyboards.

  • The replacement keycaps I bought for this costs twice the keyboard haha

  • Note the switches are not Cherry MX as you would find in more common mech kbs. Though this seems to be some sort of clone so YMMV

    • However, they feel exactly the same as the Cherry MX Blue kb I've used. This one is lighter though.

    • A lot of popular keyboard brands don't even use Cherry MX switches. Logitech are using their own design now and it isn't uncommon for these Cherry MX clones to be used in keyboards. Pretty sure Razer use clones. Mostly with positive reviews.
      I've got a Kingston HyperX mech keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches that I got from a recent-ish OZB deal to replace my 6+ year old faulty Blackwidow Ultimate. I pike it, simple design and quieter switches so it keeps the wife happy not hearing me tap away at keyboard :)

    • +1

      Not true, plenty of different switches out there. Also, just because they're clones doesn't mean they're bad. I've used Gaterons, Otemus and my current keyboard is Cherry and honestly, Gateron is better imo. That being said, the difference is minimal.

  • Awesome deal OP :).
    My first mechanical keyboard :).

    I'm gonna Broden this.

    • +1

      Scrape the Bogan logo off, and replace it with this: http://www.acgam.com/mechanical-gaming-keyboard/ag-109r
      Then sell for $60

      • +1

        Unless I'm mistaken, the Kogan one doesn't have macro keys or software to control the RGB lighting.

        Also the cord is in a different place, there's more indicator lights above the numpad, the keys on that one have a thicker and more consistent mask under the key to reflect the lighting and the bezel where the top plate meets the chassis looks different too.

        • You really have planned this all out.
          So how many did you Broden :).

        • +1

          @Wystri Warrick:

          Just 1, for $25 using a Kogan voucher before the price rise :)

        • +2

          @c0balt: That's not Broden then. You're supposed to use a 10x multiplier.

          Just 10, for $250 using Kogan vouchers before the price rise :)

        • @idonotknowwhy: Will produce great dividends on eBay and Gumtree.

      • Looks good. The ad on aliexpress shows brown switch, but description is blue(!?).

        • link me to the ad, I might buy it and let you know if it's priced reasonably

        • @idonotknowwhy: Here you go.

          You can see it says blue switches in the description but their photo ad says "Outemu Brown"???

        • @sky blu: Ah, this will have blue switches, they just used the wrong photo (I think there's a similar kb with the outemu brown switches).

        • @idonotknowwhy: Oh ok, I read that Blue switches are a bit clickey, so I'd prefer the less-noisy variants. Any particular one(s) you can recommend?

        • @sky blu: Brown are similar to blue, but less clicky. And yes, blue are very clicky and cause complaints from colleagues.

  • just got one for $25 delivered, thanks OP!

    even if it sucks, can always keep it as a spare

  • Got one for $25 with Shipster trial, thanks OP :)

  • Thanks, bought one using Shipster Trial $25.00 :)

    been waiting a cheap mechanical keyboard for a while, this should do me

  • I signed up for free shipster, and used the referral link, it came to $25 with free shipping.. Could not resist buying it at that price, thanks.

  • When does the $10 credit get applied…can't see it anywhere, I did sign up to a new account and it said i have the voucher which will be applied at checkout.

    • Was your signup from a refer a friend referral?.

  • Set up a free Shipster account and got delivery free - pretty good deal for $25 I reckon!

  • +2

    i'm only buying this because I don't need it

  • Got one..
    Is it good quality?

  • Sold out

    • Yes, unfortunately. Let's hope they run another offer on this keyboard soon.

      • Great first post. Thank you.

    • Also automatically sold out on the Dick Smith web site too. Obviously run off the same system.

  • +1

    Mine arrived this morning, slightly louder my my Tt with Cherry blues, but nothing some 8 rings won't fix, the loudness seems to come from them bottoming out.

    Also, read your instructions people, the modes to enable single keys to be lit up, etc (what its calls pro gamer mode), is great.

    Cheers again to the OP.

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