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Culture Kings $5 Clearance Items | Sherpa Hoodies $5 (Sold Out) | Free Express Shipping with Coupon



All items listed in here are all sold out — but the code still works until the 29th.

Credit to fashion lane
Limited sizes.
All $5:

Washedwork Jacket Blue Out of stock
Feather Lite Crewneck Mustard Out of stock
Feather Lite Crewneck Rust
Feather Lite Crewneck Blue Out of stock
Mineral Dye Crewneck Black Out of stock
Sherpa Terry Hoodie Indigo Out of stock
Sherpa Terry Hoodie Olive Out of stock
Half Zip Flannel Blue Out of stock
Tiger Camo S/S Sweatshirt Olive Out of stock

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Culture Kings
Culture Kings

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  • +20

    No wonder it's $5, awful looking. No Latino homies here in oz.

    • +13

      agreed. I mean it's a good deal simply due to discount off RRP but most of these are hella uggo.

      • Not sure why one person downvoted you but 100% agree! Those things are ugly lol

        • +1

          Latino gangstuh didn't like my diss

    • Totally agree. The flannel one made me cringe..

  • +3

    Most are out of stock.

  • +10

    buy one of these shirts & you get a free bowl of soup

  • +3

    man that sh*t isn't ugly it's ugly ugly and rather fugly at that

    can you imagine the people laughing when they're packing the orders for these items?

    • +3


      Watch me wear this and pick up women

      • +23

        blind women?

        • +7

          Blind old women.

        • Hahaha +1


        • +3

          I don't think you understand how women work. They don't all follow rules where they reject advances by men based on a particular piece of clothing that you think is ugly.

        • -2


          How do they work then?

        • +1

          That's the million dollar question.

  • +1

    I don't even think i'd be game enough to use one of these as a shed rag

  • +2

    got this one in Medium and it's sort of trendy lol, can't go wrong with $5 and worst thing is wearing it as pajamas at home


    thanks OP

    • +8

      it's like wearing an unmade bed

      • for you, prob yes

  • My little OG is very happy - thank-you OP

  • Thanks OP. I think I know why they are $5 though.

  • (No), thanks OP. :)

  • +2

    Thanks OP and by OP I mean Op Shop because this is where these will end up.

  • +7

    Cheers OP these clothes will make a great christmas gift for people I don't like very much.

  • +2

    An entrepreneur would buy 50 hoodies in bulk, screen-print the ozbargain logo onto them and sell them for $20 at the next ozbargain meet-and-greet.

    • +1

      $20 normally $50

      • RRP $99

  • +1

    Fashion aids

  • +1

    so this is where culture kings gets rid of the stuff no one else wants then?

    • +1

      Most of their stuff is already questionable this is like bottom of the barrel sir

      • +2

        I'm a bottom feeder, even I won't touch it

  • +4

    Nice to know I dress better than somebody at least…

    • I noticed I dress better than the robot named Mark Zuckerberg. It all made sense after I realised he was a robot at the latest gummint questionings.

      • +1

        Mark is my fashion inspiration - hoodies every day and I get to say I dress like a billionaire.

  • +1

    Why would I want to look like a homeless person?

  • The crewnecks don't look bad to me.

  • Wearing these make you look more of a hobo, despite they all got sold out, more hobo”s on the street this week, time to walk past George Street on the way to work.

    • +1

      Only sneakers

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