Do You Eat While Driving?

A cop caught me when I was having a box of wicked wings in my lap while driving. He watched me for a while and didn't pulled me over. (This is all when I stopped at a signal in 40 zone and Cop is on a motor bike peeking through my rear window).

Googled it and I couldn't find anything on this topic. Hope this will help my fellow bargainers here :))

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    You have no 🍩

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      "He watched me for a while"

      Perhaps he was hungry…

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        I wonder if it was the Highway or Hygiene Police.

        Eating wings while driving is both dangerous and disgusting!

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    Nice catch, copper!

    Saw an idiot the other day driving erratically & when I was next to the car, he had a drumstick in his hand/s.

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      Was his brake light flashing to a beat?

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        He was in Pata pata pon trance.

      • I laughed way too hard at that. Well played.

    • I saw someone eating a 2-hander burger behind wheel once. I presume he was steering with his knees. Must have been an auto??

      Some people amaze me in a bad way.

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        Autobots, roll out the burga & transform!

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        Been there, done that - in a manual. Yes, steering with knees.

        • Yes, I've been in car with my brother steering with his knees whilst sending a text. Like I said, some people amaze me in a bad way.

          But once you get what's coming to you, you can be a member of the fail army

      • Must have been an auto??

        My mate could drive a manual, steer with his knees and eat a burger with the other hand. I was amazed.

        • your mate has good eye-hand coordination. it's not uncommon for people with the right training to be able to use their limbs to perform several tasks at the same time.

      • I've seen one of my mates roll a cigarette while driving in a manual car with his entire left arm in a cast.. I was just impressed

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        If you leave them in the half wrap they are suddenly a one handed burger.

        The worst are juicy/saucy un-wrapped burgers and rolls, like macca's 'gourmet' range. You would have to take your eyes off the road to monitor drip while driving which would be even dumber than just eat driving. Chocolate is bad too as crumbs melt into your clothes. Flaky foods can be contained by keeping the packaging flat on your lap. Wet wipes are a life saver for cleaning your hands before you touch your car again.

        The KFC bloke is an amateur. Use your thumb, pointer and middle finger for chicken, your palm, index and pinkie for the gear knob and wheel. Drink the coleslaw and potato gravy.

        The dumbest part of eat driving is finding a drink. It doesn't matter if it is a coffee in a cup holder or a water bottle on the seat. Both require you to take your eyes off the road to find then line up with your mouth. I guess you could drive with a bottle between your thighs in an auto, but you might hesitate to brake if you think your going to have a lap full of water…

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    I eat them KFC lunch boxes while driving sometimes, can be a bit messy but lol

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        You should be proud…Have a cookie.

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          but not while driving!

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      Tip is to eat the long edges of the wing, then use your teeth to dismember the joint between the two wings,spit out, remove one bone from the wing. Now you have one bone left, which you can fit in your mouth and pull out.

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        Thank you for this life-changing, valuable piece of information.

        • You're also wasting less meat if you do this as you can get through most of the meat, those bone marrow liver ,fava beans, and nice little Pepsi , Sccklup Sccklup Sccklup Sccklup

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        Now you have one bone left, which you can fit in your mouth and pull out.

        How many times do you need to fit in and pull out the bone from your mouth before finishing?

        • As many as it takes. ;)

      • I just pictured you doing this everyday, driving around at lunch eating wings lol

      • This should be the only way to eat wings!

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      Those KFC Go Buckets, fit in the cup holder. You can kinda eat it in a drinking style too.

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    I drink

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      You bloody idiot

      • i Phone

        Badadam Tsss…

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      • malone.

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    No, except if my boyfriend is the passenger and we've gotten takeaway, and he feeds me half chips one at a time. I don't rate my driving skill high enough to eat and drive. I might have a sip of a water bottle at a red light but that's it.

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      I'll happily chew and drive, but food only goes in quickly, stopped at a red light with the car in gear. And my hands only touch the packaging.

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        Shouldn’t touch your package behind the wheel.

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          Better to let the boyfriend take care of that

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    A cop caught me when I was having a box of wicked wings in my lap while driving

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Did you actually get charged with any offence though, OP?

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      Not exactly getting “caught”. If anything the cop was only watching to see if they were looking at their phone too.

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      Nope :)

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    Wicked wings - no.
    Popcorn chicken/nuggets/chips - yes.

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      So I guess quail and crab are out?

    • Q: How far away is your closest McDonalds?
      A: Oh, about one large fries.

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    Wouldn’t it be better to stop ten minutes and eat?

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      Normally stopped for 10mins when driving in Sydney anyways

  • If you eat then drive, you’re a bloody idiot

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      Yeah you should eat and drive
      Drive then eat

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        Op opted option one

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        But don't drink Drive - (it's a washing powder and tastes awful)

      • Don't drink drive on an empty stomach.

    • If you're eat then take a nap then drive , you're even more idioter

    • Friends don't let friends eat then drive.

  • Maybe he was annoyed you didn't get maccas like they do

    • Do they still get free McDonalds?

  • I have breakfast in the car most weekdays.

    • oats?


      • Not regularly, but yes, been done too.

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    Good idea with 12v/240v 5000w inverters coming down in price a microwave on the passenger seat with a toaster and coffee machine on top you'd save yourself a fortune instead of going to maccas.
    Probably still have enough power to run a small bar fridge on the back seat.

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    When you have the fun job of driving 100-400km on the road a week you kinda have to. I don't think the customers would appreciate me eating lunch on the job.

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    I usually have a dozen beers or so then go for a cruise. I never eat and drive, especially fiddly wings, very dangerous.

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      can you link us to that, please?

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          You would make a lousy prosecutor! ;) From your article…"Currently there are no laws in any state or territory that specifically prohibits eating food or drinking (non alcoholic) beverages while driving. " If you have control of your vehicle while eating then NO offence.


        Not the best source, but proof that you can get fined for eating and driving. This example is obviously extreme, but I'd imagine it's up to the policeman's discretion.

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    Best I've ever done is have an opened bottle of (non alcoholic) Bundaburg ginger beer in the drink holder, and driving into a random breath test in the middle of the day.

    The officer had a smug look when he asked me to blow when he saw the bottle, and the look on his face was priceless when I blew 0.00.

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      Niiiice. I’m gonna permanently keep one in my drink holder just for the next time I get pulled over for an RBT.

      • Might I suggest taking a swig at it while staring into the next car's occupants at the next red?

        Bonus points if they stare back.

  • I eat everything while driving. Kfc, mcflurrys, cerial from home.
    I once saw a ACA episode last year where they had a secret cam and were shaming a girl for eating a mcflurry while driving….
    I dont think its illegal, but its why i got an auto

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      I dont think its illegal

      Go get your driving test again. You and chicken wing guy. Pretty. Please.

      • Yeahhhhh but, u


      • Drivers Handbook isn't actually the law. It's basically a set of 'recommendations'.

      • Two silly articles that don't actually quote the law relating to that. No where does legislation explicitly state that you must have two hands on the wheel at all time (at least from what I could find). They are quoting a recommendation in a handbook as an authority…

        The closest thing that legislation has on this particular topic I could find is

        297—Driver to have proper control of a vehicle etc

            (1)         A driver must not drive a vehicle unless the driver has proper control of the vehicle. 

        Which is very broad and would be at the discretion of the officer who catch you doing whatever it is you are doing with the other hand, as to whether or not to fine you or not.

        What I will say is though. If you are involved in an accident, then it is found that you were eating with one hand while driving and it contributed to the accident. It would help the other side (or injured person) to bring a case of negligence against you.

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      I think the law you are looking for, relates to been in control of the vehicle. There is no way you are, while scooping out ice cream and tring to hold it steady while it makes it to your mouth.

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        Yet u can find your cigarettes. Light your cig and smoke it while driving. all whie trying not to birn your self and get ash in the car.

        • So if someone else eat sh!t, you follow em eating sh!t too?

          Ignorance is a blessing. /S

        • @Yummy:
          Your reply didnt connect or make sense at all…..
          I think ignorance is your curse

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      Haha same as me :) one of the reasons for getting an auto is to eat while driving.

    • cerial

      I lol'ed.

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    That's really funny - I ride a motorcycle and I've never seen a driver overly distracted due to eating…

    Changing the radio channel, in conversation with a passenger, on their phone, kids being crap, applying makeup.. Yes…
    But never food related distractions…

    • That's because you can eat while keeping your eyes on the road. Though, eating something a little more technical like rice or pasta might be distracting enough to be dangerous.

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        Use chopsticks for hard mode.

        • God mode: Whilst driving manual transmission with no power steering

    • My girlfriend and I were on the lookout to see how obvious it was that oncoming drivers were looking down at something in there laps (I will only ALLEDGE it was a mobile device). I think once we'd got up into the teens we saw a guy eating a bowl of cereal, or soup, it was pretty impressive. forearms on the wheel bowl in one hand spoon in the other.

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    I watched this guy try eat a hamburger once, one of those big fat greasy take away ones, not the small mcdonalds ones.

    Pulled up at red light, un wrapped, took a few bites (two hands needed). lights wend green and he tried to drive off no hands (knee driving?). the look on he's face as he realized the best solution was to grab the wheel and drop the burger was priceless!

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    I've seen it all on the roads. I was looking at a car on the passenger side at the lights. To my amazement, the girl pulls up a bowl and stards eating cereal. Love it if she had an accident and had to explain why she as cereal all down her lap.

  • I generally don't, our cars have a no eating rule for cleanliness, only on a long multi-hour drive would we break that. Drinking something is always fine though, and I imagine eating anything which can be done one-handed like finger food shouldn't technically be a problem either if you're not worried about being dirty. I always have one hand free so it isn't a difference, for manual drivers I'd be surprised if anyone answer yes.

  • I know that it isn’t eating, but my brother was pulled over and fined for shaving (electric razor) when he was stopped at the red traffic lights. This took place near his home in Bendigo, Victoria, a few years ago. The lady cop said that my brother was not in full control of his vehicle.

    I thought that that was pretty bizarre!

    • I used to shave every day on way to work. I stopped because of my daughter's nagging.

      • Not a cut throat I hope! But seriously, wouldn't you get little hairs all over yourself?

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