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Microsoft Surface Book 2: 13.5", i7, 8GB, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GTX1050 2GB, $2,163.76 @ MediaForm on eBay - Must Be Student/Teacher


Original EOFY 20% off Selected Stores on eBay Deal Post

Missed out on the last Surface book deal, but found this one on the new model and jumped on it.

Surface Book 2
13.5" Screen (3000x2000)
i7 8th gen (Intel Core i7-8650U quad-core processor).
256 SDD

The 15" version is also a bargain. Thanks to Rily001 for Pointing it out.
Microsoft Edu Surface Book 2
15" screen
256g Ssd
Nv-gtx-1060 6gb

Use the code PAMPER20 at checkout to get the 20% off and reduce the price to $2,163.76

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    While the listing prices aren't exactly 10% off RRP (like the actual Microsoft EDU store), but more like ~6.3% off RRP (I guess acceptable to cover shipping & eBay fees), it'll probably be the cheapest price these laptops and 2-in-1s will go. (Especially if one combines with eBay gift cards purchased from Woolworths/Coles with discounted gift cards).

    Link for all the EDU listings: https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=mediaformcomp...

    • Can you still get the woolworths ebay gift cards at self checkout?

      • I haven't tried the eBay gift card specifically, but the other ones I've tried still work (eg JB HiFi). Although I usually buy the gift cards with some other grocery items. So far all cards worked for me except once for a Ticketmaster gift card, which the staff sorted out for me at the counter.


    • You're right Zrmx, recommended retail for this configuration is $2,999 so this deal is almost 28% off even without using any other card discounts.
      Quite rare for a current Microsoft Surface product.

      • It seems like the 13.5" 256 gb 8GB ram model is not available on the site anymore, got any recommendations for a different store which might have similar pricing? Cheers

  • Very good price.

    Bought exact same model from JB HiFi just 2 weeks ago for $2700 (with usual 10% off student discount.).Not sure whether I can show them this and they will refund the difference… Does anyone here have such experience with JB?

    • Nope they wont as its ebay that covers half the cost, Should have waited till EOFY sales probably would have 20% off..

    • Did yours come with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee (from Microsoft)?

      I assumed they all did. Worth checking.

  • I wonder what actually qualifies as a student? Eg what about cpa/ca

    • "In order to ship this product we are required to supply the manufacturer with proof of educational status.

      This can be done by sending us an image or the details of a Student/Teacher ID, a .edu email address or other similar forms of educational identification."

      That's the message i got after ordering.

      • Is this Aussie stock? What happens if it needs repairing/warranty? Send to Microsoft or Media form?

        • Yep, Aussie stock. 30 day returns. I expect a tax invoice.

        • @Dingo:

          Cool thanks. Does that mean if something goes wrong we can send direct to MS?

        • @tjmckay:

          The way I read it is that in the first 30 days (whether something goes wrong or not) you arrange the return through Mediaform. After 30 days any warranty issues go to Microsoft for practicality (you'd still be legally entitled to go back to Mediaform, but it will be quicker to go direct to MS).

        • @Dingo:

          Thanks Dingo. Did you notice the price on their normal website?


          At $2479.31, it's $220 cheaper than the normal MS student/teacher price. Aussie stock?

        • @tjmckay:

          Yep, that's a good price on their site. Would probably be the best price going if it wasn't for the ebay deal making it an extra $315 or so cheaper.

          Mediaform are a well established AU company, not a dodgy importer. They are also providing a 30 day return policy for peace of mind and have a good ebay reputation. I'm confident that it's Aussie stock or they would have been obliged to note otherwise (and the power plug would be wrong).

          Hopefully I'll receive mine by the end of the week and I'll be able to report back on what it actually is.

        • @Dingo:

          Thanks Dingo. I guess I'm being overly super cautious. I'll be changing over to Windows from a MBP 13" touch bar for the first time since 2008.

          Want to make sure that it's legit.

        • @tjmckay:

          Oh don't worry, I get it. It's a lot of money!
          One of the advantages of Mediaform? You can give them a call during business hours and confirm.

          Maybe I feel comfortable with them because I drive past the office complex where they are located regularly. Not that I've ever been inside :)

        • @Dingo:

          Yeah, that's what I'll do, call tomorrow morning.

          Cheers Dingo.

  • Does it come only in silver colour?

  • @richmond12 just about everything: an edu email address, a student or teacher's id, anything that can be classified as evidence of being a student (uni, high school, primary, tafe, etc.)
    I used my 9 year old student id card from uni. So far my understanding is that the order is being processed with no problem.

  • Can we use Cashrewards on this and save even more?

  • No expiry date, just commencement date.

  • ordered - anyone got theirs yet?

  • Ok so I just clarified with Mediaform: apparently it takes a couple of days to process the edu verification. So when I was told that the order had been processed it didn't mean that it had shipped. They expect mine to be dispatched tomorrow and delivery is by courier, so could even be same day (wishful thinking). Realistically they have until the 12th to meet the ebay order delivery estimate so it might not arrive till then.

    • did you call them or ebay message them?

      • I did both.
        The ebay message was more effective. I got a reply stating that they were running behind in updating the status of the ebay sales, but that mine had already shipped and I should receive it today or tomorrow. As it turns out, I got it today.

        It looks beautiful :)

    • How do they process the edu verification?

  • Thanks for posting @Dingo - long time reader first time posting! I bought one as well. I've noticed that they're also selling the 15inch version "I7-8650u, 15", 16gb, 256g Ssd, Nv-gtx-1060 6gb, W10". With 20% off the price comes down to a nifty $2,632.74; a great price as the store sells it for c. $3.5k!

    Would it be worth adding to the deal?

    Update: heres the link:

    • this is the one I ordered.

      Hopefully it is going to be here soon, my current laptop's trackpad is playing up.
      Seriously, $2600 for this is not too bad!

    • Thanks @rily001. I've added it to the description.

      That's the model I would have bought if it was for me, but the wife doesn't play games so the original bargain is already overkill for her.

    • Thanks @rily001. I got the 15" as well, bargain price for a new model SB2! :-)

  • Ok so I just clarified with Mediaform: apparently it takes a couple of days to process the edu verification. So when I was told that the order had been processed it didn't mean that it had shipped. They expect mine to be dispatched tomorrow and delivery is by courier, so could even be same day (wishful thinking). Realistically they have until the 12th to meet the ebay order delivery estimate so it might not arrive till then.

  • For those curious.

    Mine arrived today. Sealed education model (the same as JBHIFI education / Harvey Norman Buisness models i guess). I registered it and it worked fine with 2 years manufacture warranty in Australia.

    Came with the default Australian plug in the sealed box. Everything looks legitimate.

  • Received mine today as well.

  • Loving Windows hello!

  • Anyone order from Perth like me?

    I guess mine will be coming on Monday/Tuesday. Fine with that actually, got a load of marking and reports to do this weekend…..

  • ordered the 13" now thinking I should of got the 15" as it wasn't available when I ordered :~

    • How did you go? I ordered mine yesterday and it arrived today - it was super quick. So maybe you'll need to return it and order another one unfortunately!

  • Call them first thing in the morning. If it hasn't shipped out they might be able to help. Otherwise the only option is to use the returns which would cost you the return freight.

    Unless you're doing some high end stuff like CAD or play high end games, you won't notice any difference. The 15" screen is both a plus (larger screen) and a minus (less portable as a tablet). Mind you, I love the 15" and I'd probably find a way to justify the extra half a grand, but this 13.5" is an awesome machine!

  • Hi, may I ask if any tax invoice provided with delivery?


  • I got excited and ordered a 15" SB2…It was the last piece left.