[Important Announcement] Buzz Telco Is Shutting down

Table of alternative deals (publicly editable spreadsheet)

Received the email from Buzz this morning.

It is with great regret that today, I announce that our contract with Vocus Ltd has been terminated effective immediately.

As a result of this termination, I am forced to announce that, effective immediately, Buzz Telco will cease trading. I have worked with a number of other providers to get arrangements in place to ensure that customers are not left without service during these unfortunate times.

I have spoken with three separate providers, who are all willing to offer deals to our customers wishing to transfer across to them. The deals are as outlined below:

Mungi Internet - $5 off for the first 5 Months - Coupon Code “BUZZ”. Customers of Buzz Telco are welcome to SMS Mungi on 0427 188 626 or Live Chat at mungi.online/buzz. This offer is available to all current Buzz Telco Customers and will expire on the 31st of May 2018.

Dodo Internet – Vocus has arranged for a promotional offer with Dodo for transitioning Buzz Telco customers in its communications with them about impacted services. Dodo will offer current Buzz Telco customers 1 month free of charges on their chosen NBN plan when you connect for 24 months. The free month will be applied to the 4th month of service. This offer is valid until the 1st of May 2018. The credit on your account is not redeemable for cash and is subject to Dodo’s terms and conditions available from their website. To take up this offer, you must quote code “FREE#MONTHS” and sign up by calling a Dodo service representative on 1300 843 120.

Aussie Broadband – Aussie Broadband is pleased to offer Buzz Telco customers their first month free when switching to Aussie Broadband. As you are already connected to the nbn Aussie Broadband can transfer your connection within minutes (so you can reduce any risk of downtime). Aussie Broadband offer all-Australian Support, no connection fees and no lock-in contracts (so if you don’t love them in the first month, you’re free to leave). To take up this offer, you will be required to sign up at the Aussie Broadband website (aussiebroadband.com.au) or by calling their friendly team on 1300 880 905 and use the coupon code “BUZZFREETRIAL” at the checkout. This offer is available to all current Buzz Telco customers and will expire on the 6th of May 2018.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our current and past customers, as well as our dedicated staff, for the commitment and loyalty you have shown towards Buzz Telco. We have had our ups and downs, and I am devastated to see the journey coming to an end. I wish all of our former customers and staff all the best in their journeys, and I am sincerely sorry that we will not be a part of it.

Please be aware that, as a result of this process, our phones will be taken offline shortly, and all active services will be disconnected on Thursday. Please ensure that you have placed an order with your new provider by Close of Business tomorrow to ensure any downtime can be avoided.

I will still personally be responding to lodged tickets. Please be patient, as this has been reduced to a one-man operation as we wind down. As such, delays will be experienced.

Any customers with pending orders will be contacted on an individual basis within the coming days to arrange for refunds of your accounts.

All recurring payments, inclusive of PayPal Subscriptions, have been cancelled to ensure that customers are not charged unnecessarily.

I would once again like to thank you for your time with Buzz Telco and wish you all the best. I am truly sorry that we will not be able to continue this journey with you.

Kind Regards

Jeremy Chequer
General Manager

Buzz Telco Pty Ltd

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  • I never really followed the Buzz deals but saw heaps of negs. Anyone got a tl;dr? Startup wannabe ISP get too big for themselves and fell over with heaps of excuses?

    • New ISP, offering low cost NBN using Vocus as backhaul, depended on new sign ups for their capital to expand. It was clear this would be unsustainable, even with the recent NBN wholesale price cuts.

      • That would do it. Now I'm surprised people went for a low cost startup ISP expecting them to be good. Just look at what happened to MyRepublic.

        • MyRepublic, I would say is a different case. They calculated most things and expected to increase pricing over time. They're a new company in Australia but not a new one in Singapore and New Zealand, so knew how to handle their profit margins and had multi-national backing.

        • @Detective Pikachu: Was Buzz slow? That's the problem I was referring to MyRepublic. I've used them at multiple FTTP sites and their speeds were always shockingly slow in peak and still pretty damn slow outside of peak hours.

        • @Clear:

          Ah I see, yeah MyRepublic had that reputation. I never used either service provider since it wasn't worth the hassle changing providers because I'm on HFC which requires downtime in order to switch.

        • @Detective Pikachu: Unlucky. I've been rocking FTTP for years so I've never had to experience these horrible other methods of NBN.

        • @Detective Pikachu: Why increase pricing over time?? NBN should be getting cheaper not more expensive. Even with the wholesale price cuts? I'm staying on 4G as NBN is still too expensive for my requirements.

        • @Popo:

          MyRepublic didn't expect to make much or any profit for the first few years as a service provider. This is the main reason why and their Gigcity experiment. They aren't drastically increasing the price but making it to a level in which it would be sustainable for their business to earn profit and implement improvements.

        • @Clear: Downvoted by Republic shills. I'll just sit here and enjoy my 250 down :)

        • @Popo: I'm still on Adsl2 paying $50 a month with TPG, I'm perfectly happy with it, I don't want to change.

        • @Popo:

          Even the most expensive NBN is way way way way way cheaper than 4G

        • @Pacify: I only use ~10G/mth

      • $19pm nbn 12/1 unlimited is true ozzie dreams though

    • I've been using them the past 6 months and i've had no problems and was getting decent speeds typically around 80/25 so am disappointed. I'm thinking about going the wireless deal of 200GB for $70 with Optus

      • Just signed up for OPTUS NBN $80 included fetch tv. No more mucking around! No more smb! I really feel pain in the ass!
        They suppose to give us at least one week notice so we can take action accordingly!
        Now we have to wait till 30/4/2018 to be reconnected after Thursday!
        It is a total disaster!

      • Don't recommend optus. Have been trying to fix my internet speeds with them for months now. Supposed to have 50/20 but don't think we have ever got above 20… Anyone in Noble park have any recommendations for who to go with?

    • $19pm nbn 12/1 unlimited for life (until went bust)

  • I had a feel something was up when they charged me 3 weeks in advance last month and offered me a $10 credit towards this month! In a way, I am glad to get out of Buzz. Now gotta find something good in the next 24 hours.

  • i will never find a good deal for 100/40 unlimited NBN @ 59.95… :(

    anyone has a good deal?

    • +19 votes

      yeah I'm on that plan now and just fired up a few tabs and excel sheet to figure out a good deal. I'll let you know who i go with.

    • +23 votes


      Made a quick and dirty spreadsheet. Have a look.

      • MATE communicate seems to have good reviews (not that I fully trust product review but that had much more good reviews than Exetel) for $59 Unlimited 50mbps

        • I signed up with Mate and pretty happy so far. Got the 50 mbit deal with $10 off for 6 months and bought their $149 modem (I didn't have one but they say you can use existing ones). Hooked it all up and getting 40-45 pretty consistent on weekday evenings. Can't really complain. Your mileage may vary but one-month rolling contract makes it easy to go elsewhere if doesn't work for you. Also local call centre support is nice.

        • People really need to start off by looking at the wholesaler and transit provider and rsp uses before they look at the company.

          If you need overseas streaming then you are pretty much limited to TelstraGlobal transit for the best experience.

          Then you try to figure out CVC ratio (which is near impossible as all except one isp is tight-lipped about it)

          Afterwards, you look at how receptive support is or if you are able to reach them and actually get your issues resolved.

          You need to ask "What will I use this service for, how important is the quality network is for me and whether I am willing to pay the difference?"

      • It's… evolving!

        This spreadsheet should be linked in OP. Telecube whirlpool offer looks best!

      • Not long until the public Sheet transforms into a meme page…

      • Just got back from a no internet trip. You save my ass from fire, thanks heaps!

      • I felt bad that I ruined with 'Wowwwww' so I changed it back. You are welcome.

        • Congratulations for not being a dick. You can now delete your Reddit account.

    • I am a Buzz. No negative to report. Good service, prompt response by online chat. Sorry for shutting down.

      • +3 votes

        Pretty much the same except the big outage. Otherwise, I could not fault them.

        • Yes,outage happened once to me. I think it's accepted on the basis:

          1. Once only.
          2. Good speed after service restored.
          3. Billing was adjusted for the down time.

          I really wish all the best to the owner of this business.

          Overall: very good.

      • Yeah, been with them for a long time. No negative to report.

    • I went to Telecube when they were having one of their sales and can recommend them. 100/40 1TB @ $69.95. Not unlimited but I'll never use that quota.

    • I was with Buzz until they had their major outage back in September last year. I moved to Mates, great service was paying around $99.. Mungi had a deal on ozbargain for $70 100/40 service. I am extremely happy with their service & their local customer servce. They have a chat option. I consistenly get 80 or above during Netflix rush our times. Highly recommed them.

  • I am in the same boat, not supprised at all, Mungi for $75 seems the closest?

  • who?

  • I havent got the email yet :( Damn that sucks. Where else can I get $29 NBN :(

    If they are disconnecting on Thursday, wonder if we are getting credited pro-rata..can dream i suppose haha

  • A dark day. One day notice is better than 0 days notice I suppose. Not sure we will see pricing like that for a long time.

  • Anyone know the cheapest NBN plan out there now?

    • Looking, looking. Amaysim don't seem bad $45/month unlimited "basic speed" which I'm assuming is NBN12.


      Problem, for me, is they say 5-7 days for transfer. I'm away for a few weeks after this week, kinda need to sort it this week.

      • Mungi internet 3-5 business days to transfer FYI


        Those prices are for first 6 months. I don’t think service is too good.

      • Note that from other news today, those cheapo plans are likely to get slower in October. NBNCo want to kill them it seems.

      • Hey penno2, the amaysim 5-7 day transfer is a conservative estimate based on your service class. We can't guarantee, but in some instances on specific services classes (SCs where a connection is live), the transfer may be quicker than this.

        • i can vote for that, got the email as already activated within 16 hours of online application (i was previously with buzz telco). But for now im still with buzz, it hasn't got disconnected as they said it would.

    • I think telecube is the next value provider for 100/40 though not unlimited.

  • Exetel is the same price ($59.95) for 50mb unlimited but has a 18 month contract.
    Mungi is about the same @ $65 for 50mb. nothing under $70 for 100mb unlimited.
    Does anyone know if you can see how much data you used in the last few months?

  • I'm thinking of going with Telecube.

  • Are we getting refunded or do I need to dispute the charges? How they didn't address that in this email I don't know..

    • +5 votes

      Good luck. If you saved money compared to what other more profitable isps are charging you’re probably ahead anyway.