New Customers Exetel Unlmt ADSL2+ $54.99 pm / 12mths + Free Setup & 2 Months; $20 Modem (Min Cost $569.90)


Join Exetel as a new ADSL2+ customer and get Free Setup, Free Months, Free NBN Ready Modem (valued at $140 on a 12 month plan, with Free Transfer to the NBN when it comes to your home) and, if you want our $14.99 Unlimited Call/Message 2.5GB Mobile service, we'll give you Free Months on that too!


12 Month Plan
Free Activation
Unlimited Data
First 2 Whole Months Free
Free NBN Ready AC1600 Modem Router (plus $20 shipping)
Optional First 2 Whole Months Free Exetel Saver 4G mobile plan when your bundle on a 12-month contract

Month to Month Plan
Free Activation
Unlimited Data
First 1 Whole Month Free
Discounted (Save $81) NBN Ready AC1600 Modem Router (plus $20 shipping)
Optional First 1 Whole Months Free Exetel Saver 4G mobile plan when your bundle on a 12-month contract

Call 13 39 38 for more details or click here


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    Clicked on the link, shows $54.99/month. Insert my address and it jumps to $69.99/month. Why's that?


      Got that too, would love to sign up but won't at that price


        For those customers who are presented the (still competitive) higher price, you are unfortunately on Telstra ADSL coverage. The special price shown here can only be offered if you live in Optus ADSL coverage areas. note, you can still get the additional extra value offers.

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    Don't get the modem, it's an absolute piece of shit.

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      No the Netcomm NF18ACV is a great modem, can handle VDSL too, their original Netcomm was crap, not this one.


        The modem I received from them in August last year when signing up was a ZTE and it caused nothing but hassles. Terrible QOS and generally just VERY slow.

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          Both the ZTE H268A and Netcomm NF18ACV modems have passed the extensive Exetel QA testing process. They are both NBN VDSL2 compatible and registered to ensure you get full NBN support from Exetel. Their specifications and chip-sets are almost identical.

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    Not a happy customer with Exetel. They are good as long as the things go smoothly. But when an issue comes up, they take a long time to resolve it. Recently, I lost my Internet on the ADSL2 line with Exetel. It took 10+ days for them to resolve it after numerous calls to the customer service. As per them, the issue originated from their supplier (Optus I think) but 10+ days to resolve the issue is unacceptable I believe.
    If you don't mind waiting (without Internet) go for them.


      I had the opposite experience lol - they're always very quick to answer the phone and solve issues for me.

      However I haven't had any downtime.


      Yea I agree.

      I once sent them a email for help, and after 40 days they replied with, do you still need help with this? I lol at how pathetic this company is.


    Hey OP,

    When does this offer end?


    edit: I see it ends at the end of this year?



    "giving Exetel thirty (30) days notice (including if the
    Customer does not wish to continue to use the Service
    after the end of the minimum term of a Fixed-Term
    Agreement); "

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      No, FREE is FREE. We do not charge you. The ACCC is very specific about what this means.

      If you are an organised person and know you are moving home within a month or two, most customers give us adequate notice and are not billed for an extra unneeded month.


        so when I move I have to calculate 2 months before I move and then estimate the date I move? seems a bit much to expect. a better way would be what even optus do which is cut off with only days notice. adopting industry best practice is better than justifying less satisfactory ones from the customer's point of view. to be fair, if you can offer cut off on the day they move out it would be good for both. the idea is to aim for customer service. not aim to gouge the customer for unused services.
        then both may have a win-win. Otherwise it will be a win-lose. ultimately bad for business even if you think you make a buck along he way.


          You can always relocate the service with us.

          Though 'technically' this is not possible - we do it 'commercially' where we waive any early termination fee at you old house and give you a free setup at your new house. Best to call us to arrange this so we can coordinate the dates of departure and arrival.

          Assuming your new house has broadband availability, it usually works quite well.


    I get $54.99 but i cant see what network it is (Optus or Telstra) if its Telstra is a good deal and i may move but not if its Optus.


    Why month-to-month plan minimum charge says 133.99. it should be 70.00 considering first free month, isn't it?


      What combination of options have you chosen? If you would like a chat, please call 13 39 38 and talk to one of our Sales Consultants, they can give you all of the details.


    interested, im with TPG atm, is there a way to get an estimate speed from my address as i dont want to be locked 12 months.

    FYI: Early termination charges are as follows:

    12-month contract: $199.98 including GST ($16.665 a month)
    Month-to-month contract: No Early Termination Charge (ETC) applies.

      You can join on the month to month plan to see how it goes.

      I suspect the speed would be similar (though I cant guarantee that) as you will use the same phone line and modem. The DSLAM will be different so there could be some variability and the jumpering in the exchange can effect things sometimes too.

      But if you're unhappy, you have not wasted any money.


    Hi Glenn, if I am on month to month, am I still eligible for this offer?


      It depends on what network you are on (maybe the Telstra Network?) and if you can move to the Optus ADSL network (depending on your location). If you are an existing Exetel customer on the Optus Network, unfortunately, this offer is only for new customers as we rely on the wholesale bounties and discounts Optus provides us to attract new customers from competing networks.
      However, give us a call on 13 39 38 to see if we can help. I'm sure our sales team might be able to work out something to make you happy.


    If only there was a slightly sharper deal for exetel on telstra hardware. Belong (also telstra hardware) is $60 per month for unlimited data on a 12 month plan with free activation (but no 2 free months).


    Is the home phone line a VOIP service or PSTN?

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