expired Microsoft Surface Laptop - 256GB / Intel Core i5 - Graphite Gold $1488 at Harvey Norman (RRP $1999)


Harvey Norman currently have 15% off Microsoft surface laptops with the Graphite Gold listed at a price of $1488 (~25% off RRP)

Item details

Performance made personal
Luxurious Alcantara® fabric-covered keyboard
Ultra-thin and light laptop fits easily in your bag
The power to do what you want, with great battery life
Operating System - Windows 10 S


Introducing Surface Laptop. Performance made personal.
Go beyond the traditional laptop with Surface Laptop. Backed by the best of Microsoft, including Windows[2] and Office[4]. Enjoy a natural typing experience enhanced by our Signature Alcantara® fabric-covered keyboard. Thin, light, and powerful, it fits easily in your bag.

The best of Windows and Office.
Surface Laptop is designed for Windows 10 S[2] — streamlined for security and superior performance. By exclusively using Microsoft-verified apps from the Windows Store, Windows 10 S keeps you running fast and secure day in and day out. Plus, enjoy the speed and convenience of the cloud.

Beautifully designed and crafted.
Surface Laptop complements your style with the perfect blend of texture, subtle details, and clean lines.

The perfect balance of portability and performance.
You don’t have to choose between desktop power and traveling light with Surface Laptop—it gives you an ideal balance of both.

A stunning screen that responds to your touch.
Experience faster, easier, more natural navigation on the vibrant 13.5” PixelSense™ Display with touchscreen. Enjoy more space for your ideas with an edge-to-edge display and ultra-thin bezel.

Key Features

13.5” PixelSense™ Display

2256 x 1504 (201 PPI) resolution

7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5



Intel® HD 620

Wi-Fi 802.11ac

Bluetooth 4.0

720p HD web camera

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

Omnisonic speakers with Dolby® Audio™ Premium

Compatible with Surface Dial* off-Screen Interaction (*sold separately)

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  • +12 votes

    Great first post, and you’ve barely scratched the surface


    This doesn't really seem worth it to me… I managed to get a surface book with performance base for $1600.

    It came with win 10 pro, the pen, a shitty discrete gpu and higher res screen among other things.

    Is there something I'm missing that makes the surface laptop a good deal? You can even get an equivalent non MS laptop for around $500 less.


      I don't know the differences … weight? But the price is getting dangerously close to Surface Book with GTX 1050 4GB prices …


        We have a stack of Surfaces and most people choose the Surface laptop over the surface book. I personally like the Surface Book and in fact grabbed it myself but they weigh a lot more than the Laptop and only have a slightly better battery life. The ability to disconnect and go into a tablet I literally have only used to show people that feature.

        Also the model with the 1050 is about 1000-1500 dollars more than this laptop the 1050/1060 gpus only goes in the i7 models.


      The main difference is 7th gen processor (Surface Laptop) vs 6th gen processor (SB). Not saying that's value for money…

      The original surface book was also heavily discounted as the new Surface book 2 is now on the market.


      Just out of interest, and ignoring the aspect ratio of the screen, what are the purchased in Australia equivalent non-MS laptops to this for $1000?

      Don't really care for the Surface Laptop due to lack of ports, but it does seem pretty well made, with half decent specs.


    Good price. I have a SB2, my sister went for the Surface Laptop. I still prefer the SB line, but the SL is still a beautiful machine. Not sure how that Alcantara keyboard will hold up over the course of a year though. My Mrs has one for her SP4 and I'm constantly cleaning it for her.


      While the Alcantara feels great, its terrible for leaving marks…

      I work in an office and don't have dirty hands (lol) but after ~8 months use its worn away the wrist area, it almost looks like your filthy.

      Kinda bad when you work for a consultancy in front of clients. Kinda hard to clean aswell still looks faded.

      Other than that love the device…Get comments all the time asking what it is.

  • +1 vote

    Just remember what you're getting yourself in to with this deal, it's a completely unserviceable laptop that has nothing expandable or replaceable, if you're worried about your laptop ever having anything go wrong with it and having it be able to be fixed give this a big fat miss

    • +5 votes

      Most people buying surface won’t be servicing their laptops anyways. That’s not their target market.


        Microsoft have pretty poor, heavily outsourced support for these things too. Its apple prices but without apple support.

        If something goes wrong, the only remedy is for microsoft to give you a refurbished replacement. The refurbs are a bit of a lottery in terms of quality control, and you will be banging your head against the wall with offshore, consistently incompetent outsourced support to get it solved.

        Best case: nothing goes wrong and you never have to deal with support.
        Second best case: something goes wrong, you deal with support, and win the refurb lottery with a decent replacement.
        Likely case: something goes wrong, you deal with support, and lose the refurb lottery getting a replacement with a new set of problems.

        • +2 votes

          "the only remedy is for microsoft to give you a refurbished replacement."

          Nope. When my SP3 kickstand started getting wobbly, I got a brand new SP4.


          "Microsoft have pretty poor, heavily outsourced support for these things too. Its apple prices but without apple support"

          I've had my Xbox elite controller replaced twice without hesitation ($200 controller)

  • +1 vote

    This is a good price, but I suspect that prices will keep falling on machines with 7th Gen Intel processors. With the move to quad-core processors with their 8th Gen chips and likely a move to 6 cores in the next generation or two, it would seem that the dual-core processors in these 7th Gen machines will be quite a fair bit behind in the near future. It's probably fine now because most applications are not yet built to take advantage of more cores, but soon they will be. I've owned both 7th and 8th generation machines and the extra cores absolutely make a difference when I have a ton of apps open. It just feels more solid, doesn't slow down as often and the gap is only going to widen.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), we're in a bit of a paradigm shift now where we're finally beginning to move past quad cores. Mainstream dual core CPUs started hitting the market in around 2005, mainstream quad core CPUs came in just a few years later in late 2008. So it's been almost 10 years now with mainstream quad-cores on the desktop platform and dual-core in notebooks. After 10 years we're finally moving along!


      Agreed, and battery life improvement on 8th gen makes it hard to consider 7th, though of course screen brightness still a bigger factor.

  • +1 vote

    The JB Hi-Fi deal on the x360 is gonna make any other laptop deal seem depressing for me for at least the next 2 months :(


    I guess Harvey Norman are confirmed Neo-Nazis with pricing like this

  • +1 vote

    Out of interest, why would you get this over a Dell XPS 13 of similar specs? I'm in the market for a new laptop and I have been comparing the two, the XPS 13 is better in pretty much all aspects expect in the looks department

    • +1 vote

      Aside from looks, arguably better keyboard and definitely better trackpad on the Surface. You also get a high res touchscreen on all Surface Laptop models, have to go up quite a bit on the XPS 13 to get one. Software experience with the Surface is arguably going to be better as well, no third party bloatware.

    • +1 vote

      Personal preference. They're similarly priced, similarl specced.

      End of the day it's like asking why would people buy a Rav4 over a Honda CR-V. Personal preference.

      They are so close that I would buy based on the cheapest one available at the time.


    nice aspect ratio /s


    I got a 2-1 Dell 13" 7000 8gb/256gb

    RRP $1899
    on sale $1350 with dell discounts
    on dell outlet was $1050, now from $759

    I bought on ebay with discounts (from OZB for $950) and then neg a $200 refund from the seller, so $750 (Im a true beliver OZB) and here are my observations

    Windows 10 has some touch/pen apps and uses but its nothing flash and neither my 2-1 or this MS laptop have a place to store the pen (damnit)

    Drawing is a little more accurate on the MS offering but its not as good as a ipad with a stylus and its a touch OS from the ground up at least.

    Over rated, pay as little as possible IMO as its a $350 laptop with a BIG price tag and the dell offers 90% for half the money!


    I prefer the surface pro to the book.i think none of the laptops bar some alienware type machines are proper power houses.. most laptops these days do everything else fine. So just choose what you like you don't go wrong.
    We tried the book first, the video card barely ran any games on minimum spec, but for normal stuff like email web and office, it's perfect.so we just got the pro and saved $$. Love the portability too of the pro.