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Xiaomi Air Purifier (2nd Gen) $159 (~$143 with Voucher) + Delivery @ Kogan


POTENTIALLY REDUCED TO $133 DELIVERED! Read below to find out
I bought this last week and ticketed price was 169, now reduced to 159.

Use one of those Kogan $X off $Y Spend vouchers (Can currently see $20 off $100 Spend for $3.95), + Shipster Trial + $10 New user referral and reduce it down to $133. If you have your own Kogan voucher, even better (if it's over $16 discount)!

Original Shipster trial deal

Mine took 4 business days to arrive (ordered on Friday night, received upcoming Thursday).

Simple, compact and elegant, the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier offers a high 310m³/h Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and takes just 10 minutes to purify a 21m² room.

Purification coverage area up to 400 sq. ft.
360° triple-layer filter
Integrated early effect, HEPA, three layers of activated carbon filter
3-layered filter removes 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles
Dual fan, four air ducts for large indoor circulation

Purify that nasty

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  • This one or 2S version ?

    • It’s 2,2s with OLED DISPLAY

  • I was wanting to buy one as downstairs is quite dusty, can you please explain the difference to me between this and the 2S? I'm so confused by all the different models available on the foreign websites yet when I read the description they all say the same thing spec wise.

    • Lcd screen

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      This isn't designed to clean dust.
      You need a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

      It is used to clean polluted air.

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        While your premise sounds good in theory, polluted air contains dust. Dust is purely a solid carried by air, including waste such as skin or earth matter.It could even be a radioactive solid particle. Polluted air also contains non-dust particles such as biological contaminants and gas molecules.

        Also vacuum cleaners may do nothing for finer particles of dust without proper filtration (such as a HEPA filter).

        • -4

          This is a stationary air purifier.
          It will do nothing to help with anyone's dust situation.

          It is designed to remove PM2.5 and PM10 from the air.
          Air purifiers are popular in China and India.
          These sell like hot cakes.

          If you want to remove cig smoke and smog this is perfect.
          If you want to remove dust go buy a vacuum cleaner.

          I hate it when people are misinformed and buy this product then complain it doesn't work because it isn't designed to do what you think it does.

          The PM2.5 rating in Sydney (high population area) is usually less than 30s.

          This purifier is rather useless in Australia, but it doesn't hurt.

          Compare to Beijing/Mumbai, which frequently is above PM2.5 of 150s+ 200+… that's highly unhealthy range.

        • /alsoverysmart

          Have been trying to get to the bottom of this. My situation is that i have a house with a lot of dust in the air because of a sandy backyard that my dog runs around in. Said dog is a German Shepherd who lives inside, so we also have lots of hair and dander floating around.

          Have a Dyson pet vacuum, which does an okay job, but there are times where it’s almost like you can ‘taste’ the allergens in the air, so something that promises to remove dust and dander from the air sounds great. I mean, I can literally wipe down a surface and then have to do it again a day later. There’s dust in the air the vac just does not get.

          I discovered these sorts of filters the other week and was a bit blown away that such a thing existed to solve my problem. Google’ing the technical workings tells me that they may not actually work for dust, as you’ve said.

          But they all kind of tout the removal of dust and allergens as a feature, so for <$200 it’s worth finding out.

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    The Different of 2 and 2s :
    2s with OLED DISPLAY
    2s with LASER PM2.5 dust sensor*
    2s price expensive about Aud $40-50

    2 with no OLED display (but you can check status via app)
    2 with Infrared principle PM2.5 dust sensor*
    2 price cheaper
    In addition to these other things are the same

    *About Infrared principle PM2.5 dust sensor AND LASER PM2.5 dust sensor try Google.

    My suggestion,if you are using in Australia,2 is good choice.

    By the way,The final price you can get is Aud $113 (159-10-10-30+4=113)
    10-referrer credit,10-referrer credit (if you referred you self,you can get 10 both side)
    30-voucher when you purchase over 120 on Kogan (Voucher you can get it on ebay or OZB about Aud $4)

    Grand Total : Aud $113
    Enjoy :)

    • I am a bit confused, can you let me know how to refer yourself?

      • The left hand… Feels like a stranger cos it is!

    • Can you tell me how you can refer yourself and get credits both ways? (I know you would need 2 accounts, but aren't the credits account specific)
      Also, don't you need to make a purchase to get these credits?
      Thanks in advanced.

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    Is this better than indoor plants? They are much cheaper.

    • To get indoor plants of the size to do a similar job, the plants would probably be more expensive and require more maintenance.

    • I was about to post the exact same comment…

    • Indoor plants are causing my issue, can this thing remove pollen from the air?

  • Got this filter not long ago.

    Minor issues -
    -Auto mode is too weak and doesnt really filter anything even when the house is dusty or smelly. I use manual mode most of the time.
    -xiaomi app is not the most user friendly app and can be annoying. I took me a while to get this thing going. Cant use the default U.S server. Turbo mode is hidden and have to be activated. Tricky to setup timer and automation etc..

    But Overall, its a pretty good filter for $140.

    • Laugh all you will but I have the MOP and like it. I replaced the power supply as I found the supplied adapter, not the power supply wasn't up to Aus standards.

      Does anyone know if this unit comes with TYPE I plug for our sockets, or ships with an adapter? I really don't like the thought of sleeping when using cheap adapters.

      • They shipped an Aus power plug as a separate item but it came at the same time. So you actually get the China power plug and the Aus one.

        I think it was an issue in the past where they have forgotten, and with all the people requesting for said power plug, they’re on top of it now.

      • I thought China already used a Type I plug, but compared to ours is upside down, or this an American import?

      • what's "the MOP" ?

        • +2

          [EXPIRED] Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/369601
          RIsn't a steam mop, never have much success with those. Large house even with an extension keep unplugging. Not steam, but batteries seem to last forever, easy to do the whole house. Gives the floor a bit of a polish and manages to get stubborn stains out. Don't use too much water. Downside is you need to add an additive (eg: floor cleaner) to kill germs and stop streaks.

          I have just ordered the Purifier ($10 signup, $20 voucher and shipster trial), hope it's works just as well, I suffer from Sydney hay fever.

  • Anyone know if these are good for reducing hayfever/allergies?

    • yes

  • Does it have ozone?

    • no

  • -3

    what an expensive paper weight. Moves a few gram of dust to its disposable filter. But you will be able to collect Green Credits??

  • Can you clean the filters yourself or do you have to buy new ones every six months? Anyone know the cheapest price for the 2s?

    • ive seen a YouTube video here a guy just uses a dustbuster to clean his filter and it looked brand new

  • Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier (2nd Gen) <- $159 this deal is not 2?
    Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier 2 <- $229

    Would someone tell me what is the difference?

    • +1

      If just look pictures,It’s same item,maybe Kogan don’t know how to distinguish,or if the picture is wrong,for the price MAYBE is 2s

      Xiaomi Air Purifier model is : 1,2,2s,pro,max
      1-have no more stock
      2-price around Aud $110-130
      2s-price around Aud $160-180
      pro-price around Aud $220-240
      max-price around Aud $430
      2s,pro,max,they all with OLED display
      2,with NO OLED display

      I bought this one few months ago on Kogan,it’s 2.

    • +1

      One is direct import one is aus stock I think

  • Anyone happen to have translations for the automatic options in the app, it's in Chinese and can't seem to convert them to english options.

  • Do you need to change any filter periodically on this model?

    • Yes.

    • +1

      Every half year need change filter,have three different filter you can choice,when you connect with app,will let you know the filter life,also will let you know when you need to change it.

      search from GB

    • Not really but you get better performance if you do

  • When I travelled Asia last year these were used to just for smoking indoors. People would turn them on when they lit up a smoke. Not sure they do much beyond removing a bit of the smell from smoking?

    • +2

      They do more than that.

  • +3

    A trick for new players: If you want the "Favorite Mode" (ie turbo mode) to go for more than 3 hours (hard-coded into the software), change the strength of Favorite Mode to 22-25m3/h. It will then go for as long as you want.

    • +1

      Latest software/firmware update removed the 3hr limit.

  • I just signed up for the free shipster 2mth trial, but when I checkout, the kogan site doesnt give me the option to enter my shipster details, but only gives me the $9 standard shipping or $29 fast shipping option…

    • Make sure you confirm your email with shipster and finish the process. It will let you know when it’s ready

      • I havent received ant confirmation from shipster. only received a welcome email and an email about the $6.96 charge after the 2mth trial :/

        • Keep going through the checkout process. There's a section that asks for your name and address before paying, once filled out it will detect the Shipster details. I just signed up for Kogan and Shipster tonight and this is the process I followed with success.

        • @N30NF15H:

          I dont know what went wrong. My email for kogan is the same as shipster, but i didn't receive any info about shipster on the kogan checkout process

        • +1

          @BlitzR: If everything is legit (postage under $20 etc) follow up with Kogan and, if that doesn't work, Shipster. Kogan charged me for shipping when they shouldn't have late last year and an email to Shipster sorted it out.

        • [@Real Bill Pullman](/comment/5941965/redNah ir):

          Thanks. I'll chase it up

  • Is this noisy?

  • -1

    Does this remove body odour from a room?

    • +1

      Remove the offending body to remove body odour from a room.

  • I don't think you really need this in Australia.
    Unless you smoking in door.

  • anyone know the best price on the 2S?

    the cheapest I could find is on aliexpress for $180 USD / $240 AUD.

    correction: $230 AUD on ebay

  • +1

    Mine arrived today, now just need to set it all up.

    • Did you get a separate cable for Australian version? When I purchased it, the invoice said it's coming with "1x IEC-C5 Cable" but the only cable was the one inside the vent (Chinese port)

      • Mine arrived yesterday. There was also a kogan satchel that also arrived which had the Aus cable

        • how's it going for you, seem to be worth it?

          and is it the v1 second gen, v2 or v2s?

  • I don't think it's a v2 (or 2s), it's a v1 but 2nd gen. On the website they are selling the v2 as well - see: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/mi-smart-air-purifier-2/

    Maybe you should edit the title says 2nd gen instead.