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Ring Video Doorbell (Satin Silver or Venetian Bronze) - $132.95 Delivered @ allthingstec on eBay


Looking to keep an eye on your front door when you're out - then this might be the option for you.
$149 seems to be the new RRP thanks to Amazon recently acquiring Ring and that price can be had at your Bunnings. But if you're a true OzBargainer, then you're here to save and saving money you will.

Satin Nickel - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brand-New-Ring-720p-Video-Door-B…

Venetian Bronze - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brand-New-Ring-720p-Video-Door-B…

Using the code PULL5 brings the price down to $132.95 delivered

Original PULL5 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post


The Ring Video Doorbell works on every home whether or not you have a doorbell. Its innovative technology allows you to see, hear and speak with your visitors from anywhere.
• This doorbell has a built-in camera, speakers and microphone.
• It can operate in temperatures of -20.56°C to 48.89°C.
• You can view and download up to 6 months of activity, share the clips or delete them with Cloud Video Recording.
• It features built-in motion detection and night vision thanks to infrared LEDs.
• It has two way audio with noise cancellation so you can listen and talk with clarity.
• Enjoy live streaming if you have a hardwired doorbell.
• It has a battery life of 6-12 months and can be easily recharged.
• This door bell comes with a 12 month manufacturer warranty.
• The satin nickel finish is sleek and stylish next to your door.

• Ring Video Doorbell 720p
• User Manual
• Security Sticker
• Installation Tools and Screws

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  • Be sure to read the reviews on productreview.com.au before pulling the trigger on this.

    • or should i say before "pressing that button" (buy it now)

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      Well pointed out skysurfer, I was looking at this a time ago, basically so of the pitfalls are:-

      1) Takes too long to connect to your phone so sometimes miss the person calling (need a really fast Internet connection NBN not ADSL2, 1MB per sec 'Upload')
      2) You have to use an ongoing paid subscription to get any use unless you are just viewing live video that is quite useless in a security application and also quality is not high quality.

      I would recommend giving this a miss and getting a quality HD CCTV camera instead mounted next to your front door.

      • +1

        I'm on NBN with a decent upload (just tested it @ 18Mbps) and mine is still slow - sometimes I can approach my door, unlock both screen and wooden doors and be inside before my phone will chime that the ring has detected motion, and that is only if it does detect me, have had quite a few times where I've been able to walk right past the camera with it not picking me up at all. If you think people pressing the doorbell will be better it isn't - have had many times where a courier will press the doorbell, presumably wait a bit to get no response, then I get the alert on my phone as they're walking away.

        The video isn't overly bad quality, but its completely useless past the covered porch - 3m away from the camera (just after the cover ends) is completely over exposed during the entire day - it doesn't matter if its cloudy or where the sun is shining from, you can't make out a single thing. I found after buying that this is frequently complained about by Ring users yet Ring do nothing about it, no brightness/contrast control in the app despite them saying it's coming in an update (for years).

        The motion detection is also pretty average - I've got it set to as small an area as possible which should just pick up 1.5m directly around the camera, yet it frequently detects on nothing, or on cars driving past 10m away (despite the fact that as mentioned above, anything over 3m away is too washed out to make out!) It's to the point that I leave motion detection switched off normally (only turn it back on if a parcel or something is left, so I can see if someone was to approach to try to pinch it!).

        I second the HD CCTV instead.

  • +1

    Terrible reviews pertaining to product quality control. Many people saying they had to return under warranty, even then replaced with another faulty unit.
    given the likelyhood of failure and need to be covered under warranty, be wary buying such an item from ebay They might have something in the listing about whether it has warranty coverage, and who pays postage if product fails etc.

  • Am keen on this but only have ADSL2 at my house (a good ADSL connection w downloads at 17 MB/s but typical slow ADSL upload of 0.7 MB/s on Optus exchange).

    Anyone have real world experience of using a Ring doorbell on ADSL?

  • I've had this doorbell for a year now and my experience has been 90% positive. The doorbell has a sensor and you can be notified on your mobile with live feed before anyone presses the doorbell. I find it particularly convenient when I'm not home and someone is leaving a package on my doorstep. I would recommend fast internet with this wireless device.

    • Nice, how long does your battery last for?

      • Depends on how often the camera triggers or you use live view - someone below said theirs needs charging every 5 days, but mine is currently sitting at 55% after about 1.5 months.

  • +1

    Still cannot believe how well this product has done since shark tank

  • Are there any good alternatives to Ring?

    • I was looking at the skybell hd. No subscription required but you need power to your doorbell.

    • Nest have one that seems to be getting praise, especially from people moving from Ring to the Nest. Potential downside to the nest (and basically all others, from what I could see) is they need to be hard wired to power, no battery versions.

  • +1

    My view of the ring 2. *Disclosure, have NBN HFC. But Ring 2 is in a weak wifi area.

    1) Ring 2 has a easily replaceable lithium battery.
    2) Has a slight lag. I don't think this makes a huge impact in use. Maybe a better router would help. I assume this can only improve with updates and improving wifi.
    3) The motion sensor is 1000 times better than on my swann cameras (oversensitive). You will appreciate subscribing for this reason.
    4) Subscription is $30 a year for one camera. I feel that is pretty reasonable.
    5) The idea and concept of these video doorbells is fantastic. Works as a traditional doorbell (we have a chime plugged in near the kitchen). It is also great when they are not home. They can see when people visit or packages get dropped off.

    Overall I have had a good experience. I would get the ring 2 for the quick release battery alone.

    Nest has an alternative product. I have not looked into it.

  • +1

    Had my about 6 months, battery needs charging about every 5 days, easy to do as it comes out easy, I will add a solar charger soon
    if you want one without waiting Bunning have them at $147.00 at least you can return to your local store if you dont want it

  • Have been security issues with the system. And a major one at that. Has been closed, but doesn't encourage me.


    Then there was another one previously.


  • Still waiting on netgear ARLO to make one, this is shit because you HAVE to pay a subscription to save video, or it it won't store any video and you can only watch it live.

  • I really liked the American remake of Ring.

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