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Logitech MX Master 2S Graphite $88 @ Harvey Norman / Officeworks


Greetings everyone, just spotted this awesome deal on Price Hipster. Unfortunately not as low as the $74.50 deal before but still a great price!

Officeworks eBay Link Here with PULL5. Out of Stock.

Take control of your work space at home or at the office with the Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse. It has a versatile scroll wheel for fast yet efficient scrolling through long documents, emails, and webpages, and a conveniently placed thumb wheel for side-to-side movement.

Key Features:

  • The Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse is specially designed for Logitech Flow*, letting you use up to 3 computers seamlessly and even copy/paste text, images, and other files to/from another paired device.
  • Built with a 4000-dpi sensor, the MX Master 2S mouse can be used on various surfaces, including glass**.
  • The mouse has a wireless range of up to 10m, letting you optimally position your devices within a spacious area.
  • For added convenience, the Logitech MX Master 2S can be recharged in just 3 minutes to provide a day’s worth of power. When fully charged, its battery life can reach up to 70 days^.
  • The wireless mouse can connect to your device via either the included Logitech Unifying Receiver or through Bluetooth low energy technology to suit your needs.

As always, enjoy!

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Great mouse, works a treat!

  • Is it good for casual (non-competitive) CS:GO gaming?

    • I use my original mx master for occasional pubg - bit of lag with bluetooth, but perfectly fine over unifying wireless.

    • It gets a long time to get used to but once you do it's pretty good and much cheaper than 'gaming mouses'. Although it's sort of designed assuming all five fingers ergonmoically fit on the mouse so it may feel weird to have your middle finger resting on mouse wheel for some.

    • Depends on what you're used to really. I used to have a G402, but recently had the urge to go wireless (I don't game much anymore), so I got the MX Master 2S. I find that it's not as good for gaming. The feel is more comfort oriented, it's also a bit heavy (so you can't be as twitchy and react as quickly) and the buttons don't feel quite as good. That said, it's a great mouse!

      • On weighty mice, you get used to them real fast. Bought the Corsair Scimitar Pro and I got used to heft real quick, though I do use a slightly higher DPI my performance in FPS games hasn't dropped.

      • I went to a G602 and found the wireless to be great - problem is the mousewheel button gets a bit clunky later on… so tempted to get a G900/G903 now. Hard to go back to wired.

    • non-competitive CS:GO

      There's no such thing as non-competitive Counterstrike and no it is not good for that due to wireless lag.

    • i bought this off amazon

      I'm not competitive but i found it quite good with easily adjustable dpi settings and pretty comfortable. ymmv

  • Have the MX master 1 and it is a treat
    Love how i can switch between 3 paired devices with a button

  • great mouse. worthy upgrade to the MX1 due to higher dpi

  • Nice mouse but it has issue with Macbook though. On Bluetooth, mine keep getting disconnected every 1 or 2 hour :(. Using dongle doesn't have that problem.

    • That doesn’t sound right. Have you unpaired and repaired ?

      Maybe contact Logitech

    • Do you connect your Macbook with another Bluetooth device? The same happened to me when I am connected to another device at the same time.

    • I think it might be with the Bluetooth power settings somewhere, google it and you can probably find easy guides to maybe fix it.

      From memory on Windows laptops, it is the default setting to help conserve power

      I do not own a Macbook myself, this is just my experience using a Windows laptop.

    • Yes, I also have the same issue with Macbook and it interferes with other Bluetooth headphones which connected with the same machine. I have both MX mater and MX anywhere. This issue exit in two different MacBooks, therefore I believe it is common.

  • Ahhh so tempting but I bought a m705 for work and have a original mx master at home.

  • Question: I can either get this or a MX Master 1 for $60 from a mate (still in box and unopened but no longer under warranty).. thoughts? Is the MX Master 2 worth the extra $23.60?

    • 2 has 4000dpi and larger battery. And I heard the scroll is easily broken so you may need a warranty.

  • Awesome mouse. Got this for work and the anywhere version for the house. This is better providing you do t have tiny hands.

  • Is it possible if I already have one Logitech nano receiver for my keyboard to pair this up it as well?

    Mu surface pro only has one USB slot

  • Can you tilt left/right with the mouse wheel? I'm having trouble finding a definitive answer.

    Edit: Looks like the answer is no, you need to use the thumb wheel for horizontal scrolling.

  • Yup, just got it from Officeworks.
    They price matched and added discount to bring the price of the unit to 83.60.
    There is some weird issues with this mouse and MacBooks though. Sometimes bluetooth mode sort of acts up. I ran into that issue at the first connect. I then tried to connect with unified receiver, that worked. When I switched back to bluetooth, everything was smooth sailing. Still one of the smoothest mouse around, though it is a bit heavy.

  • Officeworks seem to have been quick to take action on the price match discounts. Bourke Street Melbourne store showing $88.00 on shelf.

  • Actually, they didn’t update their cash register systems. $148 at counter so I asked for HN price match, they checked and $83.60 for me :)

    @doweyy, you might need to re-enable the Officeworks text in post now…

    I had issues with mouse jumping around on Windows 10 boot camp install on MacBook Pro with original Master 2 and Anywhere 2 mice. Was hoping fixed in 2S. Doesn’t look like it according to this thread :(

    • It's updated now so no luck with the price beat here.Free metro delivery by 21 May as currently out of stock in Syd CBD Office Works.

  • Does this mouse have a "quiet click"? Desperately seeking a new quiet clicking mouse!

  • 5% cheaper on ebay


    PULL5 standard deal so 83.60

  • Can anyone advise if we can connect 3 devices (Logitech flow) using 3 different receivers? I don't have bluetooth on my desktops? Thanks

  • Mouse shaped like a decended testicle