[Important Announcement] Buzz Telco Is Shutting down

Table of alternative deals (publicly editable spreadsheet)

Received the email from Buzz this morning.

It is with great regret that today, I announce that our contract with Vocus Ltd has been terminated effective immediately.

As a result of this termination, I am forced to announce that, effective immediately, Buzz Telco will cease trading. I have worked with a number of other providers to get arrangements in place to ensure that customers are not left without service during these unfortunate times.

I have spoken with three separate providers, who are all willing to offer deals to our customers wishing to transfer across to them. The deals are as outlined below:

Mungi Internet - $5 off for the first 5 Months - Coupon Code “BUZZ”. Customers of Buzz Telco are welcome to SMS Mungi on 0427 188 626 or Live Chat at mungi.online/buzz. This offer is available to all current Buzz Telco Customers and will expire on the 31st of May 2018.

Dodo Internet – Vocus has arranged for a promotional offer with Dodo for transitioning Buzz Telco customers in its communications with them about impacted services. Dodo will offer current Buzz Telco customers 1 month free of charges on their chosen NBN plan when you connect for 24 months. The free month will be applied to the 4th month of service. This offer is valid until the 1st of May 2018. The credit on your account is not redeemable for cash and is subject to Dodo’s terms and conditions available from their website. To take up this offer, you must quote code “FREE#MONTHS” and sign up by calling a Dodo service representative on 1300 843 120.

Aussie Broadband – Aussie Broadband is pleased to offer Buzz Telco customers their first month free when switching to Aussie Broadband. As you are already connected to the nbn Aussie Broadband can transfer your connection within minutes (so you can reduce any risk of downtime). Aussie Broadband offer all-Australian Support, no connection fees and no lock-in contracts (so if you don’t love them in the first month, you’re free to leave). To take up this offer, you will be required to sign up at the Aussie Broadband website (aussiebroadband.com.au) or by calling their friendly team on 1300 880 905 and use the coupon code “BUZZFREETRIAL” at the checkout. This offer is available to all current Buzz Telco customers and will expire on the 6th of May 2018.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our current and past customers, as well as our dedicated staff, for the commitment and loyalty you have shown towards Buzz Telco. We have had our ups and downs, and I am devastated to see the journey coming to an end. I wish all of our former customers and staff all the best in their journeys, and I am sincerely sorry that we will not be a part of it.

Please be aware that, as a result of this process, our phones will be taken offline shortly, and all active services will be disconnected on Thursday. Please ensure that you have placed an order with your new provider by Close of Business tomorrow to ensure any downtime can be avoided.

I will still personally be responding to lodged tickets. Please be patient, as this has been reduced to a one-man operation as we wind down. As such, delays will be experienced.

Any customers with pending orders will be contacted on an individual basis within the coming days to arrange for refunds of your accounts.

All recurring payments, inclusive of PayPal Subscriptions, have been cancelled to ensure that customers are not charged unnecessarily.

I would once again like to thank you for your time with Buzz Telco and wish you all the best. I am truly sorry that we will not be able to continue this journey with you.

Kind Regards

Jeremy Chequer
General Manager

Buzz Telco Pty Ltd

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      • Looks like you'r eright, though wish I could have 25mbps with about 50gb data for about same price/

    • Cheap 4G plan with ~2GB data not an option?

      • 2gb too little.. I need at least 20-30gb
        ..plus 4g signal is shit in my area..

        • Do you watch 24/7…?

        • @dyl: no, but I do spend some weekend there. ;)

        • @Droid11:

          I believe a 12mbps connection is similar wholesale cost to 25mbps now.

        • @dyl: but most still chary higher price for 25mbps, dam isp

        • @dyl: but most still chary higher price for 25mbps.. I wish it's the same price with 12mbps too

  • +1

    In case anyone is going from Buzz to ABB - in terms of router settings all you need to do is change your WAN connection from PPPoE to IPoE. You do not need to enter any authentication details (ie username/password) with IPoE.

    • +1

      For Archer D9 (could apply to other TP Link modem/router as well) its Dynamic IP.

      I had to reboot both the NBN box (am on HFC) as well as my TPLink Archer D9, changing to DynamicIP and only restarting the TP Link device was not enough.

  • +2

    Saved over $400 for the 9 months I've been with them compared to my previous Skymesh connection. New Mungi line is already active on a free port (FTTP) while the Buzz is still alive (for now). Overall a win for me. Only down time was about 5 days during the massive stuff up last September. My billing cycle starts on the 1st of the month so I'm only losing a few days worth of the $59 monthly fee.

  • +2

    New Mungi Customers coming from BuzzTelco will not have their current line disconnected tomorrow

    Just got off the phone to Mungi and have been told anyone who signs up to Mungi will have their BuzzTelco line stay connected for as long as it needs to for the transfer to occur (deal made since they share upstream providers)

    • Oh that's what they meant by putting the line on hold…

    • +1

      I just got switched over to Mungi :-) Connection is now live.

      • How is your speed on it? I just got connected today and it's around the 30-38mbps mark, but my upload speed is abysmal at 1-9mbps (i am on 50/20). With Buzz I was always 40-46up and 17+ down . Devoooo

        • Let it settle down for a day or so. Mine was slow for quite a few hours and then required a router restart before reaching full speed.

        • So how's the upload speed affecting your user experience?

    • Went to mungi. Was notified Friday of account details and rollover in 24 hours. Service stopped working Sunday - sync no auth. Called Monday told they would pass it up to the provider (Vonage) Tuesday lost sync completely disconnected. Wednesday received a connection notice and was reconnected again. No call, or ticket update as to why or apology for being disconnected since to smooth transfer was the reason I switched I'm kind of miffed.

      • lol it appears that you may be new to NBN and to some extend Vocus (not Vonage). You should count your blessings that you only experienced a relatively short outage. You may wish to adjust your expectations to avoid further 'miffage' lol. There is more to come .. I guarantee it!

  • +1

    Can't say I'm surprised, all these new RSPs offering super cheap unlimited seemed super dodgy.

    Aussie might be $10 or 20 more a month, but at least they are reliable and have amazing speeds

  • Signed up over 24 hours ago with Telecube, one email with nothing else… Not sure if Telecube is under the pressure atm. Maybe should've signed up with Aussie Broadband

    • I signed up around 8pm yesterday and just got connected. FTTP

      • I'm fttn… Just take them longer. I did select transfer which I assume is correct instead of existing…

    • What exactly were your expectations R3X?

      • 24 hours… That's what I was advised by the telecube rep on the other thread. Been more than 24.

        • I'm asking for a refund. I'm not going to get suckered twice. Any company that turns their phones off for 3 days (or longer idk) is heading for trouble.

        • @ritzo90:

          Yea was told yesterday that I'd be provisioned over the phone. Still hasn't transferred…

  • +1

    I signed up with Aussie Broadband for a HCF connection late yesterday, one email but nothing more. With a wife at home on maternity leave looking after a 6 month old, any outage means shit will get real in my world real friggin fast.

    • Ok, online ABB as of 6pm today. Speeds smash buzz telco (45mbits on buzz vs 80mbts over wifi tonight).

  • Can anyone (whos already got the connection running with another ISP) confirm if the buzztelco modem works with the new ISP?

  • -1

    I highly highly recommend Aussie Broadband if you do any kind of international downloading, streaming, linux ISOs etc.

    Vocus ie. Mungi, telecube and who Buzz used, have shocking international speeds.

    Also you'll get connected with ABB in like 20 minutes flat. They are awesome.

    • +1

      I used Assuie BB before switched to Buzztelco and i feel so good that i made that switch. ABB sucks when it comes to higher prices and poor quality speed. Vocus provided good speed (atleast better than ABB) so i will be staying with telecube.

      • Vocus better? lol ok. What was the issue with your speeds?

        • +1

          I am not tech savvy but when I was on ABB I couldn't see YouTube video without buffering, but since joining buzztelco I never experienced buffering on YouTube for same video at same time !

          When I complained to ABB about speed they asked me to upgrade the plan…lol to avoid buffering but with buzztelco I was on same speed plan and paid less and still never experienced buffering!

        • @SydBoy: Aussie had a lot of problems with their off-Net services leveraging Optus.

          Aussie also has had problems with Youtube, Twitch, Facebook.

          I believe for the Youtube issue it was because they were exhausting the bandwidth.

          You being on a smaller scale ISP wouldve have had the same issue.

          So yes Aussie has had issues in the past and presently they may not be the cheapest but they are a receptive company that cares as evidenced by their support on the phones, forums and are an transparent company when it comes down to the nitty gritty.

    • +1

      As a long term Aussie customer (5+) I ask that you dont recommend it as I dont want to compete with others for bandwidth :D

      • Haha!

  • +7

    My connection is still working with Buzztelco. i requested switch with telecube they won't be able to do the switch until buzztelco switch off today.

    sad to see buzz going down the hill….best speed and price

    • My Buzz connection is also still working at this time. At the same time I have ABB on WAN2 to trial one month. Most likely going with Telecube 50Mbps 500GB for $60 per month after trial finish.

    • +1

      Same… can't connect to telecube until they disconnect me. Going to be a long wait for me, especially with HFC connection. Expected downtime 1 day to 3 weeks. I'd imagine it to be weeks…

      • +1

        Telecube connected me while buzz was still active, on FTTP.
        So far it sucks badly, I miss Buzz already.
        International connections during peak are unusable.

      • I'm on hfc and went with the Aussie BB one month free trial. It was all setup in about 10 minutes I reckon. Still haven't decided which way I'll jump yet after the trial. But it's good having internet in the meantime.

  • +2

    They filed the application to wind up the company back on the 8th of March:



    Court: Federal Court of Australia, New South Wales Registry
    Number: NSD323/2018
    Title: AAPT LIMITED ABN 22 052 082 416 v BUZZ TELCO PTY LTD ACN 602 262 635
    Filing Date: 08-Mar-2018

    Winding Up 08-Mar-2018

    18-Apr-2018 09:16 Affidavit of Service Buzz Telco Pty Ltd ACN 602 262 635
    23-Mar-2018 11:56 Consent of Liquidator/Provisional Liquidator AAPT Limited ABN 22 052 082 416
    22-Mar-2018 15:27 Affidavit of Publication AAPT Limited ABN 22 052 082 416
    22-Mar-2018 15:27 Affidavit of Service AAPT Limited ABN 22 052 082 416
    22-Mar-2018 15:27 Affidavit of Lodgment at ASIC AAPT Limited ABN 22 052 082 416
    08-Mar-2018 09:48 Affidavit AAPT Limited ABN 22 052 082 416
    08-Mar-2018 09:48 Originating Process AAPT Limited ABN 22 052 082 416

    AAPT Limited ABN 22 052 082 416

    Buzz Telco Pty Ltd ACN 602 262 635
    Legal Representative Plaintiff
    Lloyd & Lloyd Solicitors

  • +1

    Have been with Mungi now for a few hours and definitely slower than Buzz. I’m less than 50m to the node and pillar but only pulling 52/30 on a 100/40 FTTN plan (Gold Coast).

    • Someone else said mungi needed a day to level itself out.

      • Ah ok, makes sense.

      • +1

        Yeah that was me. hasn't levelled out yet. Off peak seemed okay, but nowhere near the speeds I was getting before. By the time I checked support was offline, need to check again later.

      • I’m now getting 24/26 on a 100/40 plan on a Saturday night. Will be switching providers ASAP

  • I am on Buzz FTTP, service is still on as of 945pm 26.04.2018.

    • I had two Buzz services active not so long ago. I'm pretty sure I've currently got three 100/40 connections active. If only I could aggregate them easily.

      • What, something like this….

        Was looking for a multi threaded streaming proxy which this guy made and noticed this and remembered your comments.

        • Cheers! If it's still working tomorrow I might have a crack at it…

    • Mine is still active. 27/04 6.35am

    • +1

      Mungi customer support told me that once the order was processed, it would ask Vocus to hold on the disconnection. So, Buzz Telco's service is still usable.

      • Buzz services was shut down about 1130pm Thursday 26.04.2018.
        If you signed up with Mungi, your UID1 port still have connection. If you lookup IP, it shows "Vocus Pty Ltd". I believe this is a transitional service arrangement between Mungi and Vocus.

        Mungi uses UID2 port and service is currently live.

  • +1

    I did a stupid mistake of pre-paying 10 months worth of internet amounting to $590. Now I'm not really sure if I'll get my money back. Yep, Buzz Telco is still working in my unit before I leave the office around 8:15 AM this morning.

    • +1

      No, you won't get any money back from them.

      • +1

        I called Virgin money just now since I use one of their credit cards in prepaying my Buzz Telco internet for 10 months and they told me that they will charge back what was the charged to my account in two business days. I'll watch this like a hawk.

  • +1

    So is there a reason to why buzz service is still going?

    • +1

      I'm going to say Telecube is next. At least Buzz had someone of the phones for sales and support. Telecube are a communication black hole.

      • +3

        Same black hole experience here. Not even a sound after several emails and calls to support. Buzz is definitely two up on this. I don't mind paying the same price (additional $20 per mth) that I'm paying for Telecube to Buzz. Sad to see Buzz go.

  • I signed up with telecube on the night of Anzac day and got the email just before that it is provisioned.

  • +1

    Gone with Mungi. ABB has congested in my area.

    • How could we tell which provider was congested in a certain area? Thx.

  • +1

    Never got my 50 something dollars back after signing up for buzz…. not getting a Modem for a month and never getting connected.

    Wasted approx 4 hours trying to get them to connect.

    Hope Jeremy is banned from ever running a company in Australia again.

  • I transferred my service to ABB for the free month. I intend to switch to the cheapest Telecube, but will be overseas for a month in June. If I cancel ABB to the end of the free month could I easily be reconnected with Telecube? Or would a technician be required to measure the line etc?

    • +1

      mostlikely not.
      NBN connection (which was working already) shouldnt need some one visiting.

  • +2

    My service with Buzz is still going on !

    • Same…

    • Shhh there could be a rep here, we all have a few weeks remaining and we are unlikely to get our money back.

      • Same here! But I already have another connection active since last Wednesday! should I cancel with Buzz?

        • I'd contact buzz for a partial refund for any remaining days you have left.
          If you only have a few days remaining on your plan, I wouldn't bother contacting buzz to cancel and a refund, as it's unlikely that they will reply back.

  • You take the risk with these minnows.

  • Anyone actually got disconnected yet from Buzz? I've got a new connection with Amaysim and they have requested me to connect to port 2, whereas I am still on port 1 where Buzz instructed me to connect. Should I cancel with Buzz or wait till it gets disconnected automatically?

    • +1

      It's a bit hard to ask buzz to disconnect since it's unlikely anyone will reply back. I'd wait for it to automatically disconnect

      • Hope I wont get an invoice asking me to pay for next month :P oh shoot they already have sent it a week back! but still I'm not obligated to pay if I don't use their services next month.. I'll wait till tomorrow evening and switch to port 2..

        • +1

          I would encourage you to change your credit card details so they can't charge you! I just put in my old expired credit card details

        • @superjquando: Thanks, but I haven't put any card details on the profile. I used manual paypal payments monthly :)
          Edit: I had put my savings card, but apprently all this time I've paid well before invoice payment due date via paypal so they never charged by debit card! now I've locked the card on bank app, and transferred all money i had to a different account.
          Thanks superjquando for the tip!

        • +1

          @PrasangaD: you're welcome!

    • I actually missed the email, as it got filtered. Just realised that my connection with Buzz gone a couple of hours ago and started google search, lol. So, somehow they did last a few days longer. Switching to ABB for now.

  • Amaysim Basic for $45 = 1Mbps
    Buzztelco 25/5 for $29 = 40+ Mbps!

    Sad to see buzz telco going down. But I still have the connection, I'm gonna use that until they disconnect me..

  • +1

    So I’ve had Mungi now for less than a week and the service has been dead all day. All I can do is log a support ticket or leave a msg on their answering machine. Holy sh*t, you’d think I’d learn from what happened with Buzz.

    • I get through to there live chat in a couple of minutes

    • I’m having issues connecting to Mungi today too!

      • Mine went back online tonight after contacting support a few times.

    • Agree with you, their customer support is useless & speed is not at par what promised. The good thing about buzz was their phone support was quick and efficient. Sad to see buzz shuts off..

  • -1

    My service is down as well :(

  • Yep - My service went offline yesterday (FTTN). No signal on the line.

    Midnight last night, the line became active and my modem connects to the Node. It authenticates fine, and then nothing. Its like I'm on the wrong VLAN.

    Hopefully Mungi resolve this today.

  • my Buzz Telco also went dead yesterday, R.I.P. Buzz.

    The good thing is I subscribe to the free ABB connection so I'm back online in no time at all.

  • +2

    Me too. My connection ended yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, ~3pm). The last night had great download speeds due to no congestion. Was able to torrent from overseas at the speed of my plan.

    Farewell Buzz Telco. I already miss you.

  • My Buzz connection is still working at the moment and the speeds are still great as always. Don't know if it's because I've already signed up with Mungi. They confirmed via email that my new connection is now active but I have yet to switch over seeing how people reported slower speeds on Mungi…

  • dammm…. still no refund for inactivating charge

    "Any customers with pending orders will be contacted on an individual basis within the coming days to arrange for refunds of your accounts."

    will they contact us????

    • Did you pay using a credit card? Does your credit card have purchase protection facility? If you answer "Yes" to both of those questions, call your credit card provider and ask for your money back. You'll have what you paid for in 2 business days.

    • No one's going to contact you mate. There's only one person left and I'm sure that won't be his priority. As above do a cc chargeback or paypal dispute depending on how you paid.

    • I'm in the same situation, sent a ticket and asked for a refund, no answer yet. I will lodge a complaint with Paypal.

  • PayPal just found in my favour for Charging the renewal before the month started and then closing down before the month started. They didn't reply - so I guess it was a default win. [does PayPal cover the loss or do I have to hope the money is still accessible in their PayPal account - lol no chance]

    • I don't know who cover the loss, but i got the refund back from PayPal, that's all i care

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