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Xiaomi Piston Earphones Fresh Version US $3.50/AU $4.49, HTC 10 Evo 3+32GB B28+NFC US$142.98/AU$183.50 @ LightInTheBox


$AUD based on current exchange rate, pay in US for lowest price.
our process time might few longer than page said, so if you need in a hurry, buy from local might better

Xiaomi Piston Fresh Edition Earphones US$3.5/AU$4.49 EXPIRED
Few new stocks arrive today so i bring it back. due to cost price rising few,not as good as our last deal. but still good compared with other place. if you find any lower currently price, just let me know. i will try to beat it.
this time only 500 stocks
only 1 unit per account, if you want all, it's time to create more account.

back again as request, don't miss this again and enjoy.

HTC 10 evo 3+32GB
only 100 pcs

B28 and NFC

☑ 850MHZ
☑ 900MHZ
☑ 1800MHZ
☑ 1900MHZ
☑ 850MHZ
☑ 900MHZ
☑ 1900MHZ
☑ 2100MHZ
☑ 700MHZ
☑ (B20) 800MHZ
☑ 850MHZ
☑ 900MHZ
☑ 1800MHZ
☑ 2100MHZ
☑ 2300MHZ
☑ 2600MHZ

Date Item Deal Price
2018-4-19 HTC 10 evo 3+32GB US$142.98
2018-4-19 mi mix2 6+64GB US$384.95
2018-4-19 Xiaomi MI NOTE 3 6+128GB US$319.96
2018-4-19 LEAGOO KIICAA MIX 3GB + 32GB US$100.69
2018-4-19 MOTO Z2 Play 4GB + 64GB US$214.97

where to input coupon
* go to checkout page, and on the bottom you will find Apply Coupon Code

It's showing me higher AUD price than mentioned in the title
* Choose USD as your currency from top left hand corner. Don't select AUD, always choose to pay in USD, it will work out cheaper even after your credit card conversion fees. Also read the below.

How do I ensure I get the cheapest AUD price possible
* To avoid higher currency conversion rates and to get cheapest price from these Chinese websites, always choose to pay in USD, (Choose "USD" from top left hand corner) and set your Paypal so it "bills you in the currency on Seller's Invoice". To set your PayPal account this way permanently, follow the steps shown in these snapshots [Highly recommended]

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