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$5 Per Month for 1 Movie Ticket Per Month, $7 for 2 Tickets Per Month (Billed Annually) (+ $10 Activation Fee) @ Sinemia


Looks like they've just launched in Australia but not much info about it yet. Currently supported cinemas are severely lacking in all major cities at the moment, no idea if that's just because they haven't added more yet. Does anyone have any more info?

Edit: I bit the bullet and signed up. I'm hoping that it would be easy to cancel if they don't add more cinemas given that their whole motto is "Any cinema, any time".

Edit 2: There are a lot more participating cinemas in the app compared to those on the site. Almost all the major ones from what I can see, more info in the comments.

Edit 3: Make sure you enter the coupon to see the pricing. The website does not always automatically apply it, sometimes the correct pricing isn't even displayed. Try again later if it's not. If (high) pricing exists for multiple days, mark expired.

22/6 Mod note: See this comment. Warning that users are being told to pay a $4.99 - $9.99 fee to be able to use the service immediately (despite the annual fee having been already paid).

31/7: Activation fee reported to be $10 in all cases.

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      • That's the closest cinema to me and it's not on the list.
        BUT I tried buying tickets for Plenty Valley while pretending I was buying tickets for another Village cinema, and checked in at the other location later using Fake GPS.
        I think I did that about twice and had no problems so far.

      • I suggest the two of you start bombarding their twitter @SinemiaSupport EVERY DAY asking them to add the Plenty Hill Cinema to their list. That's how I got them to add my local cinema to their list. Ensure you write VILLAGE PLENTY HILL and its address so they can figure out where it is.

        Just copy and paste the message every day and they'll eventually add it

    • I'm reporting back the same Tried today direct through village(waited 30 min) and it doesnt work anymore. Had some bad luck as the 2 cards I tried were not working through paypal since people are not unlinking the cards! Now I wait 2 hour and try again I guess. Sinemia is only good for booking hours or days in advance now I think.

  • Hey all, just saw on reddit posts about people getting emails from sinemia saying they need to verify their id by sending their drivers licence or government issued id.

    Anyone receive one?

    Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sinemia/comments/ao9dq9/sinemia_hal...

    • It seems to be mostly the movie a day plan users. I havent (3 a month).

    • i think i might just be US only the ID verification

    • US only customer (for now). I am a movie a day customer and haven't been asked to verify ID. And I used the service 3 times these past few days.

  • For anyone looking to go with sinemia, you need to know that if you fail to check-in at the theatre before the movie starts for whatever reasons such as no internet, being late, not showing up, app failure etc. Your membership will be disabled until you pay the full amount of tickets that you failed to check in (plus the service fees they charge for every advance ticket). It sucks. I've been with them for 7 months and because I forgot to check in for yesterday's session, they're asking for $45 to enable my membership again. No, thanks, bye.

    • I forgot to check in once and was just send a reminder email to check-in next time. I wonder how they choose when to slug people with fees for the tickets.

      • yep similar experience to you, forgot to check in once and was sent a reminder email to check-in next time. got lucky i guess

      • Reports online suggest that they will not demand payment the first time it happens.

    • If you can't check in because of app failure and they still refuse to continue your membership, file a chargeback with your credit card company for the pro rata remaining period of your membership.

    • It was mistake from your side , why you blaming Sinemia.Also checking time had been increased to 2 hours.

      • No, I'm not blaming anyone. Just saying goodbye and telling people what might happen to them, I'm pretty sure not everyone aware of this penalty.

    • +1

      Update: I posted the same complaint to Trustpilot and their support contacted me promptly. They waived the fee and re-enabled my account. They was really enthusiastic so I think they deserve a second chance.

  • +1

    I did not use all my movies last month and just noticed it says that they have rolled over one movie so I get three in total this month. Very nice addition, just a pity that there are no movies worth watching.

    And, on a final rant, those that said they would boycott Sinemia due to change of policy after you sign up, I really hope you cancel now that they offer a free movie roll over. it was NOT part of the original conditions when you signed up so I hope you all throw your toys out of the pram and leave…No wait, when its in your benefit I am sure you will take it gladly and not leave in droves….

    • Yes its interesting that this feature was recently added considering all the bad media they have received for extra charges being applied after users have committed for 12mths! Let hope more new features get added that improve the booking experience as mentioned by super_sayam https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/6622220/redir

      • They also rollled out point 5 in latest app update: Integration of cinema so you can book directly via the sinemia app. Not sure if this works here though

        • I'd say this is a US only feature to start with but hopefully it gets added here in the not too distance future. Point 2 sounds like a good option also as you would think this would be rejected less often by Hoyts/Village or worse case save the card to your PayPal account.

        • This would be SO much simpler…..

    • +2

      You're coming off as somewhere between creepily aggressive towards issues that have nothing to do with you directly, and an extension of this https://www.reddit.com/r/Sinemia/comments/asp47k/sinemia_shi...

      And that's before we get into how dumb your argument is. "Hey, if you get locked up for a crime you didn't commit, but they reduce your sentence for good behavior, you should stop complaining on principle".

  • So the main uproar on the sinemia reddit is the id verification thing, as I mentioned in a previous comment .

    A lot of people are cancelling cause they don't want to provide id (concerned about id theft), even though some users said you can redact some info (all they need is name, dob, photo)

    Just curious, say if this gets rolled over here, will you be cancelling or submitting id?

    • Interesting one. As long as we only need photo / DOB I don't have an issue with it. However I am a non conspiracy theorist so not too concerned about these things….

  • Are we able to get a physical/dedicated virtual card in Australia yet? If so I will sign up again

  • There are new reports on reddit that people's accounts are being terminates for no reason. I think they got the termination message after logging into the app or account on the website

  • https://www.businessinsider.com.au/moviepass-competitor-sine...

    I would definitely not sign up to a new membership, or renew an annual at this point. I have been a member for almost a year (paid monthly) and whilst I have not received a termination notice the app does not let me select a theatre currently.

    • Yeah same thing with me as well. I have reported this issue Sinemia Support and all they have done is replied to my email saying that they have advised their team to sort this ASAP. I am new member and was able to watch the movie only once this month. That process went smoothly.

    • Seems I have this issue also. Seems you now have to select the movie once you choose the cinema but it just hangs for a few seconds then returns to "please select a movie"….I have DM'ed them on Twitter and await a response.

      • Seem to be working fine for me on my Samsung S8 with app v3.5.5

        • There are couple of threads on Reddit complaining about the same problem. Lets see if it gets resolved soon or if we will all receive a terms of use breach notification BS.

          • @prisonmike: App still working for me on android v3.5.5, bought tickets a few minutes ago without issue.

            • @twadds: Its still not working on ios v 3.5.4. I have emailed and DM Sinemia support multiple time since the weekend. Lots of folks on Reddit has reported the same.

      • Also on iOS 3.5.4 (current version) with this issue.

        • Quick update. I tried again this morning on IOS and it seems to work now. Might be worth trying again.

          • @Savitar: Yes it worker for a very short period this morning but then soon after that the issue was back. I will try again tomorrow morning and see if I am able to book premium tickets. After that I will put my account to rest. Its just too much effort with all the drama.

            • @prisonmike: Fair enough. It certainly is a challenge with a start up trying lots of different things all the time….

        • Mine finally just worked for a film now.

  • Any 30 movies / 30 days plan members have their account terminated here in Australia?

    Mine was cancelled the other day with the same vague email that American users have been reporting over the past week.
    Email says I can ask for them to calculate a refund for my remaining 6 months.
    Twitter support contradicted the email and said my plan was no longer being offerred hence why it was cancelled.

    Anyone else in the same situation?

    • Mine was terminated, but I'm on the 2 movies a month plan (for two).

      Same vague message, but not via email. It was upon buying tickets for a session that it told me I couldn't proceed and needed to head to the members page on Sinemia website. Upon checking there, I found the spiel about my account being terminated (no specific reason listed, but they listed a few possibilities why) and the mention of a refund.

      What the shit? I'd been using this service quite happily for ~6 months, (mostly) using my allotted tickets every month and checking in correctly. Didn't do anything out of the ordinary or lend my account to someone, use GPS spoofing etc.

      Admittedly what I did do a few times, on cheap tickets night I'd buy 3 tickets instead. But that came in under $30! That's hardly rorting the system. It's still cheaper than 2 regular priced tickets. So I don't quite understand, or even see how they can prove I did something wrong?

      • You probably flagged something in the system, if other people were going to the same or similar sessions to you and the tickets were cheaper it would be super obvious to them that you bought 3 tickets

        They even check ticket prices to make sure people aren't breaking the rules.

        • -1

          Not really, the disparity could be explained by concession prices, movie clubs, larger screens etc etc. The administrative effort to individually cross-check my purchases with the cinema and other users just seems far too high for their 2 support staff.

          From the comments below and all the reddit threads, it definitely seems more likely that I was disabled just for using the service regularly and therefore costing them too much.

  • +1


    Huge threat on Reddit which is trying to collate data regarding accounts that have (or have not) been cancelled. A common theme seems to be accounts which are actually being used, and therefore costing them money.

    • Lol! So I 'broke even' therefore time to ban my account. Classic. Well this was always a ticking time bomb, we knew this going in… guess it might be time to see if I can reverse the membership charges via credit card provider. Will wait to see what refund they offer me, not holding my breath!

      • +2

        That seems to be the case.

        They even have the gumption to offer a "refund", which is just whatever you paid for your subscription less the total cost of all purchases you made since day 1. If we accept the premise that they're getting rid of people who have (nearly) broken even, or exceeded it, then there would be no refunds actioned since you'll have surpassed your membership cost in total expenditure (or close enough).

        Many people may be stuck without recourse, due to time limitations placed on chargebacks by some companies. I put up with their ever-shifting Terms of Service, particularly pertaining to the sudden addition of booking fees, however there's no way I won't be seeking a chargeback. Sure, I've used several months up until this point, but I'll try even if it just means they're losing out on something after pulling this shady move.

      • I'm not sure how they decide what accounts to ban but there are definitely criteria beyond breaking even on cost.

        I've had the 2 movies for 2 plan since last May, used all of my tickets except 1 or 2. The plan cost $168 plus whatever I spent on the $1.80 fees but I've charged them over $650 on tickets so far.

  • Looks like they are terminating accounts. I just had mine terminated and I only managed to use it 4 times (4 movies 2 tickets) https://www.reddit.com/r/Sinemia/comments/awl1y3/account_ter....

  • Very disappointed in them for doing this…

    Has anyone received their refund?

  • https://imgur.com/gallery/FBDCDlX

    Some interesting developments indeed. If they don’t cancel and issue permanent virtual cards I’ll be very happy!

  • Hey all, anyone else having issues booking tickets right now with Village? Direct CC and even the PayPal method isn't working for me even after waiting 20mins which has always worked. Loads of accounts being cancelled also so might this be the beginning of the end?

  • +1

    Well, my 2 Movies for 2 plan just got cancelled. Signed up back in June, so only had 3 months left So i've gotten my monies worth, Paid only $176 and but total movie purchases have been $819.7, so definitely got my bargain.

    But it does seem that they are cancelling high use accounts. Very annoying though, loved the service they provided, never really had any issues.

    • I agree. Mine got cancelled also and i would have spent over $1000 is 10 months for $248 + fees total outlay. Was great value for money while it lasted. All good things come to and end…..

      • And that's not including the points i earned with event cinemas which got me free tickets.

    • Did you get the "Check membership on the sinemia site for an important notification " message when you tried booking a ticket?

      • Yes and the same email alot of users have received stating fraudulent activity has been detected.

  • Is anyone with a terminated account considering signing up under a partner’s name? Their current sale is quite tempting - would only need a few months of use to breakeven, and that’s within chargeback timeframes in case they pull this stunt again.

    • +3

      I have done exactly that but have spent the last 5 days being unable to successfully book a ticket to the point i tried over 8 different VCC's and waited the standard 20mins after creating the VCC. Even the PayPal method didn't work which always did before. Then i thought it was Village that was blocking me but in the end i paid with my our CC and it worked without an issue. So i'm going to issue a chargeback on my CC and get the annual subscription back and stop using Sinemia.

  • +1

    Hey All, has anyone successfully cancelled their membership through their member page and been fully refunded? If so, how long did the refund take to be returned?

    • +1

      I asked support and they stated their plans are non-refundable so i have issued a charge back with my bank.

  • What a load of crap - I had the 2 movies per month for 4 people since July last year, we've used most of our movies (missed maybe 2?), and have had our account terminated. Have never missed a check in etc.

    Will be filing a charge back, the "refund" process they offer is based on the full price of the tickets you purchased, not the membership price!

  • Just got locked out of PayPal US account. Don’t have record of the virtual credit card I had put in to verify.

    But I can’t create a new Paypal US account. It now requires a phone number. Is there any way to get around this?… Do I really have to make a bogus virtual us phone number?

    • I noticed this as well and so its not letting me add the VCC to my US paypal.

      • Managed to make it work with Australian Paypal.

  • Is there anyway to book tickets at Hoyts (LUX) or Melbourne IMAX (Premium) with Elite Plan? Has anyone been successful recently in last week or so? I have tried Aus and US paypal with no luck and VCC by itself doesn't work on either sites. The only VCC that worked was for a normal ticket at Event Cinema and was for $34 (for two). Thanks.

    • +1

      I was unsuccessful for over 5 days with a brand new account that i paid the $9.95 activation for and nothing worked including PayPal work around. I have since cancelled my membership and issues a charge back with my bank. Their service has stopped working and needs to be alot easier to use for the masses.

      • Its not worth the constant hassle with their support and the service itself. I was however able to charge their virtual CC for xtremescreen tickets at Hoyts for $51. So it seems like users won't be able to book Lux, Gold Class or IMAX premium tickets. BTW they also charge $1.80 processing for each ticket you book on top of your membership. Again this is from my experience mucking around from last 2 weeks.

        I will be cancelling my membership as well from next month onwards.

    • I used it yesterday at event cinemas in Sydney..worked fine through PayPal method..

  • Now I'm worried about booking a ticket after my tickets reset. Concerned I might get the termination message

    • Chances are high. Fingers crossed…….

  • I used the service yesterday, no problems. Had a account since july last year on the elite 2 movies and spend about $22-32 per ticket. Curious at what the criteria for banning is..

  • Used it fine without being banned last night, monthly 3 films user.

  • Just got banned. Dahm….

    • +1

      Were you buying popcorn combos as well?

  • I wonder if account bannings are at a higher risk here because ticket prices for movies are so much higher in this country than the rest of the world? (And also much more variable. I mean you've got the $7 tickets all day in Mt Waverley, and then say Village doing nearly $30 for Xtremescreen).

  • I see the Unlimited plan is no longer being offered. Anyone take it up? What happened? Kicked off onto another plan? BAU?

  • For those whose accounts have been terminated, did the termination happen out of the blue, at the time of booking a ticket, or on some other trigger?

    • Mine happened as I went to buy a ticket - I got a "check account on website" style message.

      • -1


  • Anyone else in the same circumstances as me, active monthly user but unable to get past the select your film screen.

    • I managed to book yesterday.

  • I had a movie roll over last month. I used 2 movies this month. Will the 1 remaining movie roll over again?

    • I would be interested too as I had one roll over and only used one so not sure it will roll another?

    • Yes it does. I had it happen two months in a row now, a total of 1 movie will roll over.

      • Thank You. I want to watch 3 movies next month. Although might get banned before that.

  • My membership was also cancelled this week when I tried to book a ticket. Has anyone been able to get any refund? I had bought a gift card for $100 sinemia that is now useless. I had bought it so that I can use it towards paying the admin fee for booking tickets. What would be best way to get refund for the membership and the gift card I had bought.

  • I’m getting really tired of the issues with this, I updated the app and it says I can’t book tickets unless I update

    There’s loads of people complaining on their twitter

    There’s even a news story from yesterday


    • Yes, same issue here

      • Still not working.. Maybe they've gone broke?

        • i sent them a screenshot and they have referred it to the their technical team..

  • they willy nilly terminated my account. they offered part refund for the unused months by emailing them, I did and no response for almost 2 weeks.

    Going through Amex chargeback of the initial subscription I paid last year now.

  • Just out of interest for those that had their account terminated, did you EVER use the subscription for something you were not suppose to or EVER use it incorrectly? I.e. Get an Imax screening, premier screenings (gold class), multiple tickets, adding on things like popcorn, forgetting to check in etc.

    I am just wondering if they have implemented a check for incorrect usage or if its truly just random (or over use to cut their costs)?

    • Nope. I had a family account for 4 people, 2 movies a month - I even missed some movies! I never used it incorrectly or for any extras - not to mention the tickets in my area are cheaper than at most, and the sessions we tended to go to (due to the kids) were "super saver" sessions on early Saturday mornings.

    • -1

      nope. i just got an email with a link to my transaction log and shows i used $590. well yeah thats retail normal ticket prices. if they terminated for that then how else are we supposed to find $7 movie tickets when minimal is $20 or so. then their fees on top of that.

  • new issue with Sinemia..app updated on 25th MArch..but now its wont let me book tix saying that you need to update the app..Just freaking horrible..

    • Yep, I mentioned that one above, their support on twitter just says looking into it. It changed to a new month for me while I wasn't able to book. I told them one rolled over but I lost the other due to this and they just reply saying one of them rolls over

      • i sent them a screenshot..they told me the issue has been forwarded to their "technical team"..lol..

      • just wondering if the issue got resolved?

  • Any idea how I can get refund for the gift card I bought from sinemia? I had bought a $100 gift card. They have cancelled my membership and there is no way I can use my gift card.

    I had bought it so that I thought, next time I got membership and pay for admin fees,I can use it.

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