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Hikvision Ezviz 720P Camera Clearance Sale (Indoor Camera 720p Starting $35, $6.95 Shipping) @ Starnetonline


Start to clear 720P Wifi Camera, starts from $35 until stock lasts.

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    Flat $6.95 Postage, Free postage for order more than $150.

    The $35 indoor camera

    The $65 outdoor camera

    not really sure if it's a deal compare to this remote control 720p camera AU $27.14 (include postage) claimed to be local stock

    Another lookalike AU$33.26 (include postage) from CN

    • The $27.14 ebay one isn't one i'd recommend, i picked up one from a gearbest sale for ~$9 to have a play around with and found it quite limited. It's not compliant with standard streaming/control specs and no-one has released custom firmware for it so you're stuck using the quasi-dodgy app unless you want to dump the firmware yourself. Would definitely pay the extra $10 or so to have onvif compliant streaming/etc and Hikvision does seem to do that better than the ultra generic brands.

  • Is Hikvision a good brand?

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      I consider Hikvision one of the better brands for consumer use. LTS is also another worth considering.

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        Hikvision is top notch quality. They use them for all the woolies/big w/dan murhpys, ect… stores

    • Hikvision are easily the best cameras I've used in their price range. The Ezviz line though are their 'appliance' range and are a bit more limited in terms of integration with DVR systems.

      • Recommend hikvision, if you buy off ebay, then the professional models are not too expensive, but they are resold from the chinese market i believe, so they don't come with support directly from hikvision.

    • Just bear in mind, Hikvision and LTS have backdoors in their firmware and that can't be closed. They'll use the excuse that it's used to reset your passwords in case you forget it. But it also lets anyone else who knows your IP addresses access these cameras outside of your control.

      • That doesn't sound too good…

        • Hikvision eventually fixed the backdoor with a new firmware last year, although all the cheaper Chinese camera with hacked english cannot be upgraded easy. A few people bricked them doing so.
          So they are stuck and seems people play games with them for fun changing passwords..
          If you place your cameras behind a NVR or better still a VPN no one can touch easy.

  • I currently have two cheap clearance cams (indoor and outdoor) Office One brand from K-mart a few years ago. Able to view the image on IP Cam Viewer Pro on my iPhone. If I replace them with these Ezviz cams, can I still use IP Cam Viewer Pro to view the image, or must I use their proprietary software?

    • I have exactly the same question. Currently running Office One brand - using included DVR software (for the most part great) I want to add Hikvision to this or other DVR's.

    • Hikvision stuff generally supports RTSP streaming you you will probably be fine - haven't had experience with this exact camera though

      • Good to hear but the next question: what is the RTSP setting for these cams to work in IP Cam Viewer Pro?

    • You need Ezviz apps to be able to register the camera and view it, for other brand, i am not so sure. but need to point out that Ezviz camera is onvif camera, so it will compabiable with other onvif nvr or camera.

      • Thanks rep for your reply. I wish those popular apps (IP Cam Viewer Pro and TinyCam Pro) can provide native support to these cams, rather than through Onvif setting.

  • 720p is so yesterday.

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      I don't mind yesterday. At least it is not last year :p

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    Are these easy to DIY?
    Do they run on batteries? Or do I have to play around with electric wiring?
    Will they work with most standard IP camera software?

    • yes it is easy to setup, and these camera are onvif camera, so it will compatible with onvif platform and other onvif camera.

  • I heard hikvision brand, but not the ezviz model, I suspect they are from same company target residential more?

  • Op, do you sell any 2MP or 4MP POE outdoor camera? Can't find any on your site

  • Can't believe that Hikvision is so cheap. I've heard that Hikvision are the best security camera's available.

    Can this be installed as an unqualified DIY project?

    • "Hikvision are the best security camera's available"

      Not quite. There are certainly professional cameras that are a lot better but you also pay very big bucks.

      FOR IT'S PRICE RANGE though sitting in this product bracket, yes they are some of the best in my opinion for sure.

      The only thing that can mar the situation is the grey imports that sometimes have Chinese only language and no HIKVision warranty here in Australia. But the above mob seems to have a presence in Victoria so consumer law says you're covered.

    • this price is only for clearance for 720p camera, but they are good quality camera. You can easily diy to install these cameras. As long as you have a power point to plug in, the camera can be easily connected with Internet.

    • this price is only for clearance for 720p camera, but they are good quality camera. You can easily diy to install these cameras. As long as you have a power point to plug in, the camera can be easily connected with Internet.

      • How about cameras that don't require a powerpoint?

  • Any warranty?

    • If the address in Victoria checks out on the web site you're technically covered by Consumer Law here in Australia regardless of whether HIKVIsion will cover the warranty.

    • yes, it comes with one year Return to Base warranty.

  • Just received my indoor Mini O cameras and outdoor C3W camera. Tried to setup the Mini O but it just won't connect to my home WIFI network. Read one person's post on Amazon that he needed to set up modem to 802.11g wireless mode before the setup works. But my TP-Link Archer D9 modem does not give me the option of setting wireless to G mode only. Arrgh! I am just so sick of all these BS IP cameras won't work. First the Xiaomi Xiaofeng, now this Ezviz :(

    • Fixed the issue myself. I was trying to setup the cam with my iPhone 8 Plus, just won't able to get the cam to be added to my home Wifi network. Tried using my old Samsung Galaxy S3 and the setup worked on first go. Weird.

      • how are you finding the indoor camera?

        • Have three indoor Mini O and one outdoor C3W cams up and running. Indoor cams are decent quality. 720p image quality quite good too, you can choose High-Definition, Standard and Normal(Low) quality. I choose Standard to limit the amount of data sending over the internet to my phone.

  • is the indoor camera Mini O CV-206 powered by USB?

    • yes, it comes with power adaptor to usb cable to micro usb port.

  • ok, so I purchased the mini O 720 camera and it's set up with the ezviz app and blue iris, seems stable. I noticed using the ezviz app I could view my camera remotely outside my network! I have upnp disabled on my router and can't see any open ports. Should I be worried?