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Raspberry Pi 3 B $25.94 Delivered ($17.99 + $7.95 Shipping) from Co-Op


Raspberry Pi 3 B for $25.94 delivered. Thanks PriceHipster!

Features & Benefits of the Pi 3

Broadcom BCM2837 chipset running at 1.2 GHz
64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53
802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN
Bluetooth 4.1 (Classic & Low Energy)
Dual core Videocore IV® Multimedia co-processor
1 GB LPDDR2 memory
Supports all the latest ARM GNU/Linux distributions and Windows 10 IoT
microUSB connector for 2.5 A power supply
1 x 10/100 Ethernet port
1 x HDMI video/audio connector
1 x RCA video/audio connector
1 x CSI camera connector
4 x USB 2.0 ports
40 GPIO pins
Chip antenna
DSI display connector
microSD card slot
Dimensions: 85 x 56 x 17 mm

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  • +5

    No B+ :-\

  • Nice

    Found a $5 voucher in my email

    Got it with an official Case for $25 posted

  • +1

    Good deal. The official case for $3.89 and power supply for $5.99 are good value too (the power supply is $19 at Umart).

  • +1

    Thanks OP - this is an excellent price!

  • Looks like a great deal, just ordered it with case and power supply for $35.82 delivered.

  • Great deal, thanks!

  • +3

    Great prices on the other stuff as noted as well, especially local stock for official raspi stuff.

    *Sandisk 16 GB SD Card with NOOBS for Raspberry Pi - $8.99
    *Raspberry Pi 3 B Case, Red, White Official - $3.89
    *Raspberry Pi 7 Touch Screen Lcd - $41.99
    *Raspberry Pi 13W Plug In Power Supply White - $5.99

    Extra note: free Shipping came up @ $60 instead of the $100 listed, 3.5% cashrewards as well

    • +1

      5.6% cb @ shopback

      Don't let Cashrewards trick you into a less cashback

  • +7

    I wonder if all these orders will actually be honoured though.
    Co-op is notorious for cancellations…

    Very controversial

    • +2

      That's exactly why I will never order from these guys again. Had an issue ordering Sammy mobile ages ago

      • +2

        So they just sent an email saying that they oversold their stock of both the pi and the case. They will now refund. Should have seen this coming.

        • +1

          Pretty much this. I just received the cancellation email.

        • +1


          As did I. Bunch of people I don't care for.

          Wang Cares!

  • +2

    Bought 4 Rpi's + 5 PSUs for just over $100. Free shipping. Excellent.

    I think this will mean I have 12 Raspberry Pi's now all doing various things.

    Woops forgot to count my Zero's. Make that 16? :O

    • +4

      Yet no upvote?

      • Was too eager adding to cart!

    • What are they doing???

    • Hey! I'd be keen to know what you're using your Pis for. I currently have one which I use for running Kodi on my TV.

      • +5

        Mostly retropie related projects. I wanted a few extra to mess around with some other things. I’m not really sure exactly yet but the price was good enough I might even just make some friends a NESPi or Arcade Cab.

        1 - Arcade Cabinet (single player cab - in my games room)
        2 - Arcade Cabinet (single player cab - gifting to someone soon so will lose it)
        3 - Arcade Cabinet (two player cab - only 80% finished but functional)
        4 - NESPi (hooked up to TV)
        5 - NESPi (portable one I take away)
        6 - Workbench Pi (general use, testing images and stuff)
        7 - Sprinkler Automation / Controller (this is a Pi 2)
        8 - Currently hooked up to a camera accessory but haven’t really got it doing anything. I was considering making it into a toy or something similar for my son that recognises his face and greets him specifically - but haven’t really started.
        9 - Just bought
        10 - Just bought
        11 - Just bought
        12 - Just bought

        Pi Zero W’s (better for battery based portable projects)

        13 - Gameboy Zero (ABXY LR)
        14 - Gameboy Zero (ABXY LR + Joystick)
        15 - Reserved for a mintypi or maybe a GBA shell one. Not sure.
        16 - Pi Zero spare (non-W version)

        I also have a couple of Arduinos. One project I am working on is modifying an old toy from my childhood that my son has now, but replacing the internals with modern electronics so I can make it play custom sound effects. That is more suited to it instead of a Pi.

        • did you make or build the arcade cabinet and gameboy zero casing?

        • @venomx2:

          Yeah. The 2 player was made from normal MDF, jigsaw cut and spray painted black. Even has T-Moulding edging. Lots of YouTube vids with people taking different approaches to it to learn from.

          The 1 player cabs are laser cut and powder coated so nicer finish. The 2P is too big and I kinda lost interest, but it does have much bigger screen and better lighting effects etc. I only need to finish some of the acrylic pieces and other polishing touches. Overall I find the 1P size to be more manageable, particularly for kids as I have them on a bench top that isn’t too tall for them.

          The Gameboy Zeros I modded with a dremel with other parts and circuit boards from sudomod forums.

        • Ya need a pihole

        • @LaTerrible: maybe! I ended up buying 24 in total from the deal after the restock. Ha. We will see how many actually turn up? Sorry Borden.

        • +1

          @vestrosaurus: I hope you get sent all of them and make great use of them. After reading your comment, I went from annoyed and frustrated that I missed the deal by an hour again, like when it was first posted, checked the website and saw in stock. Bought 2, gonna try my hand at some neat things.

          EDIT: I think I should point out I may have bought the last two. I went back to see if there were any other accessories to pick up and noticed the pi board is now out of stock. Hopefully they stock more again for those who missed out :).

        • @empoleous: back in stock again! I promise I won’t buy anymore for the third time. Enjoy guys.

        • @vestrosaurus: Looks like they are gone again, hope it wasn't you, HA

        • what game consoles does the rpi3 not be able to play?

          Can you post some pics of all your rpi projects that you done?
          And can you give links to how to build these projects you listed.

        • @vestrosaurus: How many did you actually receive?

      • I'm running a headless music player connected to my receiver. I have a 128GB SD card with Volumio plus my music library on internal storage. So I can use the receiver without needing to turn on the projector.

        I got mine, with a case, at RS Components for $58 with a case. a 3B+

        • link for the project?

  • damm just went to get a couple and out of stock

    • +1

      ok @ 7:30am 13-05-2018 it is showing stock again; so i ordered 4x Raspberry Pi 3's + 4x psu's + 4x cases @ $111.48 delivered. Bloody awesome deal.

  • +2

    Wow that was quick. Got my pi and then found the psu's. Decided to get a few psu's + the touchscreen which normally goes for 2x that amount!

  • Thankyou, always wanted to get one.

  • Bleh. Out of stock. Been waiting for a pi3 deal for ages…

    • +2


  • Damn that was a good price, sorry I missed out.

  • Argh, missed it.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, that's some cheap Pi Hole coming up for some relos!!

  • Damn, missed this while I was busy installing my Pi2 as a plex server :(

  • +2

    That's a double bugger from me.

    1) It's out of stock.
    2) I paid full price for one 6 hours ago.

    I'll hand my OzB card in tomorrow.

  • Just spent $100 on a 3 B+ starter kit for a Plex server. Should have checked here first.

    • Plex server on raspberry pi? Don't think pi is powerful enough for transcoding

  • awesome price on the screens ordered two plus some PSU's and case, hdmi cables..

  • +2

    This seems to be back in stock this morning. I just ordered one with case and power supply

    • Yep, looks like they are back in stock, just picked up three with PSU's, thanks OP :)

  • Might be back in stock (or perhaps an error).
    Purchased one with no accessories just in case they cancel the main product.

  • Grabbed one to try out OctoPrint. Thanks OP.

    The Pi itself, PSU, case and SD card are together cheaper than just the Pi B from Umart.

  • +1

    Out of stock again. This must be the older version. The newer model is the 3b+ with faster CPU, faster wireless and now gigabytes ethernet with poe support.

    "Raspberry Pi Foundation just released a new and improved Raspberry Pi 3 in March 2018, bringing improved wireless connectivity and processing power."

    Pi 4 won't be out until next year. I am going to wait as I already have to many pi(es).

    • Definitely the older B version.

    • Doesn’t matter. The B is plenty fast for most applications.

  • +4

    Back in Stock, got two.

  • wow. great deal. I missed out unfortunately.

    Edit: Thanks to rafiusks I checked the site again and it is indeed back in stock!

  • +2

    Back in stock, just bought 2.

  • Yep, back in stock. Got one this time. Thanks OP.

  • just bought one- thanks!

  • Just grabbed another 2 lol!
    Had 1 now 5 hahaah TY OP

  • Thanks heaps! Ordered two.

  • link is dead

  • they appear to have taken the item down, I managed to put it in my cart, but the checkout process crashed and now the link doesn't work

    • probably means they're really out of stock this time.

      • why wouldn't they mark the item as out of stock instead of pulling the entire page?
        it still turns up in search results, but the page is dead.

        edit: it is now missing from search results

        • No idea. Same thing happened the last time they had a great deal on (can't remember what it was now, I did miss out).

  • +2

    Waaaa missed it twice now. Need one asap lol

  • Mine was just shipped

  • Mine was cancelled :(

  • Mine was cancelled :/

  • First order i placed was shipped, second impulse one i made when they restocked was cancelled

    • Same. First order went through, 2nd order after restocking was cancelled.

  • +1

    WTH? Was one of the first to order here and cancelled?

    • +1

      Mine was cancelled too. I literally ordered within 5 mins of this post

      • Did you order just the one? Looks like they cancelled all the single orders?

        • Yep, ordered the one plus a case

      • +6

        Mate you shall become the new Borden you greedy dino

        • -1

          @vestrosaurus: You all can be happy! My 20 units order got cancelled, but I received the other 4 order today.

  • +1

    Not surprised about the cancelled orders. It's what the CoOp do. Picked up a RasPi 3B+ for e14 for $55 so I'm happy with that

    • +1

      Not the end of the word but still annoying that they can't run a simple ecommerce operation like that. Still, as long as my screen ships it's not a total loss.

  • Ordered two Pis, two cases and four PSUs and they were all cancelled.

    Was going to be my first Pi!

  • Mine came from an Australian Geographic Store at one of my local shopping centres, are they affiliated with CO-OP Bookshop?

    • +1

      Yeah they own Australia geographic

      • Hey thanks for the info!

        • No worries!

    • Same, but mine only just shipped, not delivered.

  • Mine just arrived.
    i guess i was lucky i ordered within like a minute or two of this deal being posted.

  • wtf they refunded me half the amount :/

  • My order of 2 pi’s just shipped woohoo

    • Just got an update - only one of my pi’s is coming - the other has been cancelled. Still a good price for a pi I guess

  • +1

    I ordered a few Raspberry Pi power supplies, a case and a HDMI cable, and they only delivered the cable on its own. Looks like they break things up into multiple shipments (but they don't actually tell you this when they do it), bah. A pretty terrible ecommerce operation by modern standards.

    • +1

      [update] FML, they just cancelled and refunded my entire order except for that HDMI cable.

      • same

      • Did they also refund the shipping cost?

  • +2

    Crap bargain my cases got refunded, ffs this is why Australia retail sucks

  • People that have had it delivered, did you get a message to say it had been shipped? Haven't received one yet, no refund either.

    • I only received shipping notification yesterday at 4:50pm so you might still be in luck. Before that my order status was the dreaded “Processing”

      Estimated delivery date is 23 May

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