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Happy 19th B'day Mobileciti: 12% off Sitewide + $0 Shipping (eg Huawei Mate 10 Pro $791, Galaxy S8 $738, Pixel 2 XL 64GB $999)


No price jacking, just genuine bargains! Mobileciti has been kind enough to offer a massive 12% off everything sitewide in celebration of their 19th birthday, and they're also throwing in free shipping across the board with no minimum spend. All Australian stock (no grey imports). Apply coupon HAPPY19MC at checkout for the discount. Goods will be dispatched the same or next business day. You can also collect immediately from their Parramatta store if you wish. A GST invoice is included with all products & TRS eligibilty applies if conditions met. Offer runs for 19 hours from 7pm Friday to 2pm Saturday AEDT. Enjoy :)

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  • Wow really they've been around since 1999?

    • Yep and they also run Allphones Online as well ;)

  • +19

    19% for 19th birthday works better :)

    • +4

      Do you want 20% discount or not

      • +2

        Not now but next year yes please

      • -1

        how do u get 20%?

        • +2


        • on their allphone ebay store using pamper20 ?

  • -4

    Didn't work for me on s9+

    • +3

      Offer runs for 19 hours from 7pm Friday to 2pm Saturday AEDT.

      • I see you read the full description ;)

  • -2

    Doesn't work on on the pre owned iPhone?

    "The coupon code "HAPPY19MC" is not valid."

    • +2

      wait till 7pm

      • +4

        Yup just checked the time. The fact one kid is in bed and the other actually finished his dinner already threw me ;)

        • +2

          This comment makes me feel less alone in the world.

  • +2

    Lot of ozbargainers can't read descriptions apparently. Sad to see no real deal on the Note 8 though.

    • +5

      Must be ozb mentality: see, buy first, read and think later.

  • +2

    7pm! Absolutely ripping offer from a great seller.

  • +5

    Insert silly comment < can't wait until they turn 100 >

  • I think it’s 10% off.,

  • Site appears to have melted down, I cannot add anything to my cart ;-(

  • +1

    For another $100, you can get a 128GB Pixel 2 XL for $1099 at JB Hifi… https://www.jbhifi.com.au/phones/Outright-Mobile-Handsets/go…

    • +14

      Or, for $100 less, you can get a 64gb Pixel 2 XL from Mobileciti.

      • Or for for $45 more you can get the pixel 2 xl 128gb when you tell them that another JB can do it for $1044 (it's there actual lowest price). I would post a receipt but don't know how too.

        • Are you using your pixel now? If yes, you can take a picture and share with Google link :)

  • +6

    P20 Pro (128gb) for $966.24 is it the best price so far?

  • Looks like you can pick any kind of shipping too. All free.

  • +1

    Ah, no Nokia 6.1!

    • go for the motorola moto g6 or g6 play or g6 plus :)

  • +1

    Site seems down? Loading very slow for me

  • They are adding Tax after the discount?
    So tax is not included in pricing until you add to cart?

    • +1

      Hi FeedingTheSnail,

      Tax is already included in the prices shown on the site. Thanks

  • pre-owned iphones any good?

    • same question here

  • iPhone X is out of stock though, it is still a good deal though

  • Is a S9 256gb for $1098.24 good?

    • +1

      A lot of people fail to realized, but is spending over $1000 on a mobile phone any good? In fact, why do you want 256GB? get a SD card.

      • +3

        More internal storage = more apps. I have a 256gb card. It is only $88 more expensive than the 64gb S9 version after the discount with an extra 192GBs.

  • LG G6 vs HTC U11 Life = $569 ->~ $500.72 Does it good? Which one is better?
    See both A-Tick but U11 life only 12mths warranty, so curious!!!

    • +4

      The LG is a much better phone:
      - Better processor(SD821 vs SD630)
      - More Ram(4gb vs 3gb)
      - Better screen
      - Larger battery(3300 mAh vs 2600 mAh)
      - Better Camera
      for those that still care about antutu the LG scores over double the HTC, but that can only be expected when comparing a mid-range phone to a flagship.

      The LG has also just received Android 8.0 Oreo update

      • Thanks!
        Yeah I know it's hard for U11 life vs G6, but i really worry about LG after-sale/upgrade…

        My old/dead Sony XZ got the Oreo since last year while only few G6-H870DS (version from Taiwan i think) got the Oreo.

        • +1

          Mum has an LG G6 since April 2017 (got it for $461) And no problems whatsoever. I agree with Condog but he forgot to add that g6 has 3.5mm port and u11 doesn't. I think the dual g6 camera does it for me. You can capture more in the image without having to move back.
          On a side note, my dad and I use HTC 10 and it's a fantastic phone. We're both running Oreo and it's almost flawless in performance. Might be something to consider if you can find one for $350 or less.

      • For $300 bucks less than HTC 11 you can get the same spec Sharp Aquos S2 and HTC doesn't have that IGZO panel or dual rear camera apparently.

        HTC 11 is an insane ripoff.

    • Hi JinK,

      Sorry the Warranty period of the U11 Life is also 24 months, it will be updated in the site soon. Thanks

  • +1

    Dammmn. I'd be all over that Mate 10 Pro if I didn't buy a used (for a day) one last week for $695.

    • How are you finding it? I'm tossing up between it and a Note 8 currently.

      • +1

        I haven't actually got it yet. I'm not a Samsung fan personally and went with the Mate for the battery life.

        • Less than 24 hours in, and I'm loving it so far. I had 4h20m screen time while downloading apps, a system update, and setting up apps on a mix of wifi and 4g, and the battery only dropped 44%. It's a bit weird using the 18:9 screen, after coming from a Nexus 6P, but I'm sure I'll get used to it quickly. I didn't like the folders in EMUI, so I've started using Nova Launcher for the first time.

      • +2

        Been using it over 1/2 a year. For me this is great device, great battery, and the camera is super for me! I wouldn't swap for note 8!

  • There's a lot of Pixel 2 XL 64GB going for around $850-$900ish on gumtree/facebook due to the JB Hifi Deals but then you don't get to claim the phone on tax…

    • how do you even claim the phone on tax anyway?

      Do you just bs that you use it for work?

      • Your employer can give you a letter saying that you need to use your phone for your work and what percentage.
        If you are self-employed then you can set the percentage yourself.

    • Not unless they provide the phone with a receipt. And probably better that it was paid by cash (which is more unlikely). It's not impossible but quite rare.

      I did one time see a pixel 2xl 128gb for sale on facebook by a young girl (early 20s) who bought the phone from jb hi-fi around $1450, used it for 3 months with case and screen protector. She put it up for $900 and sold within 4hours with the $1450 receipt.

  • +1

    MEIZU M6 NOTE $236 after discount.

    literally 5 minutes ago paid $140 (after cash rewards) on aliexpress.

  • +1

    Damn, two hrs ago I bought a Moto G6 Plus on their Allphone ebay site with their 20% discount from their jacked price. $438 from Mobileciti and I paid $450 + 1% Cash Rewards discount from Allphones (with Fastway courier). I hang my head in shame for wasting $7.50.

  • well that was a short birthday but a quick way to raise quick cash nonetheless
    noticed jacked up too.

  • -3

    Great to deal with until you try and do a warranty return under Australian consumer law.

  • No LG V30 sadly, G7 is overpriced and 12% isn't really any better than eBay 10% off allphones

    To be fair 15% would have been better for 19th birthday. 12% is too little 19% is probably asking too much

  • +1

    Australian stock (no grey imports) - So for a new Samsung phone can hopefully pop into a Samsung store if any issues.
    I'm in.

  • hey im leaning towards the p20 pro over the mate 10 but they have practically the same specs- with p20 being around $200 more. anyone have a recommendation? thanks

    • +1

      Also, any prospects of the p20 reaching a lower price within 1-2 months?

      • you'd imagine so

  • +2

    Mobileciti are genuinely great. Ive bought a few small items through them (smartwatches some smartphones etc) and they've all arrived with about a week and are local stock I believe. Totally recommend them.

  • I manage to price match the Bose QC 35 headset at Harvey Norman. Used the $50 back promo on AMEX.

    • But now you've support Gerry Harvey and his <$1000 GST crusade…

      • Well I am buying while they are still around.

  • +1

    I'm very happy with MobileCiti/Allphones online. I ordered a phone last weekend (longweekend) from Allphones Online. It was advertised as being delivered on Wednesday (2 days with Monday being a public holiday), the courier picked it up Tuesday morning and tried to deliver it Tuesday afternoon but I wasn't home :-(. I ended up getting it Wed morning.

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