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Sharp 750W Microwave $62.41 (The Good Guys on eBay) or $65.70 (Was $109) @ The Good Guys C&C


The Good Guys eBay (Further 5% of with PULL5 code) $62.41

The Good Guys Online $65.70

Had it up to here trying to thaw homemade pasta sauce on the stove? This Sharp 750W White Microwave can do all the hard work for you. With a 255mm turntable diameter you can easily heat up enough sauce to feed the whole family. And with the Sharp R210D(W)'s 6 Auto Menus you can even cook the pasta itself in the microwave so you don't have to dirty any pots or pans. You can defrost dinner and then cook it without having to adjust the settings thanks to the Sharp R210D(W)'s 2 Stage Sequence Cooking so you can set and forget. You can zap a cube of butter at low power with its 11 power levels. In addition, the R20A0W's touch control panel helps you easily set power levels and cooking times. Thaw food quickly with help from this Sharp microwave oven


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    Awesome thanks

  • Nice! Thanks for the heads up. Much appreciated.

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    I wouldn't bother with 750W. Compared to a 1200W oven you're looking at 60% longer re-heat times. So a simple 60 second reheat will now take 96 seconds. Who has the patience?

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      It's only 0.004% of a day. You can do it.

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      Someone who wants a new microwave for a furnished apartment or a holiday house, or someone whos struggling financially and so their kid might have to wait a few extra seconds for their hot milk

      • If your that bad off buy kmart

        • I think buying 'kmart' might be a little more expensive than just a cheap microwave from TGG. But hey, if you are looking to invest in the retail sector in order to get ahead in life and not be so bad off for future microwave purchases, by all means - go ahead!

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          @Tuhan: I'll need your internet banking login details, I invest in sarcastic people on ozbargain. Once we have checked your spending habits we shall send through the contract for our offer of an investment loan.

          Will a 250 page document be to much?

        • @Slippery Fish:

          lol - I'm in!! :)

        • @Tuhan: please forward the details to [email protected]

        • .double

  • The form factor on this is excellent - around 320mm. It would be perfect for smaller places and spots that have the microwave in a nook. Pretty good deal TBH, most of the more fancy microwaves top out at 900w anyway because they add things like grills and stuff instead.

    • I have a top of the line Panasonic with convection, and it tops out at 1kW which is 1-200W less than a top of the line nonconvection one. Having said that it is so worth it, as an oven it"s better than my Bosch one.

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    This is a great price for this however I thought I might make a recommendation for those who want a microwave that is larger and 900w. I have been very impressed with the Contempo Medium Digital Microwave Oven I bought from Big W 6 months ago. It is $99 at the moment but it is bigger and more powerful.

  • 750 W is pretty weak.

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    Good deal. I bought this recently and am pretty happy with it for its footprint and power. Have had no trouble heating basic things in there. Can't comment on the longevity as I've only had it a couple of weeks. High bang for buck IMO.

  • Most frozen meals use 1000w as a standard when they estimate heating times.

  • Price says $95 she all over?

  • Do any microwave offer a longer (2+ yrs) warranty than this? I understand this is a cheap one and I'm just curious. 1yr warranty is pretty crappy..

    • You can buy extended warranty with TGG.