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[REFURB] Dell OptiPlex 9020 SFF i5/8GB/128GB Win 10 $283.50 @ BNEACTTRADER eBay


It seems that the coupon code is working on seller refurb. At first I didn't believe it, but I double checked with CS and they said it is working. Even bought it myself and the discount was applied.

50 units

Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF
Core i5 4570 3.2GHz (4C)
They have 7/8 Home COA's but they are imaged with Windows 10.

Original 10% Off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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    Very similar spec machines have been under $200 in the past

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    you can turn this PC to games emulator beast just need to add a good graphics card.

    • +2

      Many emulators don't care for much with Graphics cards.

      • true, but for PS2 and Wii you might need bit power card and also you can play steam

  • +22

    i'll upvote everytime you post this deal because of the happiness this machine has bought my father.

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      Cheers buddy

    • +3

      Is your father's name Vader?

      • +5

        No, I am your father

        • Well played, Harrison Ford.

  • Does Dell still use non atx psus I boxes like these? If not could buy a cheap matx case and put it in to fit a GPU?

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      They sure do.

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    Is there a good bang for buck GPU that could fit in this case?

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      GTX 1050TI is as high end as it gets.
      GTX 750TI is cheaper and still pretty decent.

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        Do you know of any good deals on the GTX 1050TI or what would be a good price to buy it for?

        • +2

          $200 is a good price.
          Make sure it's low profile.

        • @pin4e:

          Is it worth it for the total of about $500? What sort of things would I be able to run at what settings?

        • +1

          @jrowls: pubg on medium to high settings for 40-60fps at 1080p

      • I thought it was possible to put a low profile 1060 in one of these?

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    Can I plug in the HDMI cable? is there a HDMI port?

  • How'd this go for fortnite?

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      With a low profile GTX1050Ti installed it would be fine.

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      This processor has Intel HD Graphics 4600 - should be able to run Fortnite on low settings.

      • +4

        dont bother seriously

        • Fortnite is such a basic game though, how is HD Graphics 4600 not handling that? :|

          Game efficiency these days is trash.

        • +1


          Intel driver & feature/shader support on the older generation GPU's was truly atrocious.

          You'd have to the run the game at the lowest res and low detail settings, and still expect to see missing gfx detail.


        • @xuqi: I guess now that I think of it, even CSGO runs poorly on Intel HD.

          Starcraft 2 runs well though, but it's a CPU intensive game I guess.

  • This likely to work as a hackintosh?

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    How are the Microsoft licenses transferred to the new user? Or are these sold with the original CD/license info?

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      The Dell Windows 7 license is built in to the BIOS (Dell SLIC), so if you download / install the Dell Windows 7 Pro image on the system it will auto-activate. They usually attached a COA w/ a serial number to the case too which if still there you could use as per below:

      You can also download the Windows 10 Pro image from MS and install it. Choose don't have serial during initial install and once installed on the system, you can type in the Windows 7 serial from the sticker to activate & attach a digital Windows 10 license to the system.

      • If I want to upgrade the SSD to a larger one, is it the same process (W10 from MS)?

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          Once you go through the install / activation process of windows 10 once, the digital license is attached to your motherboard so windows will auto-activate on future installs once it sees the MS activation servers.

          Us the MS tool to download & create a Windows 10 install USB stick.

          This assumes the physical Windows 7 home/pro COA is left intact on the system you're buying, so worth checking that with the OP.

        • Thanks. Just to check: so I should upgrade to Windows 10 first then upgrade the ssd?

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          "They have 7/8 Home COA's but they are imaged with Windows 10."

          Sound to me like they have already run the system through the process.

        • @xuqi:

          so you can take out the original HDD and replace it with a new one and then install windows 7 adn it will automatically give you the license/sense the upgrade to windows 10 even though the original license and WIndows 7 was in the original hdd? Or as you mentioned are the 'copies/licenses' held off the HDD? sorry im not too technical.

  • Also OP, you might want to correct the title and description in eBay where it says 'SDD' instead of 'SSD'.

  • I haven't commissioned the one of these I bought previously. Ebay tells me I bought THIS model. I only bought it because it said Windows 10 Pro. If it isn't 10 Pro, I don't even want it! Can anyone confirm if these were 10 Pro in the past?

    • They have 7/8 Home COA's but they are imaged with Windows 10.

      Upgraded from 7/8 Home so can only be Windows 10 Home.

      • I just looked at mine and it says Windows 7 Pro on the CoA, now I seem to recall they imaged it with Win 10 Pro. All good, cheers

    • Why does it matter that it's Windows 10 Pro? Can you please elaborate - new to Windows 10.

      • Virtual machines are stunted in 10 home, and workgroups or something

      • Well, I need it to hop on my network.

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    I've grabbed a few of these of different models recently for family members, they have 3 SATA ports so it's very easy to add a large hard drive if you want to.

    With an SSD they are quick and the CPU is still very good and have a LOT of usb ports.

    If you want to run two monitors i use a $1 Display port to HDMI converter.

    • Yeah a Core i5 4570 is faster than my gaming rig (i5 2500) which still runs any game beautifully at 1080p - just not always with settings maxed out and/or at a solid 60fps.

    • Where can you get a dp to hdmi converter for $1? Closest I can find on ebay is $6. unless I'm searching for the wrong thing. As I'm looking to use this as a HTPC.

  • i would also like to know if it home or pro win 10..

  • I have a similar dell optiplex. Its got hdmi output. Completely worth it.
    SSD is a good idea. I'll upgrade mine soon.

    • +1

      This is a 2400 i5. Two gens behind the OPs.

      That said, I run a HP 8200 Elite that has an i5 2500. Similar vintage to the one you've linked.

      I have added a Nvidia GT710 1gb and have 12GB ram.

      I run Ubuntu Mate and the machine is flawless. It boots in ~10 seconds and I have 3 internal drives (two HDDs in raid and 1 SSD for boot). I have also got it hooked up to a 32" display.

      It plays FM and does everything else I need it to do.

    • +1
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      Slower & older CPU and much smaller (uSFF), so there isn't room/power for a graphics card. Also 1/2 the RAM and no SSD.

  • does anyone know how much ram clearance it has?
    i have some extra memory but it has those stupid heatsinks on it

  • Optiplex are only sold to business which would have ran these pcs 50 hours every week for 3 to 4 years. Buying pcs this well used is like a lucky dip some will fail in the first 12months others will last for years and many of the components in these are custom making repairs expensive.

    • I've been told at work several times that leaving a computer switched on is better for its lifespan (but obviously not power use). Bad things apparently happen most at power on and off. Any truth to this or am I being fed yet another myth? Thanks

      • hmm i dont know about this but i'd be curious to hear too if this is true. that said I've used my laptop since 2011 on and off but at times quite full time (outside of work hours - all over weekend) and it's still going. recently the screen will freak out and chuck a spat with malfunctioning but it is extremely rare otherwise.

  • Which one is better? I5 4th or i7 2600?
    It seems at the similar price.

    • The core i7 has a better passmark score. The i7 score is 8201 the i5 score is 7105. The core i7 is about 2 years older making the system about 6 years old based on the release date of the cpu. Business systems that old are primed for parts failure.

  • Good price. These Optiplex 9020 SFF were well over 1k 3 years ago, these days they may out-dated for high-end gaming but good enough for daily surfing / email / office stuff.

    • Bundled with 24inch monitor we were getting these for about $1200 new. When traded in after 4years we typically get about 30 to $50 with monitor and they provide a secure disc wipe. These systems are about or slightly more powerful than current mid range laptops so are still very capable machines.

      • So you trust them and they'll secure disc wipe your business contents off hdd before testing, refurbing where required and reselling???