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Earn 2 Qantas Points Per $1 on Gas/Electricity (or 7 Points Per $1 if You Forgo Pay on Time Discount) @ Red Energy


Red energy has started offering qantas points on gas and or electricity bills. There is a slight catch though (see below)

Earn 2 points per $1 on gas and/or electricity and retain your pay on time discount


Earn 7 points per $1 on gas and/or electricity and lose your pay on time discount.

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  • +6

    lose your pay on time discount.

    good deal for losers.

  • is the discount worth losing? 1QP is around 1c so 5c per $1 for loser

    • +12

      10% discount, not worth sacrificing

      • +2

        I've got 15% POTD with them…. So no deal!

        • Woo, how did you get 15% off ? early adopter?

        • +1

          @relicsinner: rang up and said I can get a better deal elsewhere. They offered an extra 5% discount to stay. I took the discount for a total of 15%.

        • +1

          Yeah i have been getting 15% on Gas and 20% on Elec for ages now

        • @jimbobaus: Hmmm might need to ring them up again and see!

        • @JimmyF: Will RIng them up now ! Cheers !

        • @jimbobaus:

          That's insane, noticed youre in VIC though. Anyone in NSW getting these numbers?
          I'm on 12% elec and 10% gas.

        • @JimmyF:
          They just gave me 12%

          [email protected] it.

        • @KBZ:

          Here’s 25% elec and 15% gas with no haggling required https://www.originenergy.com.au/for-home/campaign/maximiser....

        • @arigoldforpm:

          I should have specified on Red energy.

        • @dts88: oh…. well 12% is better than 10% I guess!

        • +1

          Origin offered me 33% off at one stage. Probably 3 years ago. The discount was only applied on usage.

        • @KBZ: currently on 30% for electric and 18% for gas with alinta

        • Usage only…and higher rates

    • Great reward for anyone who never pays their bills on time though.

  • Only lose the pay on time bonus for the 7 Qantas Points deal, you retain it on the 2 points per $1 one though. So if you're already with Red seems like a no brainer.

  • More-or-less a dupe of https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/371632 although the title of the post has a different focus.

    • -1

      Yep, same deal.

  • +3

    Is this right?

    So on $1000 bill
    $900 with discount @10%
    And 1800 points ($18 worth) = bill of $882 factoring in points
    $1000 bill no discount and 7000 points ($70 worth)
    $930 factoring in points

    • $1000 bill = 2000 points even though you only have to pay 900

      • So $2 more worth of points
        $880 vs $930 with $50 worth of extra points =$880
        its a good offer for people who don’t realise whenever you get given airline points you actually are buying them as part of the price, which is is fine if your spending someone else’s money.

  • Thanks OP, already with Red so nice to see a deal I can get as an existing customer. Definitely going with the 2 points per dollar though, you'd have to be really hungry for points to go the other way.

  • Do they have a referral bonus that can be added with this, for Gas only?

    I know they do for electricity.

    • +1

      I tried to sign up using referral but it won't apply to gas only :(

  • +3

    I moved from Red Energy to Pacific Hydro for electricity early this year. Red Energy has become more and more expensive and their rewards program is almost useless if you already have Entertainment Book subscription.

  • I just tried signing up for this - they did a credit check and said it failed. I have a good credit history with zero issues so this is a pain in the backside. Called Dun and Bradstreet but don't expect to get any kind of resolution. Will have to sign up with another company unless anyone here has any tips?

    • zero issues

      You need to resolve the debt with Dunn & Bradstreet. Ignore it and it will remain as an unpaid debt on your credit history for years to come

      • I don't have any debt - that is the issue. Never had a loan in my life. Credit cards are all fully paid off - never paid a cent of interest on them. I think there must be a system issue auto rejecting me for some reason. Regardless yes, I have ordered the appropriate report from Dunn & Bradstreet to try and sort it out.

        • I said you need to resolve the debt, not necessarily pay it. This starts with finding out what the actual issue is. Sometimes it can be a fraudulent debt. Once you know what it is, the mercantile agent can help you take steps to resolve it

        • @4agte: I look forward to seeing the report they send me. I think the most likely outcome is there will be no fraudulent debt listed and nobody will be able to explain to me why my credit check was rejected - I clearly do not have much faith in energy providers or credit checks!

        • You said it yourself: "Never had a loan in my life". That can be a problem in itself. It's ass about, but having car and home loans often makes it easier to get credit, not less.

    • Also try Veda, which is the credit agency most Energy Retailers use.

      • Veda is now Equifax.

    • Get a copy of your credit report from all 3 providers and check it.


      • +1

        I got rejected too for same reason.

  • Might switch over for both gas & electricity only to receive bonus 15k points then switch back to my current provider.

    Anyone know if theres a minimum stay to receive points? I can't seem to find it on their t&c's along with this page https://www.redenergy.com.au/qantas-terms-and-conditions
    Also any idea when they will actually credit the points?

    • Offer only available for residential electricity and/or gas customers in NSW, VIC, SA and residential electricity customers in QLD who are on an existing Red Energy plan and have a Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership Number. Qantas Points accruals will commence from the beginning of your current billing cycle (i.e. since your last bill), so may apply retrospectively. Red Energy may withdraw or change this offer at any time. Full terms available at www.redenergy.com.au/qantas-terms-and-conditions for full terms and conditions.

    • If you select Red Energy’s Qantas Red Plus plan, you agree to forego any existing pay on time discount on your current energy plan from the start of your current billing cycle (this means any energy charges since your last bill will not be discounted) and instead you will receive the 7 Qantas Points per $1 on your Electricity and/or gas bills, when you pay on time.

    † Complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer membership is offered by Qantas Airways Limited ABN 16 009 661 901. This offer may be withdrawn at any time. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer. Each application is subject to approval by Qantas.

    • +1

      Do we have some kind of Red Energy referral circle thing happening here?

    • You will probably need to pay a meter reading free as part of the cancel/signup so that your old provider can send you a final bill.

  • +1

    CHURN away to another provider then see them throw discounts at you for CHURNing back. Left AGL, for energy australia. With a 30% discount promotion and 2 days later AGL saves rang up with their critical saves offer to churn back with a 42% pay on time discount. A fortnight later energy australia called with their saves rates of 45% discount but stayed with AGL as their supply rate is cheaper and works out cheaper overall.

    • +2

      Playing them off against each other for discount like you have is far smarter than chasing Qantas points. I only managed to get 32% off. I’ll be trying for your 45% when my contracts up.

    • Are you serious? I am getting 20% and thought that is the maximum I can get….

    • I have found even AGL Or Energy Aus offering 50% (of usage I might add) is still more expensive per unit than red giving me 20% (off entire bill)

    you only lose POTD if you select 7 points.
    If you select 2 you still get 10%

    • You work for Red? can't believe they let me off the phone admitting Lumo were a better deal for me.

      • Lumo and red owned by snowy hydro…
        And that's how salesman are here..if you're on a better deal we'll tell you

        • I guess I was implying they should beat it. If another provider is cheaper it means a. There is still profiting in it to be made they are missing out on (perhaps both being owned by Snowy has something to do with it in this case) and b. Red are charging too much and it's unsustainable as customers will go with the best deal.

  • I rang Red. Went through bill comparison with the sales agent and she basically told me that my current provider is cheaper (Lumo). That was that, call ended. No attempt to beat or anything. Guess Lumo is too cheap for them to beat, and my research 4 years ago when I joined has paid off.

    • I just looked and Lumo is also owned by Snowy Hydro. Why would they want to try beat themselves??

      EDIT: Just saw someone above already posted this on another comment.

      • Because customer is shopping around and may go elsewhere.

  • I'm currently with Red Energy and my current discount is 15% for gas and electricity. We have just signed the lease on a new rental and when I rang to have the power put on they would not give me the same discount - they would go no higher that 10%. They didn't even offer me the Qantas points deal (bonus points etc) - I found that one out on the website after I spoke to them. When I told her I had been with them for years and they don't reward loyalty she basically said that's the offer (10%) take it or leave it.

  • Pay on time with a CC which provides Qantas points

  • Do you know if we can have multiple addresses earning points under the 1 QFF account?

  • I am happy to switch to them for the moment in order to get the qantas bonus points and to use the amex offer. Then I will look for a better deal. But I would like to know if they are going to bump up my rates as soon as I sign up like Sumo did.

    • I've been with them for years and they bump up the rates quite regularly.

  • Sumo list acquisition rates on their website but these are only for new customers. I am paying about 50% more per kw than what is on their website. Time to move.

  • Can someone PM their name and account number so I can use it as a referral? Thanks

    • Thanks guys, sorted

  • Merged from Has Any One Received Points from This Red Energy Deal?


    Thats the Qaatas Frequent Flyer deal that i'm talking about - signed up for it as im an existing QFF and Red Energy customer, but Im pretty sure I havent received any QFF points even after paying my bills on time.

    Has anyone else gotten points or even a confirmation from Red Energy that they are earning points?

    Just re-applied again, but I;m not hopeful it will work…..

    • Yes i have got the points. For both Electricity and gas.

      And i got it withinn few days, once my electricity was switched over to Red energy

      Got connected in july. check your Qantas account.

  • weird.i checked my QFF points everyday and havent gotten anything yet..

    hopefully its because you're a new customer so they give you points first.

    and existing customers have to wait

  • Can someone PM their name and account number so I can use it as a referral? Thanks

    • you need to go my account; then messaging & then tick allow messages. for people to PM you.