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SYD/MEL/BNE/CBR/ADL to Tokyo, Japan $577-$605 Return on Qantas via Aunt Betty


I couldn’t bare another ozbargainer paying too much for their flights to Japan.

Step 1) Use flight search tool assistant like IWTF or skyscanner to find the lowest dates for your perspective flight.

IMPORTANT - DO NOT use the flight search tool to finalise your purchase as they receive hidden commission for your purchase.

Step 2) Go on to auntbetty.com.au and enter the dates.

Step 3) Enter promo code MUMSDAY50 and save $$!

SYD: ~$577
BNE: ~$599
MEL: ~$589
ADL: ~$600
CBR: ~$605

Happy Flying

$50 off Return International Bookings (More for North/South America, Europe) @ Aunt Betty

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  • +19

    Post of the day. Sick of seeing iwtf getting 100 upvotes when it's actually more expensive to buy through them even without accounting for a promo code. To my knowledge IWTF have never disclosed this.

    • +8

      Exactly! Power to the ozbargainers saving $.

      I have started a general discussion in the forum on this exact issue. I believe companies posting on the forum should be subject to full disclosure.

      • +1

        For the flights I just tested SYD to MNL, AB didn't even show all available airlines (Cebu Pacific) and without the voucher, they weren't even the cheapest.

        In my experience Flight Centre (and by association AB) have never been the cheapest

      • Wow. Here I thought IWTF we're saving us money.

        • IWTF are definitely saving us money (by providing a quick flight search tool) just not saving us the absolute most money.

  • How is this site comparing to book directly with Qantas?

    • This site is owned by Flightcentre, so pretty good

      • OH really the site is owned by Flight centre? So it should be reliable? I am always worried to use some of the sights on skyscanner as they seem to have bad reviews and / or its hard to know if they are legit or not.

        • +1

          Yes, the site is owned by Flight Centre. See the ABN at the bottom of the page. They also own several other OTA and market to different cohorts by using different interface.

        • -1

          Thing is, you can get flightcentre to match all the Aunt Betty prices, they will match Aunt Betty, but wont budge on other online sites.

        • @letmesingh: They did match mine, but half a day after! At the end, I couldn't even get the original flight that I wanted, so I didn't buy from them -_-

    • +2

      The only ‘con’ by booking through an OTA is when any flight changes aren’t communicated promptly to customers.

      All booking changes must go through the OTA and the airline will wipe their hands clean if there are any difficulties.

  • +1

    I'm trying to find a specific flight to Narita from Melbourne. It shows up in IWTF but not in AuntBetty. Does AuntBetty not do Malaysian Airlines?

    • +1

      Same thing happened to me with Philippine airlines

    • It would appear AB provide Malaysian Airlines on some routes but not the entire network.

  • +11

    Whats Wrong if the website get the commission? It does not make the flight more expensive.

    • Try it for yourself.

      This is what the website want you to think.

      Book AuntBetty direct
      And book using the IWTF link.

      The price will increase anywhere from ~$2 upwards.

      • +13

        I would be very interested to see this, as our agreement with AB is to show the same prices. Can you provide some examples.

        • +5

          isn't this price fixing?

        • Full and honest disclosure in each post regarding commissions etc. may actually help your cause. If your prices are a bargain and you’re sharing this, I won’t begrudge you a modest commission. Suspect that many others here won’t either. A simple “IWTF receives a commission from each booking. However, our prices will be the same or lower as all other OTA” may suffice.

        • -1

          Wow, I hope you got some competition law advice before entering that agreement.

        • IWTF,

          I’m glad to hear you are interested to see this. What examples would you like? Screenshots of the total cost when clicking through your link and when booking direct with the OTA?

          Have you performed a dummy booking through your links and OTA direct? Try it out :-)

        • @xyron:

          I hope you got sound legal advice that warned you not to even discuss pricing arrangements with a competitor.

          Clearly not.

        • @xyron: I don't think they're competitors. As mentioned below, IWTF is a search site (similar to booking.com for hotels). They may list AB as well if they return results for the itinerary.

          The agreement is that AB should not give lower price in their own website compared to what they quote to IWTF (with IWTF getting some commission out of the sale). This is similar to booking.com advertising the same price for the major hotel chains.

          Note: I'm not associated with any of them.

        • Are you still interested in seeing this? Happy to send you screenshots @IWantThatFlight. Did you manage to perform your own search?

      • +3

        AB also receive commission. If you don't want to pay for commission, book direct with the airline.

        • well said sparky!

        • Mantap gan! Well said!

        • @tukanglistrik I don't think that's accurate on international flights. Airlines used to pay commission on domestic flights depending on travel agency, but they sell "net fares" to agents who can then mark them up. That's why you can very often get a cheaper flight through agencies rather than direct through the airlines.

    • +4

      Yeah I'm a bit lost on the logic too - the service that's providing the discount can make money in doing so and you're no worse off by doing it?

      • +1

        Yeah me too. Surely IWTF is not a "not for profit" organization?

      • Yeah I'm a bit lost on the logic too - the service that's providing the discount can make money in doing so and you're no worse off by doing it?

        I'm taking you at face value here and assuming there's no sarcasm… but aggregators like IWTF don't buy an airfare from Qantas at the same price that Qantas offers it to the public.


        Qantas website airfare to public $1,000
        Qantas "net fare" to travel agency $800
        Travel agency fare to public $900

        Qantas makes a bigger margin off you from going direct. That's why you'll very frequently find airfares cheaper on Skyscanner, IWTF etc.

      • Using a flight search tool AND finalising your purchase through the link will result in increased price.

      • Your overall flight price will increase if using a flight search tool as commission has to be paid somewhere.

  • Is this price for return/round-trip flights or just one way. I think it's not clear?

  • +6

    Flight period?

  • +3

    Wtf this site is no good, I searched Syd to Rome and it said no results. Lol as if.

    • +1

      It only offers special deals; its not a 'full service' booking site. LOL as if

      • +1

        Lol even the BA Rome deal they had on their homepage returned no results!!

  • +2

    Sorry but I must not be getting it or my search dates don't work as I went on IWTF and entered the dates I need (Dec-Jan) but the Aunt Betty website only came up with results from Singapore Airlines which was double the price than Phillipines Airlines. The website has now crashed but I don't see how $50 will be helpful when IWTF has flights $700-$800 cheaper…

  • +3

    This is a bit of a horrorshow. Not all flights available, unclear what commission Flight Centre gets if you really want to go by that logic and compare with IWTF, site now down also, all for the sake of supposedly "$2 or more" price difference on flights?


    • +4

      Gotta agree. I'd rather just go with IWTF to make life so much easier

  • Good price. Now really thinking about leaving.

  • Can you book through Qantas and price match? Then use points for a Business Class upgrade? :O

    • Qantas won’t price match a coupon code price. They will only match publicly available rates. You won’t be able to upgrade to Business with points as the lower fare buckets do not permit.

  • +10

    I'm currently packing my bags to return to Oz tomorrow from Japan and I'm considering booking this again. This is why I will always be poor :-(

    • +8

      I just came back from Japan in March.
      The place is too good for a one time visit. I'd like to take a holiday there every year haha.

      • Work for intl company with an office in Japan
        Request a transfer

        • +1

          Marry a Japanese citizen, I go back at least once a year to visit in-laws/grandparents.

    • Poor financially perhaps, but hopefully richer in life experience.

      “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get” Warren Buffett :-)

    • +4

      I've never 'missed' a holiday/place more than I missed the overall feeling of Japan.

      Every single time there's a flight deal me and all the other people who have been are trying to go again.

  • Just price match via flight Centre so you don't have to worry about booking with Aunt Betty :)

  • Yeah have a look online at some reviews of Aunt Betty. She ain't pretty.

    • +1

      I used them for my last trip and they were fine. Responded well to emailed questions.

  • +3

    End of the day does it really matter who profits by making a small commission (whether it be flightcentre, aunty betty etc)?

    As long as you get cheap legit tickets with no strings attached, that should be the only sticking point.

    Also IWTF is a travel search site. They don't sell airline tickets. You still have to select an OTA to book flights (such as an Aunt Betty). Same way Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo, Hipmunk works.

    • No, it doesn’t matter who profits as long as the posters intentions are clear to the Ozbargain community.

      Customers may not be aware they are being charged a premium by clicking a flight search tool like IWTF.

  • I used them recently and they were fine, cheaper than going through the airline direct. I have a booking reference where I can check the details on the airline's website in case there are any changes. Most problems seem to be when people need to change flights etc. You're probably better off going direct if you think that might be an issue or paying more to book a fully flexible ticket.

  • What are the dates? I can't find any flights…

    • I'm glad someone finally asked. So much mambo jumbo without example dates.
      I checked July school holidays price was $1400 then I gave up.

  • I'd like to see some sample dates.

    A quick play with skyscanner shows them having flights that are approximately $140~ cheaper than AB even with the promo code for various dates.

  • september holidays. cairns to tokyo $340 with jetstar (return). check it

  • So what's the risk of booking with AB, IWTF or skyscanner? I've been searching reviews for each of the sites they're affiliated with but can't come to a proper conclusion.

  • Anyone been to Tokyo in month of June. How’s the weather in tokyo around mid-June? Is it really that rainy like pouring heavy rain kind of weather?

  • No dates given. Not a deal.

  • after 'selecting' a flight nothing ever loads

  • Is this deal still on?

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