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Coles - Free 1.25L Bottle of Pepsi Max Vanilla - Flybuys Members


Collect 1 FREE Pepsi Max Vanilla 1.25L bottle at Coles.

Pepsi Max Vanilla. Maximum Vanilla. No Sugar.

To collect your FREE sample simply activate this offer, pick the product up on shelf or online & scan your flybuys card at checkout. The discount will appear when you proceed to payment.

Limit one product sample per flybuys account. Your product sample is available between Thu 31 May and Wed 13 Jun 2018.

I used to buy Pepsi Max Vanilla all the time, so it's not like I need to "try" it, but I guess I haven't bought any from Coles in a while which is why they are trying to win me back?

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  • Copying Woolworths with their rewards card free soft drink.

    • +10

      I didn't get anything from Woolworths, so I had no idea. How dare they copy them! Only one store should be able to give away free drinks to reward members!

      • +10

        Didn't get anything from either Flybuys or Woolworths Reward.

      • -3
        • Yep, didn’t get that. Congrats if you did though, jv! You rock!

        • -2


          It tastes pretty crap, so you're not missing much…

        • @jv: Thanks for the heads up. I've had offers (not free, but for Flybuys points) for Nexba before, but never bought it because it wasn't on special. What is wrong with ALT? Chemical taste? No flavour?

        • @sagitox:

          What is wrong with ALT? Chemical taste? No flavour?

          Dull, underwhelming flavour. Something seems to be missing… Maybe sugar?

  • +8

    its what plants crave

    • +2

      it doesnt have electrolytes. it's not what plants crave

      • it has H+, im sure the plants would love that pH 2-3 acidity…

      • I like money

  • +9

    I never get free stuff from flybuys

    • +3

      Same, ticks me off.

      • +1

        It makes me cross.

        • +1

          it really makes me fly off the wall

  • +5

    This tastes so bad btw

    • +7

      Disagree, my preferred variety of Pepsi Max. Each to their own.

      • +2

        Ever since I tried it a while back it has become my favourite soft drink. As artificial as it is, I really like the taste of the vanilla. Mixing it with whiskey is quite nice as well.

        • +1

          I hope you mean cheap whisky?

    • +1

      It's OK. I prefer regular Pepsi Max, but Pepsi Max Vanilla is a nice change every once in a while.

      • With spiced rum its pretty great. Makes me drink lot of alcohol haha

    • +2

      Agreed. For someone that enjoys Vanilla Coke and Pepsi Max, Pepsi Max Vanilla just didn’t do it for me.

      • It's just a little too sweet / flavour is off. It is passable, but definitely wish diet vanilla coke was more mainstream / came in bigger bottles (not just in some vending machines).

    • I really enjoy it.

  • +4

    For the record, when you scan it through on the self-scanner, it will show full price until you're ready to pay, at which point the 100% discount will be applied (From experience of staring blankly at the self-scanner for a couple of minutes tonight then asking for help).

    • I've had a few offers before. I've also learnt from others experiences, not to run out and get it right away. Often people will go straight out and get it the same day or next day, and they often almost get errors. I wait a few days then go to claim it. It's never failed me. I always feel funny scanning the item at full price (it's never on special the freebies you get), but then when you scan Flybuys and click to pay it automatically deducts the price from your total.

    • Thanks for the heads up :)

    • I've actually had all the free or discounted things never work correctly. I have to go to the service desk to get it sorted. It's only ever worked on the yoghurt deal ages ago. It's really rather irritating.

      • I can feel the frustration! If it kept happening it would turn me off completely going to get free things, because it would be more hassle than it was worth to get it corrected. :(

  • I thought Pepsi gave up on this vanilla one.

    Like it stopped being available anywhere for a while, everyone cleared it out hella cheap, NQR even ended up with a shitload of slabs being thrown out… and now there's signs at every bus stop and the thing is back in stock? That's some shitty business strategy right there.

    Either way, as someone who drinks at least 4 or 5 litres of cola a day, and someone who's favorite cola of all time is Diet Coke w/ Vanilla, you'd think this would be right up my alley… I always thought it tasted like a Yakult a little bit and it was just weird to be entirely honest, anyone else out there detect the similarity or?

    • How're the teeth

      • Good condition, not really yellow, but holy shit, whenever I bite my nails there is an ungodly smell on them. Like my breath ain't too bad, but my teeth have a gross ass smell. Like I'll scrape my finger along any of my teeth and it will come back smelling pretty fowl.

        Really ought to hit the dentist some time this decade, hey.

        • My soft drinking made me need a bunch of fillings, if the middle of your teeth are yellower than the rest of them you might need em

          If not, you must have superman teeth

      • +1

        How're the teeth
        How're the dentures

    • NQR might have been getting rid of it as it was near expiry. I have always seen it available and on shelf in Coles and Woolworths since they introduced it back at the start of last year. It never went away. You might be thinking of Pepsi Max Lime? Or Vanilla Coke?

      • NQR, fond memories when they were flogging off Pepsi Samba… half th shop had 1.25, 2lt and cases of it…

        A case of 12x 1.25lt bottles for $1 at one point, crazy cheap and crap

      • +1

        Maybe it's just the stores near me then, which honestly, is even weirder.

        (profanity) I miss Max Lime. Not something I would have a crapload of every day, but when you wanted it, it was a brilliant drink.

      • The Woolworths stores here don't always stock it in the boxes of cans, which is annoying when they have Pepsi varieties on a good special and I'm almost out of it.

  • +2


    Sorry, but I never ever ever get freebies until now. Shame this drink isn't very good. Coca-cola vanilla all the way baby!

    • Congrats!

      I prefer Vanilla Coke too, but it's too sugary! Pepsi Max Vanilla isn't too bad if you don't want to drink alot of sugar.

      • Diet Vanilla Coke is the best, pity it's so bloody hard to find.

  • Sorry I feel like I'm missing something

    Where is the link to activate the offer?

    • In the email

      • Where's the link to the email?

        • +1

          In your inbox.

  • I claimed the kitkat offer last time this might be why I don't see this next offer :/

    • I've been getting a Coles offer every week for about 2 months now and a Woolies offer about once every 3-4 weeks.

  • I only got 100 bonus points when i purchase this as an offer

  • Can I have a Pepsi max vanilla?
    Is Vanilla Coke ok?
    Is Monopoly money ok?

  • Just drink water

  • I didn't get a free Pepsi deal, I got a free spice tailor Dahl instead.

  • We need free Pepsi Crystal

  • -7

    Free -1.5 years to your lifespan. They will get you hooked on this junk for free so you buy even more. No deal wen its so toxic.

    • +1

      Free-1.5 years to your lifespan.

      Sooo…it's good for you?

    • +1

      That's fine. My lifespan is too long.

    • +1

      You must be drinking a different Pepsi Max than me if you're getting 'hooked on this junk' when they give you a free one.

  • I wish they would offer this flavour combo with the standard Pepsi, as I like vanilla Coke but prefer Pepsi to Coke.

  • just try in hurstville coles , they say is not true

    • +2

      What’s not true? You can only receive it free if you recieved an email and activated the offer on your Flybuys account.

  • I got the brie free offer…
    That was worth $6 so can't complain i didn't get this one

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