One Big Switch: 28% off Electricity and 18% off Gas for Origin Energy - New and Existing Customers in NSW


Saw the deal here but found a better one.
No need to be a student. I just opted in this deal as an existing origin customer.
Thought useful for some people.

Notice: 28% Discount Calculation Applies to NSW. Other states, such as QLD, may have a lower rate of -23% (approximation)

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One Big Switch
One Big Switch


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    Probably different rates….


      same company different rate? how that possible?


        Hey have different packages/plans. Those same packages also change based on month/year etc.

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        Hi - I'm John Smith. Can you tell me what your best rate might be?
        Hi - I'm John Smith and I represent over 1 million potential customers. Can you tell me what your best rate might be?

        It also helps if the normal rate from a specific company might be quite high to begin with. The amount of discount that a group like this could negotiate may be minimal or non-existent depending on the provider.


    I only got an offer for 23% off electricity (QLD).


    I can negotiate a better offer for my family than this……….


    It is very confusing. I went to and Canstar website, totally different result.
    I had 20% off Electricity and 10% off gas with origin last year. Since one big switch gives much better rate, I just went ahead without following these comparison websites.Too much headache just save not even $100.

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    My current plan is with Red Energy on the Essential Energy network (NSW). I have a 10% pay on time discount on total billed amount (so that includes the daily supply charge). Single time usage. Existing solar hot water system and I'll be getting 6.3kw of solar panels getting installed next month. I've got a large family and we use a fair bit of energy. On 3 phase power - rural area with tank water, so a water pump uses electricity every time a tap or toilet gets used.

    Daily rate
    Red Energy - $1.386 ($1.54 without discount) = $124.74 for 90 days service
    Origin - $1.55 = $139.50 for 90 days service

    Usage cost
    Red Energy - $0.2574 per kWh ($0.286 per kWh before 10% discount & price slightly reduces after the first 10.959 kWh) = $694.98
    Origin - $0.2257 per kWh ($.31317 per kWh before 28% discount) = $609.39

    Red Energy - $0.111 cents per kWh exported
    Origin - $.09 cents per kWh exported

    If I use 30 kWh per day then the Red Energy cost would be $694.98 for 90 days and the Origin cost will be $609.39. So I'd be $70 per bill better off with Origin, not accounting for Feed In Tariff. As I don't have the solar installed yet, I don't really know how much I'll be generating and exporting.

    So it appears that this might be a better deal than what I'm currently on, not accounting for the FIT difference.


    What is involved in getting this deal?

    You sign into that site then what? I don't want to give them the same email I use with Origin.


    Lately there were post offerings as high as 30%.


    This is a pet peeve of mine.

    % off means nothing without the actual price, calculated off both the usage rate and the connection fees.

    If you can't do the sums, you probably should pay Choice $100 and let them do it for you, rather than being sucked in by a giant % off sticker. Too many people fall for that trick unfortunately.


      I had a look around and found this was ridiculous true. Even the government website couldn't give some reliable
      info and they are way too complex. I stopped searching and decided just to use this website because at least I will have some comparison When I get the next bill which most probably will give me some good news.


      Yup.. AGL does it all the time..
      Higher percentage discount, and then u look at the rates and thats also jumped up.

      Just waiting to get ported over to TANGO (pacific hydro) now as they have no pay on discounts but the rates are much better, AGL also are bumping up their rates june 1st and lowering pay on time discount.. so they can go and gf.

      I also heard one big switch sells off your details but not 100% on that info


    I get a bigger on time discount than that even without one big switch. What a disappointment.

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