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[NSW] 10% off Adult Opal Recharges @ Woolworths Stores


Hi All,

I went to reload/top up my Opal card this morning at Woolworths Town Hall and was surprised they are offering 10% off Opal Recharges.

When I asked the staff member they said "Opal is offering 10% off".
After my recharge had been processed he asked another staff member who advised "it must be a system error as we haven't got anything from Opal advising of this offer".

I'm not sure if this applies to all Woolworths so get in quick!

Also combine this with the 5% off Wish/Woolworths eGift Cards for further savings.

* Valid at all Woolworths stores only (Metro Stores Not Included)
* Adult Recharges Only

15/06/2018 @3:17pm, We made it to the news: https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/woolworths-system-error-...

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  • +5

    Time to get a second card. But fare increases from Jul 1st will negate some of the savings

  • +2

    Anyone else verified this offer? Pile in while you can if so.

  • Did you use an Everyday Rewards card?

    • +4

      Yeah I did for the fuel discount voucher which I don't use but friends do.
      You don't get any WW points with recharges.

      It wasn't a $10 credit cause I had used my rewards card.

      I actually did 2 x $100 recharges in separate transactions and confirmed the offer is valid without a rewards card.

      • Yeah I did for the fuel discount voucher which I don't use but friends do.

        Should get your friend on to the 7/11 fuel app … much better than using fuel vouchers

  • -2

    With rewards card I believe u get random 10% off purchase for one transaction within a couple of days. Not sure if that was it

      • +4

        Edit.. Actually my bad.. Too early in morning..

  • +6

    always seem to be a long queue when I was there…luckily I was first in line

    • +5

      name checks out

  • Anyome tried with concession card?

    • +2

      Tried $60 with a concession and rewards card but didn’t get any discount

      • May be need to be $100?

        • +1

          Probably just needs to be an Adult Opal card; lady in front of me did $50 and got 10% off

        • @kerfuffle: 😑

  • Need to buy another opal card

    • Luckily they don’t slug us a fee for buying them unlike myki!

      • +1

        Sttttt… Melb people will move to Sydney if they know

        • +2

          I have my Opal card on me now. Heading down the Tulla to the airport. There goes the airport bus packed with people waving their Opal card (even the driver)

        • +2

          Nah, with just over $8/day we could have bought a new myki card every second day and still come out ahead

  • +6

    just did a $40 recharge at Central (NSW) woollies, no discount.
    unless the min recharge is $100 to get the 10% off ?

    • +1

      Nah.. People were getting 2 off 20 i saw.

    • Maybe it’s a Woolies Town Hall special? By Central, did you mean the Metro one outside the station? Or Central NSW?

      • Apologies, I meant the metro store outside Central station on the Surry hills side

  • +1

    Hopefully last till lunch time…

  • +4

    Can anyone verify if other branch also has discount too?

  • +4

    Did you perhaps have a Woolworths Money Credit Card?
    It is linked to your Everyday Rewards, and every month they do one weekend (starting from Friday) of 10% off your first shop. I only top up my opals on these 10% off weekends :)

    • +1

      Op use egift card which have $10 left after redeem.

      • -1

        I do actually! It's probably a glitch that they haven't picked up on, but the egift card can stack on this 10% offer (effectively making it almost 15% off). Technically, you're meant to pay on your Woolies Credit Card to get the 10% discount.

    • Would you happen to know which weekend it is this month ? I never seen to get the email

  • +3

    Great deal, but will cost me 10% of the top up for me to go there :/

  • +7

    Massive queue at Woolies Town Hall right now; guy in front of me is going to take a while as he's topping up two Opal cards (he also had the smarts to rearrange the queue as people kept cutting across)

    Also hi if you're reading this ahahahaha

  • +7

    Only 14 persons in the queue at the moment

    • Took me less than 10 mins to do it.

    • I used the normal checkout just around the corner. No queue at all.

  • +3

    Can confirm this


    Asked for a $140.00 top up - 3 transactions $50, $50 and $40 saved $14

    • Wow, the lady who used to do the Woolies Opal top-up and always cracked the shits at me when I used to go monthly and ask for $160 top-up would have hated you for doing that ahahaha

      • they had to do it 3 times. i didnt ask for 3 transactions.

        • Yeah it's one transaction in Woolies but technically three transactions in Opal, which is why she would get annoyed as I was holding up the queue 🙄

  • Good way for one to put money through the laundry

  • +2

    I just topped $200 and got 10% off

  • +7

    Can Confirm that it is applicable at all woolworths stores. Not sure about metro ones though. I just got it done at a suburb Woolworths and lady told me that 10% discount is available for today at all stores.

    • Did you top up at a Woolies Metro or a normal Woolies?

      • suburb doesnt have metro. metro means city i think

        • Yes they do. Clearly you haven't been to Westfield Parramatta Level 1 near the train station or any of the ones in the Eastern Suburbs …

      • +1

        Normal Woolies.

        • Thanks! So going by the comments made here, I think it is safe to assume that it only applies to normal Woolies stores and only for Adult Opal cards.

  • +3

    Getting 10% off then paying with a 5% off WISH eGift Card.

    That's 14.5% off.

    This is professional.

    If only Woolies did Myki recharges in Melbourne, then it'd be even more awesome.

    • just move to sydney mathnerd, we need more mathematicians here

      • Haha, if only it was that easy ;)

        • we have better weather. more reason to move?

    • -5

      Actually you get the full 15% off in this case.

      Purchase $100 gift card @ 5% off through Cashrewards = $95 (saved 5 dollars)

      Topup $100 Opal @ 10% off = $90 ($10 gift card balance remaining)

      =$15 savings


      • +2

        bhawahaha.. ok then failed math

        • +5

          Nah MathNerd is right (usename checks out)

          Topup $100, pay $90 to Woolies. But that $90 only cost you $85.50 (95% of $90). So you save $14.50.

        • -1

          @uggugg: I am assuming you have bought the $100 gift card @ 5% off before topping up the opal.

          So the initial gift card costs you $95.

          You topup the opal $100 for $90.

          Total savings = $5 from initial gift card + $10 remaining balance on gift card

          This is not a multiplicative case which would normally result in 14.5% off

        • +5

          It is 14.5%.
          If you buy a $90 egift card it costs you $85.50.
          That gets you $100 of opal credit. 14.5% off.
          Don’t argue with the MathNerd.

        • +1

          @potm: The expert has weighed in ;)

        • @potm: Bob puts $100 on his Opal card when he tops up. This week, Bob spends $95 to get a $100 gift card. He spends $90 of this gift card balance to get $100 credit on his opal card. This week Bob spent $85 to get $100 credit on his opal card, for a saving of 15%.

        • @isaidhey: Tim spends $85.50 to get a $90 egift card, which he then uses to buy $100 credit on his Opal. So he saved 14.5%

          Seems like Tim pays 50c more than Bob.

          I feel like I'm forgetting something from high school.

      • +2

        It is 14.5% off if u used the entire purchased gift card for Opal Top Up. The additional $0.50 savings is the 5% off from the $10 gift card balance.

        • Ok yes, my assumption was based on not topping up the full amount

      • +6

        Yeah, nah.

        If you wanted to do a full, proper analysis, you'd buy a $90 WISH eGift Card, rather than a $100 one. Why? Because you only need $90 to topup your Opal by $100.
        Now, the $90 WISH eGC will cost you $85.50, which you use to topup your Opal.
        End result: You've now got $100 on your Opal, for an initial expenditure of $85.50 that you gave to Woolies.
        That's 14.5% off :)

      • Actually you get the full 15% off in this case.

        Purchase $100 gift card @ 5% off through Cashrewards = $95 (saved 5 dollars)

        Topup $100 Opal @ 10% off = $90 ($10 gift card balance remaining)

        =$15 savings


        No, that's only 13.63… % off.

        1 - 95/110 = 13.63… %

  • any ways to get wishcard on the counter with 5% off today?

    • Cash rewards would be the quickest I think?

  • Topped up $200. Paid $180. So 10% off is confirmed! 👌🏼

  • Can anyone confirm that its not just townhall?

    • +1

      Yes, bargain-lover007 said they went to a normal suburban Woolies store and got the 10% discount.

      • But someone else reported that they didn’t get 10% off at Central?

        • +1

          Because they went to a Woolies Metro store.

        • +1

          They reported for woolworths metro store, I can confirm for nomal woolworths store, I got 10% off and the lady herself told me that the offer is applicable for entire day and all woolworths store on Adult Only cards.

          OP should edit the title to include this, it is not just at Townhall.

  • What's the most you can put on an Opal card? Is there a limit?

    • $250 max balance last time i checked. You can alsways get more opal cards and combine once the balance is down.

    • Max $250/card

    • Maximum top-up is $120 so you'll need a few top-ups to reach $250

  • +1

    Thanks OP just inform all the people I know lol….

  • +12

    I can confirm the Visa1 prepaid Visa cards also come up as 10% off at Woolworths. I bought the $100 card which also has a $5.95 fee. Total cost $105.95 - 10% = $95.35. Staff discount bought this down to $90.59, paid for with discounted e gift card bought this down to $86.06, and there was also signage at the gift card stand for 2000 bonus WW rewards points for this ($10), which then bought this card done to a total of $76.06. I bought all 12 on the shelf at my local. Will be scouring other nearby Woolies today to get more!!

    • -2

      How do you get staff discount? Do you need to be WW staff or staff card will do (like Coles)?

      • I work for a WW owned company- and our staff discount is tied into our WW rewards cards.

      • +3


      • how else you get staff disc without being staff.. come on

        • Permanent and full time employees can get a card for a family member they live with, and that family member is also entitled to the same staff discount with that card.

    • +1

      So when you scanned the card, it automatically appeared on the screen as $95.35? You didn't have to scan anything else to get this discount? :)

      • +2

        correct. The only reason I bought it was that I saw the sign advertising it with 2000 WW rewards points bonus, there was no mention of 10% discount also anywher eon the signage or in store, and its not a catalogue special either, but the registers automatically applied the 10% discount.

    • Do you mean "only1 visa" cards? I couldn't see visa1 cards

    • +1

      Hey MathNerd, can you please put this down in % please.

    • +1

      Tried this in Woolworths town hall and did not get 10 percent discount. Was asking me to pay $105.95 so did not bother to buy it

      • so might be "system error" together with Opal? was everything purchase over $100 having 10% off this early morning… LOL

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