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Bush Digital/Internet Radio $63 | Bush Party Speaker $23 | Bush Smart Audio Adapter $47 +More @ GraysOnline eBay

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    I considered buying the DAB radio for my son, but it looks like there's a good reason why these out of production radios have been dumped on Grays - https://www.productreview.com.au/p/bush-bcr35dab.html (I know that's a commonly negative site, but reviews elsewhere are similar)

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      Why buy that spent a bit more To get the internet radio one. It has excellent review.

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      Thats just that particular model - the black internet radio is good

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        You persuaded me :) Having Internet capability means he can also listen to the comedies he loves from the UK. Thanks.

      • Do you have one of these? I'm trying to find out if it can just display the time in full screen. Seems to have all the other clock radio features, but no mention of that.

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          Yes it just arrived about 30 minutes ago but I wont be able to answer till the weekend when i set it up.
          Maybe someone else knows sooner?

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          Mine arrived today. That's what it will look like on standby. Let me know if you have any other questions.

        • @wem77:

          Perfect, thanks for that.

          Can you keep the clock display on while playing?

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          Yup, in the top right there's a small clock display regardless of what mode you're in.

        • @wem77:

          Ah ok, I actually meant can you keep that same full screen clock on screen while playing

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          Yeah nah sorry, wasn't able to find any setting that allowed that, but I might've missed it.

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          No worries, cheers for the help

    • I got one of those a few years ago when it was $21 from DSE. Generally working fine, sound quality is ok, not great. Agree with those reviews though, the buttons are crap. Mine aren't as bad as some are describing, but the power button is the worst, it's almost impossible to press, you need to get it just right the turn on the damn thing.. OK for what I paid, but glad didn't pay more.

  • Bought an adapter. From my research it had WiFi DAb Bluetooth Spotify and a remote control!

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    Great, so I can turn on ABC radio and listen to them whine. Great whine deal.

    (Thanks BTW I bought 2 of the turntables. One will work great at our bush property)

  • Why buy a radio but just simply install a raido app “ myTuner pro” , it comes all the features and free

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      I have a DAB and internet radio (old Kogan) …..has bigger speaker than my phone, runs off 240V and my phone stays in my pocket as I walk from room to room or leave the house ….. and the battery on phone is always full so I can dash out of the house without having drained the phone battery for 5 hours … listing through phone size sepaker

      I bought 2 of the Bush Heritage radios for the other rooms ……

      Bluetooth docks …. these radios are also Bluetooth but I don't need to feed from my phone to get sound.

  • Damn it, just bought the black clock radio from the other day.

    Will have to sell it and buying the internet one instead.

  • PINOT doesn't work on the BR320DABC for me.

    Only PULL5 does.

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      Bugger. I spent too long thinking about it… ah well, I guess I saved myself $63.20

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    Bastards! Lol

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    Hope they honor the sales- I guess they will as the code went through eBay

  • whats a better buy the Heritage ii or the BR320DABc model?

    • Just playing with the heritage 2 now. If you like the retro beige look it's a great unit for the price. Wifi can be slightly flakey but I'm quite impressed.

  • Bought the BR330DABC Adapter (with the code discount) earlier today.
    I already use an internet radio as an alarm, but have been looking for something similar to this, to plug in to my existing stereo (which does not have internet connectivity, but has FM and CD).

    • No Sorry I meant the actual digital/internet radio model in the picture shown not the adapter version

    • Just wondering, what happens in the internet is down and there's an alarm set to go off?

      • If you need an alarm better to use DAB or just "beeps" … I had a month of TPG internet woes with unreliable service and finally cancelled …..

        some of the internet radio stations are also prerecorded, so when they have internet or other issues they can be off the air also until staff come in …. these aren't like Allan Jones "live" …. and many don't have ads so run on a tight budget. Some depend on you going to a PC, looking at what was played and they get money for click counts or if you buy the song via them by clicking on it.

        • better to use DAB or just "beeps"

          Thanks, will do this.

          Almost never need an alarm anyway.

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        My existing internet radio (Kogan) has a default beep-beep-beep alarm, if it cannot locate / connect to the pre-set alarm type (internet radio, FM, AUX, etc).

        • Thanks, hope this does.

  • Listening to the P1 from previous deal. Not too shabby.

  • Love the versatility of P1. Well worth the price I paid for this time.
    However, the craftsmanship is pretty bad comparing to other products in the market that is at the same price point (RRP). The sound is pretty average as well.

  • Hey guys, second chance on these with the PASSWORD code

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