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Mini Vacuum Blue LED USB Air Extracting Cooling Fan for Laptop US $6.49/AU $8.56 (Was $13.17) @ Banggood


World's first Patened NB Air Extracting Fan. Allows faster extraction of the hot air out of a running system, which stabilizes the operation of the NB and prolongs its lifetime. please check your laptop went design if its match with given design.before you buy.
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  • Real deal or snake oil? At this price, I'm suspecting the latter. Hopefully it doesn't live up to the store's name when you plug it in.

  • World's first PATENED NB Air Extracting Fan.


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    If you attach one to both sides, can you get the laptop to levitate?

    • World's first PATENED NB Air Extracting Fan.

      World's first PATENED NB Air Extracting Laptop Leviating Fan


  • You can get similar ones on ebay for $4.64 aud


  • Does it work?

    • yes , refer above

    • Yes and no. But one thing you could be sure of, is that it's a waste of money.

      Yes, you can "suck air" out of the laptop. But for it to be done effectively, you need to create a tight seal from the fan all the way to the laptops intake (doesn't seem like they've even bothered to address that) otherwise you lose all the pressure (a.k.a sucking power) to the surrounding area around the fan. So you're already at a disadvantage when compared to something blowing air into the computer. To make matters worse, if you already have a working fan, unless it is somehow able to out do your laptops fan at max, you are just creating more friction. All laptops will also ramp up according to the temperature, so at best you might be able to see a little difference when your laptop fans are running at low speed (when your computer needs to be cooled the least) and this at high speed.

      Only situation where i can see this being helpful is when your laptop is broken, in which case anything is better than nothing. Not exactly a high bar to beat.

      TLDR: It's a waste of money and probably very loud too. If you want to cool down your laptop buy one of those cooling pads, they do a much better job. Or just open up your laptop, and clean out the built up dust that might be clogging up most of your intake

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    i had a similar one of these attached to my old NEC laptop that had heating issues. it was cheap and did an okay job keeping the laptop a bit cooler until the replacement fan unit arrived.

    i reckon cooling pads are a better alternative