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Qantas Q Bag Tag 70% off - Single Pack 2,020 Pts, Double Pack 3,210 Pts (Was 6,750 & 10,700) @ Qantas Store


70% Off

Product information

The Q Bag Tag is a permanent bag tag that allows you to check-in your baggage easily when flying within the Qantas domestic network and eliminates the need for a paper bag tag, streamlining your journey through the domestic terminal.

Designed by world-renowned Australian designer Marc Newson, each tag contains world-first technology that synchronises the flight details on your boarding pass or Qantas card with your baggage. The Q Bag Tag does not store any personal information. Space has been provided for you to write personal contact information, if you choose.


RFID technology embedded in a durable hard plastic discSoft rubber outer ringAn elastic cord to enable easy application to your luggage handle

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  • ? buggy website - Keeps looping when you login and attempt to go to cart

    And then I finally was able to login in, clicked on cart, cart is empty.

    Tried Chrome & Edge - same


  • Yep.. surely not ozbargained for some Q tags?

  • Please don't waste your points on these. They're a waste.

    • Agreed.

    • Why are they a waste? They work, they save time, they save paper, for those of us that choose to check in the luggage.
      If you choose not to check in your domestic luggage, then, gee, wow, thanks for the nonsense advice.

  • Don't you get these free when you move up a tier?

    • You do but not everyone moves up a tier that easily.

      • If you are not moving up tiers easily, why would you need these luggage tags? These saves you, what, 30 seconds as you drop the baggage off? Not exactly a big deal unless you are a frequent flyer.

        • Saves a bit more than 30 seconds since you can online check in and then do bag drop off instead of printing out tag and placing it on your luggage. Great for domestic flights, useless for international.

  • +2 votes

    I have accumulated so many of these over the years - they send you two each time you change status level.

    And yet never used them once. I can’t even recall the last time I checked in luggage. Carry on all the way!!!

    I do see people putting these tags on their carry-on luggage, though….

  • I have one on my carry on luggage just in case a gate dragon tells me my bag is too heavy and/or they run out of room inside and it has to go into cargo. Having said that, I checked a bag on a direct Brisbane to Melbourne flight and they lost my luggage even with a tag on it. Eventually found it in lost luggage in Perth, but they didn't have a working reader so had to open the bag to find my details. So yeah. Great idea, but anything more than free is probably not worth it….

  • Idea is ok, but it's so easy to be taken off your bag and used elsewhere. Lost 2 freebies I was given, never bothered to get more. Name section can be rubbed of pretty easily.

  • This is significantly more than I can afford with my 62 FF points!