expired QANTAS: Tokyo Return from Sydney $633, Brisbane $649, Melbourne $649, Adelaide $652, Canb $655 @ IWTF


Qantas is having a sale on flights to Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Travel in Jun - Jul, Aug - Sep and Oct/18. Flights are direct to Tokyo from Melbourne.

Update It is possible get these flights even cheaper through Aunt Betty using the promo code MUMSDAY50
SYD: ~$577
BNE: ~$599
MEL: ~$589
ADL: ~$600
CBR: ~$605
Just search for the flights as normal on IWTF to find the cheapest dates. Select Aunt Betty as the supplier and enter the promo code on their payment page to get $50 off. Thanks to qantas21 for this.

Click the links below to see all the flights. We have provided some sample dates but you can choose your own as well. Click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates.

Tokyo Flights
$633 Return Sydney to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
11/Jun 23/Jun $633 View Flight
24/Oct 05/Nov $636 View Flight
22/Oct 04/Nov $636 View Flight
22/Oct 05/Nov $636 View Flight
24/Oct 07/Nov $636 View Flight

$649 Return Brisbane to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
10/Jun 22/Jun $649 View Flight
15/Jun 27/Jun $649 View Flight
03/Aug 15/Aug $653 View Flight
07/Aug 19/Aug $653 View Flight
10/Aug 22/Aug $653 View Flight

$649 Return Melbourne to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
04/Jun 16/Jun $649 View Flight
10/Jun 22/Jun $649 View Flight
17/Jun 29/Jun $649 View Flight
06/Jun 23/Jun $649 View Flight
08/Aug 20/Aug $652 View Flight

$652 Return Adelaide to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
14/Jun 30/Jun $652 View Flight
03/Aug 15/Aug $655 View Flight
06/Aug 18/Aug $655 View Flight
11/Aug 23/Aug $655 View Flight
28/Aug 09/Sep $655 View Flight

$655 Return Canberra to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
09/Jun 21/Jun $655 View Flight
06/Jun 21/Jun $655 View Flight
05/Jun 17/Jun $656 View Flight
15/Jun 27/Jun $656 View Flight
01/Jun 13/Jun $656 View Flight

$789 Return Perth to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
17/Jul 31/Jul $789 View Flight
10/Oct 24/Oct $789 View Flight
09/Oct 27/Oct $789 View Flight
24/Jul 07/Aug $789 View Flight
02/Aug 16/Aug $789 View Flight

Flights to Tokyo - All Other Departure Cities.

Osaka Flights
$614 Return Sydney to Osaka Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
02/Jun 13/Jun $614 View Flight
24/Oct 08/Nov $617 View Flight
03/Nov 20/Nov $617 View Flight

$657 Return Melbourne to Osaka Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
09/Oct 24/Oct $657 View Flight
17/Jun 30/Jun $665 View Flight

$657 Return Adelaide to Osaka Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
05/Nov 20/Nov $657 View Flight

$659 Return Brisbane to Osaka Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
26/Oct 17/Nov $659 View Flight
08/Aug 22/Aug $664 View Flight

$663 Return Canberra to Osaka Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.
Depart Return
09/Oct 30/Oct $663 View Flight

Flights to Osaka - All Other Departure Cities.

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    any deals from Syd to Osaka during 11/Jun - 23/Jun?

  • +2 votes

    I am eagerly awaiting Dec Flights.

    Is qantas still doing direct Osaka flights???


    Have I missed out on September deals? Looking to leave after the 22nd


    Just a little bit early in November for good koyo dates. Illuminations at the major temples start in Mid November.

  • +1 vote

    Excellent deal! Just a warning for those looking at August, i went last year and daaayyymmmmn it was was humid… like Darwin humidity for the whole month, was definitely not expecting that sort of weather. had a ball and recommend you go at these prices!

    • +1 vote

      I went 5 years ago in Sept and it was humid too. The first thing I thought back then was, "WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THIS???????????" But still I had a great time, just wished I knew to bring stronger insects repellent :P


        Regularly commented on in Japan deals. A quick search of travel sites or guidebooks gives helpful suggestions - avoid the rainy, typhoon season & summer humidity. I've been in an old Inn during a typhoon that killed people - not recommended!

        Weather, food, & festivals are first on my list to check before booking dates. How else do you know what to pack & experience? I tend to be in Japan late March-April (blossoms) or late October-early Dec (colourful foliage).

        Spring & Autumn (beautiful gardens & festivals) are the recommended & most pleasant seasons, but also the most booked so fewer deals. Accommodation requires earlier booking at those times.

        Kyoto is in a bowl surrounded by hills blocking breezes & causing a temperature inversion, making it a terribly hot humid location in August. The wonderful Daimonji Festival is in mid-August, so I endured a Summer trip.

        The first Japanese phrase I learnt was the universal summer expression atsui desu ne (It's hot isn't it?) - everyone agreed. Most housing on Honshu is built for the summer heat, even in the mountains - not what I expected.


          First time I went to Japan was in July. It was hot, humid, but I still had a great time and one of my best overseas trips. You find ways to deal with the weather, and it becomes part of the experience. Also, a lot of tourist destinations in Japan are at higher altitudes where it is somewhat cooler compared to the cities, so you can get a break from it.

          Second time I went in January. Cold, gets dark very early, several layers of clothing required to walk outside, constant de-robing and re-robing when going from outside to inside. Sightseeing not really pleasent in biting cold. It was a totally different experience and I still enjoyed it, but I preferred the summer weather any day. If you are going for skiing at the same time, makes sense to visit in January, otherwise it doesn't. Ramen tastes way better in winter.

          If you go in July, there is the "Gion Matsuri" festival in Kyoto, highly recommended. I think this is one of the most famous summer festivals in Japan.

          I wouldn't avoid Japan from summer weather.

          Now to visit again in the times you are supposed to go!


          Japanese celebrate the seasons (with festivals) - so any time is a good time to visit & visit again.

          Lost count of number of my trips in last decade of visiting. In my first trip, went up in the Japan Alps in summer to about 3000m - ice & steam. Travelled through coral reef islands of Okinawa, remote villages where a frightened child asked her mother if the Foreigner would eat her, staying with a rice farmer (now my friend after many visits) in a small mountain village, to the icy top of Hokkaido & islands further North.

          Just surprised people didn't do basic research to find out the weather conditions at that time of year before booking.



          We're planning to travel during January as wife is a teacher and not many other options for a trip greater than 2 weeks. Is it much colder than December? Been a few times and found it manageable and actually quite pleasant when the sun is out.

          Also saying Ramen is better in winter is a huge + in my eyes for winter!


      Which months are not humid?


      Lol, I'm in Darwin so I'd be use to the weather.

  • +1 vote

    how likely will it be for flights like these in Dec/Jan period?

  • +16 votes

    I feel like a broken record.

    ALL of the above flights can be found on AuntBetty.com.au (subsidiary of Flight Centre) for $30-$50 less.

    Enter promo code MUMSDAY50.

    SYD: ~$577 (IMPORTANT: Contrary to IWTF claim, the cheapest flights out of Sydney go VIA Osaka some with long layover time and into Narita as opposed to the direct SYD-HND QF service)
    BNE: ~$599
    MEL: ~$589
    ADL: ~$600
    CBR: ~$605

    Do I need to add this as a separate deal so ozbargainers don't get ripped $$?


    • -1 vote

      If you can find it cheaper elsewhere… use the negative vote function.

    • +1 vote

      Hi Qantas21,

      We show Aunt Betty fares so you can use us to find the cheapest dates and then make sure to click on Aunt Betty as the supplier. When you go to their purchase page enter the promo code and get $50 off.

      • +6 votes

        Yes, but if I click AuntBetty through your link it will add $2 in most cases. If I buy direct on AuntBetty without your help, I save $2 and more with the promo code.

        ~$2 surcharge for AuntBetty click through IWTF
        ~$5 surcharge for BYOJET click through IWTF
        ~$8 surcharge for BestJet click through IWTG

        I will continue adding other surcharge amounts when clicking through IWTF to update fellow ozbargainers.


      Damn, pulled the trigger before seeing this.

    • +2 votes

      IMO, It doesn't have to always be the BEST deal..

      If an item or service is selling less than "usual" it is fair to be posted here as a deal.. No need to neg, just post a better deal.

      • +2 votes

        This logic is wrong.

        If we post 5 Xiaomi Vacuum cleaner deals, because they are all cheaper then usual, everyone will be angry about it.

        You post the lowest price available and thats it.

        The only exception are things like customer service or delivery times.

        The negative vote is used for three reasons.

        1. To tell the rep they have not posted a bargain, and to try and only post when there is a bargain in the future.

        2. To tell everyone its not the best deal.

        3. To remove it from the frontpage so only the best deal exists.


    Im goong to japan for a short uni exchange program and was glad to see this as trying to get cheap flights to stay within budget, was needing to leave on the 23rd of June with return back roughly around the 18th of july, both to and from tokyo or from fukuoka.

    Is there anything within the advertised pricing range for these dates or am i needing to just suck it up and get something a little more costly?


      Yeah, you’ll have to suck it up as it’s shoulder/peak season. You could try flying Scoot/Air Asia and flying onward with another LCC (if $ is more important than time).

  • +1 vote

    @IWTF, can you direct me to the direct Sydney to Tokyo deals as per your post?


    Great prices.

  • -1 vote

    When will these deals end?

  • -1 vote

    Everyone flying to Tokyo( Any deals to Europe, especially to Rome,OP??

  • -3 votes

    Not the cheapest deal avaliable


    Any cheap flights return from Tokyo to Melbourne?


    @iwantthatflight anything for melb-singapore travel in july this year on qantas please?


    Stir up a hornets nest but yeah. Love the place, many trips and lived there a couple years, just please can all the Dheads stick to bali and not pollute Japan, in turn making it socially harder for the rest of us.

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