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Nokia 7 Plus - Android One - Black or White - $599 + Free Delivery ($584 with Cash Rewards) @ Amazon AU


Nokia 7 Plus

Black or White

Running Android Oreo 8.1

What is Android One?

Read Here:

  • 64GB + SD Card
  • Dual Sim
  • 6" Display 18:9 Ratio
  • Runs Android One (Quick security updates)
  • Guaranteed Android Updates for 2 years.
  • Snapdragon 660
  • 4GB RAM
  • x2 Optical Zoom (12MP + 13MP Zeiss Optics)
  • 16MP Front Facing Camera (Zeiss Optics)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • USB Type C
  • Fingerprint Sensor (rear)
  • 3800mAh Battery
  • $599 + Free Shipping
  • $584 + Free Shipping with Cash Rewards (2.5% back)
Specs here:


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  • Isn't this the RRP?

    edit: looks like it's $649

  • Looks nice. Hopefully the camera really shines otherwise will struggle against other flagships. But i think that's a decent price for a 6"

    Has headphone jack. Win!

    • There is a thread on Whirlpool with users of the Nokia 8 that have side loaded the Pixel Camera APK onto their phones and the difference in photo quality is night and day. So in the event the Nokia 7 Plus has questionable photo quality, sideload the same Pixel APK.

      • -2 votes

        $600 and you need to load another program to make the camera good?

        • xiaomi fanbois even reflash and load custom roms so skdellading an app for bettie camera software is minor.

          would have thought as part of android one it comes with the pixel software already ….. both are google owned chunks of software.

        • @garage sale:


          This needs to be a word:

          skdellading - verb: to sideload an app to improve hardware functionality.

    • I use BT headphones but I don't understand why using a USB Type C adapter is such a big deal if you don't have a headphone jack …

      • Its no problem at all until that one time when you cant find the adapter….

      • I have a Moto Z. No headphone jack is a PITA. You can't charge the phone and watch videos/listen to music without using bluetooth. This is problematic if you a) haven't charged your bluetooth headphones or b) are on a plane in "airplane" mode.

        • so you can organise a plane trip, pack toothbrush and razor, but not get a power bank for $20 incase a device goes dead .be it phone or ear phones , etc ….. don’t forget to pack some hankies and clean undies and get google assistant to remind you.

          apple users have gotten over the head phone jack surely android users are just as capable and organised to do the same.

          move on, the works is round not flat …….

          more phones will be dumping 3.5mm to reduce cost of connectors and make things smaller.

          if it’s a deal breaker stock up on old phones as you will see more usb c and no 3.5mm in the future.

        • @garage sale: I normally use my BT headphones but Apple users must be far more anally retentive than I..As I said all good …."Until that one time"

          Like that one time when my BT headphones werent quite as charged as I thought or I put them in my checked luggage and I have a 9 hour flight….. Doh!!!

          Im far too busy and an adaptor is not my highest priority like it is for garage sale… I use the phone all over the place and have cheap xiaomi headphones in my car, my bag, my desk among other places just in case…. better safe than sorry… im not carrying a powerbank EVERYWHERE I go nor waiting for dead headphones to charge….

          adding an adaptor just complicates things more than I wish and Ive never been without the use of headphones when needed as a result….

          Other phones may have moved on but until usb type-c headphones become cheap and mainstream, me and many many other will not be "progressing" to one of these phones…. Until then there are still lots of options and there will continue to be…

        • @garage sale: Grumpeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

        • @ayjay075: unlike me …..maybe hes just frustrated he has to work tomorrow morning and then again on Sunday???

      • Aren't there usb-c cables that let you charge and listen to headphones at the same time now?

  • Ships from and sold by Celtron.

    Not quite sure if this is AU stock.

  • Looks like a great phone with a bigger screen size and a decent battery.

    • That moment when a 3800mAh battery is called decent yet OEMs have the effrontery to put a 3000mAh battery in a flagship phone.

      • lots of consumers want physically smaller so you get smaller batteries.

        there are a few companies making phones with 6000 mah batteries but it’s a niche market …..

        chinese love to copy and they love to copy apple so they aim for apple thickness, bezel size, etc.

        fat shaming ….. do it for people, do it for phones.

  • Clearly laid out and well written post, thanks for nice deal OP.

    Kind of a compromise but fair trade off to an older flagship.

    One or more year old flagship can be had for similar or lower price, but with only an extra years support at best.

    The Nokia 7+ is slightly weaker in some specs, but because of Android One will keep getting updated for another two years.

    • yep, android one is appealing, gets you out of the hardware manufactuers time line for support and updates.

  • Looks like it's only IP54

  • +4 votes

    It is unclear whether the seller is able to provide local AU manufacturer warranty. In this regard for imported stock with local AU 12 months warranty, QD_AU eBay is selling the black colour one for $540.55 after 5% off via "PULL5".

  • Nokia are now filling the gap left behind when they stopped making the affordable Nexus line.

    Pixel has moved into iPhone pricing territory, but for people that want stock Android and don't want to spend stupid money Nokia has now filled that gap.

    From reviews of the Nokia 8, build quality of the new Nokia's is very good.

    • True and at least with Nokia you have a bit of hope it's a good quality phone.

      Although nothing wrong with the sharp phones that have been posted on here for $210-$225ish