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Free Telstra TV1 if Bigpond Movies Is No Longer Supported on Your Smart TV


I received an email from Telstra today notifying me that BigPond movies will no longer be available on my Panasonic Smart TV (2013) from 30th of May. To be able to continue using BigPond Movies they are offering a free Telstra TV1 (which I guess is a Roku 2) if you register on the website in the link.

I'd say you have to have a BigPond Movies account and have registered with that account a Smart TV that will no longer be supported to be eligible.

Claim page for owners of Panasonic Smart TV (2013)

Editor's note: The claim page simply echoes whatever model is in the URL. Is there a list of unsupported TV models for which this offer applies?

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    • Great deal thanks OP. A free Roku, that is definitely a deal. Registered successfully!

      • I have one of these. I almost never switch it on. The ads, and hickups trying to get shows to load are awful. Nothing wrong with the Roku based device except Telstra bloat.

  • Posting it on forums would be the go

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    Dunno what this is, just saw the word 'free' so I've registered. See what happens.

    • They check to see if you ever logged in on a 2013 Panasonic tv. If you didn’t they won’t send you one.

      • Simply not true and hearsay. I've never had a Panasonic and worked for me.

        • Please note: This offer is only available to current BigPond Movies customers on select Smart TV models. Customers who are eligible for this offer have been contacted via their registered BigPond Movies email address and must enter that email address in the form below to register for the offer. Offer is subject to availability.

  • This sounds like a Targeted offer.

  • Thank you Hurz22 for the heads-up!

  • Anyone get a confirmation email after registering?

  • Got one of these last year for Game Of Thrones (supports Foxtel now) and it worked great! Its just a Roku media player…rebranded to Telstra tv, so it a perfect media player for people that have a lot of family photos on those hard drives to put on the TV ;) ;)

  • I registered an old BigPond account I haven’t used for ages, and I have never used it with a Smart TV. When I registered it still said “You have successfully registered for your free Telstra TV gift!”.
    I guess we will see what happens.

  • 941 clicks so far.

  • I recently got sent a Telstra TV 2 with an new internet deal i brokered. I have a Telstra TV1 also, but i was astounded at the quality difference in Foxtel Now on the TV 2. It looks like proper 1080p streaming (or very good 720P) where as the TV1 (and all other Foxtel Now/Go streams) claimed to be 720p, but looked SD at best, pixelated and with very poor colours. One of my bugbears on Foxtel Now was not being able to read the leader board when watch F1. Now it's as clear as day. This isn't documented anywhere, but I feel that they have flipped the live Foxtel Now stream to 1080p on the TV2, and left all other devices at a much lower resolution. It's so good that I don't really feel the need for my IQ3 which is coming next week.

    • I think it is documented that Foxtel Now has FullHD streaming for Telstra TV.
      Certainly a feature I recall reading when Foxtel Now launched anyway.

      • I can’t find any documentation about that anywhere. It doesn’t steam in full HD to a Telstra TV 1 Box, or an Xbox X for example.

        • Looks like it was Foxtel Play that was supposed to stream Full HD to the Telstra TV excusively.

          The arrival of live HD streaming on Telstra TV is the first step in Foxtel’s push to broaden HD access to Foxtel Play subscribers with additional devices slated to offer HD streaming in 2017.

          There have been too many iterations of both Foxtel and Telstra Streaming devices/services to keep up.

        • @scubacoles: Yeah, it's PR/Marketing disaster, and while the Telstra TV1 and all iterations of Foxtel Play/Now are complete shit up until this point, the new version on the Telstra TV2 is great. It's what the product should have been from the beginning, and Telstra aren't marketing it at all. If they bumped the Foxtel Streams to 4K on the TV2 box (which it can handle), they could do away with the rubbish IQ3 and upcoming IQ4 forever. IPTV is so much better than oldschool cable.

  • I'm in :)

  • Kept giving me an 'internal server error'. Waited a few minutes and opened it in a new tab and it worked, confirmed to be getting one (hopefully).

    I went upstairs to sign in on the TV before I registered for the box, I haven't experienced such a sluggish experience for many years. The Bigpond movies app was unbearable. It was taking, no exaggeration between 4 and 6 seconds to move to the next movie. Mainly the fault of the TV (~2012 LG), but it was unbearable.

    Thanks for the heads up, hopefully they actually send one out for me :)

  • Registered - we'll see what happens

  • Let's see where this goes. I'm just happy to be a part of the ride.

  • OzScammers :D

  • I don't have a Panasonic TV but do have a Bigpond Movies account.
    Registered and… You have successfully registered for your free Telstra TV gift!
    I use my current Telstra TV for screen mirroring with my Galaxy S8+.
    Now I can cast to my spare TV.
    It's like a free chromecast for me :D

  • I've got a Panasonic TV with the bigpond movies app (never used it) have signed up to bp movies logged in via the TV and registered the device and now signed up for a free gift.

    I use foxtel now so this would be an awesome little gadget to have ! Keep ya posted

  • internal server error

  • Can you watch normal broadcast TV with this?

  • So just tried some random data into the form, and it accepts 'anything' you feed it as successful.

    So someone is going to be doing 'checks' at the other end or Telstra is just going to blindly send out units to everyone.

    • Surely they will do checks.

      I registered with both mine and my dad's Telstra accounts, both have BP Movies, but I wouldn't be surprised if we both get knocked back once they realise we've never registered a Panasonic TV as a device nor have we ever used the service.

      Oh well, worth a shot.

      • Oh worth a shot…. I did the same! So lets see what happens.

        Was just pointing out to those who here who have said they had been 'successful', that successful just means the form was submitted. It doesn't validate the answers or check a database you have a TV etc when you click submit.

        • If they weren't going to manually validate before, they certainly will now with the flood of new registrants. I don't see them sending out 100s of Telstra TVs for the heck of it

        • @skynet: haha but it is Telstra, so stranger things have happened! But yes, I don't see them sending out 1800 units (current click count at posting) without doing some OMG what happened checks.

  • Thanks OP. I have a Panasonic Smart TV (2013) which I could definitely use a Telstra TV with. I do have another Telstra TV which I received 2 years ago with my Telstra modem when I signed up for the NBN. I've been using that Telstra TV on another older Panasonic Plasma, but being able to get one for the 2013 Panasonic TV in the other room will be great. Cheers!

  • All "Brodens" without a Panasonic TV should just use this URL: https://www.bigpondmovies.com/service/ttvgift?model=Ozbargai...

    (We would need a list of TVs which are no longer supported. I have a newer Panasonic TV (2016 model) and used Bigpond movies but there is no sign in the app that it will stop working … )

  • Not targetted, I signed in with an old account, registered for it immediately, thanks for sharing OP

  • Thanks OP. Good one

  • Looks like no one read the offer terms…

    "Please note: This offer is only available to current BigPond Movies customers on select Smart TV models. Customers who are eligible for this offer have been contacted via their registered BigPond Movies email address and must enter that email address in the form below to register for the offer. Offer is subject to availability."

    They obviously have the list of customers they are meant for the offer so no doubt will cross-reference.

  • I have a BigPond movies account but I've never used it on my Panasonic plasma so I fired up the app on the TV and logged in then registered online per above.
    It was after registering I was playing with the app on the TV and saw my Pana was not a registered device.
    After a bit of googling, I had to rent or buy something from BigPond movies to get the TV registered. So I did. Now my Panasonic TV is a registered device.
    Maybe I'll be lucky, maybe not.

    Might pay to check the registered devices list on your BigPond movies account to see if the Panasonic is listed.

    • I did likewise except I haven’t rented/bought anything at this stage. I checked my purchase history- obviously 0. Then checed my credit and found I have $6.99 balance (valid for 1 month from today). Then checked Telstra Thanks tab and it says $3 Thursday movies available tomorrow.
      So I’ll rent a $3 movie tomorrow (you get 24hrs to watch it) which will register my (Panasonic) device and therefore give me eligibility for the free TelstraTV1, assuming my panny is on the list.

      • Did the same thing this morning. Not sure I'm going to watch the movie Feed though.

        • I left "Feed" playing all night. This morning I went through all the tabs and checked "My Favourites" etc. Ending up exiting and then re-opening the Bigpond Movies app and Voila, credit was reduced, favourites (history) showed "Feed" as played, and registered devices as "Panasonic" (but no model number).

          Have since successfully registered with the link above though I never received the original email so I'm not on their mail-out list - but my email/bigpond user name should marry up as a Panny user, so we'll see what happens from here.

  • Did anyone get a call from bigpond today by any chance? I received a call but because it was a long delay before they said hello to me and s foreign voice I hung up just after they said they were from bigpond thinking it was a scam caller…. but then thought… ooops… maybe it was a legit call from them.

  • I'm registered to Bigpond Movies on my 2011 LG 55UF850T TV.
    On the Bigpond Movies support page (https://www.bigpondmovies.com/support/?device=SmartTV), it says from 1 July 2017 that Bigpond Movies will no longer be supported on my TV.
    However, it is now May 2018, and I can still logon to and access Bigpond Movies on my TV.
    I have registered my details on for the free Telstra TV, so lets see if hopefully I'm eligible.

  • Awesome job, thanks OP, registered :) .

  • has anyone received theirs yet?

  • Has anyone received a Telstra TV? OP?

  • Merged above forum topic to this original deal post and re-opened comments.