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GoPro Hero 5 Black $279.20 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


The Good Guys have dropped the price of this from $377 to $349 today and have reflected it on their eBay store :)

Heaps of stock around for C&C!

Great price for this model and comes close to the Amazon Lightning deal recently!

As always, enjoy!

Big Thanks to TA for the Original 20% off at The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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  • Yep….thats cheap

  • I wonder if it comes with the bonus as per their website..
    Bonus: GoPro 3-way grip (model: GPAFAEM-001) Add bonus to cart!
    (14 June 2018 - 30 June 2018)

    • You could always try and ask them :) I reckon they'd give it to you.

      • Has anyone tried calling the store and see whether they would honour the bonus through eBay?

        • Called Chadstone VIC and they said it wouldn't be included when I picked it up.

        • no doubt about it, they should honour! which makes this deal full stop.

        • i called a store today the said order GoPro 5 black and 3 way Strap in same transnactiong and the stap price will be refunded in store on pickup as there’s a glitch in the system

        • @Dex38313:

          I wonder if we could take a screenshot to prove there is a glitch on their website as you would have to pay for the 3 way grip but we would buy the hero 5 through ebay and ask them to honour the bonus in store later on??

        • @beardiful: Yes they need to honour it. The only conditions for the offer is to view offer link and purchase item during promotional period.

        • you buy both through eBay click collect then instore they refund the strap as there is a glitch it makes u pay for both
          I was told buy both refund stap instore

        • I called my local store in Perth and they said they wont include the handler buying through eBay. They've had a few calls about it.

        • @Dex38313:

          I was careful to specify this in my call, the bloke said no it would only be honoured for purchases from TGG website. So I think it's a case of who you get/which store you get if you want to try your luck.

          But I think "word" is getting around perhaps, and they're tightening up on this. Buyer beware!

        • @zealmax: Looked at terms and conditions, and it states that eBay store, website, and in store offers can be different. I guess they don't need to honour it.

        • @CheapCharlie:
          Which store was that?

    • No luck for me in Sydney they said no as I already got 20% off through eBay. My server was a bit of a mole though in a foul mood 😣

      • U had to order and pay for both to get the 3 way strap for free I was told by Melton store they will give the item even if through tgg ebay

        • If you order and pay for them both on eBay, how are you getting the handler for free?? The bricks&mortar store won't refund you $109 for an eBay purchase.

        • the guy I spoke to said the handle gets refunded as there is was a glitch were it charged you for both insted of charging only for GoPro

    • I ordered yesterday, and picked up today from Alexandria, NSW.
      Read the comments below, and was not expecting the bonus item to be honoured. Asked the clerk at the sales desk (not demanding anything) - she responded immediately that, yes, there is a bonus item, and yes, it will be honoured for the ebay sale.
      As it turned out, they were out of stock, and ordered one for me.
      I guess ymmv.

      • I picked up at Tempe store, but staff refused to honor the bonus offer as it is an eBay sale, not from their main store. :^(

  • Cheap - only been cheaper once in the Amazon sale last week ($280 for new users with grip + 32GB card)

  • +2 votes

    The stabilization on the 6 looks so good though! But it's a lot more expensive…

    • I have the Hero 3+ and the 6 on the road bike. The stabilisation on the 6 means I'll always use the 6. It may be expensive but an expensive camera you use is still better value than a cheap camera you don't.

  • Great price for those who only uses this few times in a year!

  • Are these good for motorbike action cams?

  • Crikey, do I really need one of these?! How versatile are these as an everyday camera when you're not in the surf, on a bike etc? And, realistically, how much extra are we looking at to purchase the basic needed accessories (eg. a pole)?

    • +2 votes

      They can be useful as casual travel cameras (the wide lens allows for some interesting effects), but in all honesty a good mobile phone camera is easier and more practical.

      I'd only recommend an action cam if you have a good use case - I use mine for one or two specific things, and nothing else really.

  • Phew. Glad I sold mine for 300 bucks on Thursday BEFORE this was a thing! Ha.

  • Thanks upgraded the old GoPro 🤗

  • Can I claim TRS on this or would I have to buy over 300 after discount?

  • I have one, paid too much last year:(

    its so shakey footage so you need a gimbal. (Which i also paid too much last year fk)

    • Any recommendations on what gimbal to get? I was thinking of getting a Feiyu G6.

      • If budget is of no concern then get GoPro's Karma Grip, everyone says the stabilisation is the best (but lacks in less important areas). Otherwise the Feiyu is decent. Keep in mind that gimbals add a lot of noise, so if you're recording quiet scenery then you'll need to record the audio on a separate recorder (e.g. your phone) then join it in software. For most action activities it doesn't matter.

        • @eDust Looking online, it sounds like the Karma Grip is circa $500 (give or take with a bit of OzBargain coupon hunting) but the G5 and G6 are in the $185 to $250 range making them far more palatable for a casual once a year shooter.

          I haven't done much research yet but thought I'd ask if you have any insights/thoughts on the two cheaper options.

        • @jace88: I bought the Feiyu G5 because there was a great deal at eGlobal Digital Cameras (thanks OzBargain). I haven't used the Karma Grip but I did my research and all the reviews say that stabilisation is better (on the Karma). I'm a beginner so I'm happy to have spent a lot less.

          The G5 (v2) works fine for me. My only complaint is motor noise. In a quiet scenic setting that was actually wonderfully silent, the video sounds like i'm standing at a highway with cars buzzing past me. I did some reading and the best way to handle this is to record audio on a separate device, like a phone. Clap at the start of the recording so there's a loud sound on both recordings then you can synchronise them in any video editing software. Or just take the camera off and set it down to record the scenery. Next time.

          The G5 takes a while to get used to (I'm not good at this stuff), I took it on a bike ride, hand held, and I ended up causing the camera to bang against the gimbal armature and sometimes turn upside down. It takes a bit of practice. Also, I have no idea how to mount this to things like my backpack or bike handlebar, so far I've only hand held it. The battery lasts at least 2 days. I have a lithium smart charger so I recharge it on that, faster than plugging a USB cable into the gimbal. There's a counterweight you screw on, I found that it comes off after a while. I added a drop of loktite to fix it.

          No idea what they changed on the G6. And I have no experience with other brands, I just went straight for the Feiyu because of the price. Let us know how you go.

  • any idea where i can find cheap sd card that good for this ?

  • I cannot find any go pro remote on the TGG

  • A further 5% off using woolorths gift cards to buy eBay gift cards makes it $265.24. And then there’s cash rewards…😃

  • Just bit the bullet. Christmas present for the kid sorted!

  • Would the Yi camera be a cheaper better option?

    • Yi 4K would be close but why bother when the GoPro is this cheap

    • +2 votes

      I actually went for the Yi 4K Plus when considering the last Amazon deal.

      - Yi has 4K 60fps @ 135Mbps bitrate vs 4k 60fps @ 80Mbps on the Hero 6 and 4k 30fps @ 60Mbps on Hero 5.
      - EIS on 4K 30fps and higher bitrate.
      - Same integrated touch screen as GoPros.
      - Sub $300 including waterproof case when there's sitewide 10% eBay deals.
      - Slightly longer battery life, 1440mAh vs 1220mAh.
      - Shares mounts with GoPros.

      - EIS looks last gen compared to the Hero 6, but still better than none on the Hero 5.
      - No GPS or tracking data.
      - Only 120fps slowmo vs 240fps on the Hero 6
      - Needs case to waterproof.
      - Mic not as good as GoPro with case.
      - International warranty vs local warranty.

      Seeing as I already own a GoPro gimbal already, I didn't really see a reason to go for the Hero 6 at almost $600AUD just for better EIS. So the Yi 4K Plus was a no brainer for me especially compared to the Hero 5.

  • They usually release a new version in September each year, so I would wait till then and then the 6 will become cheaper which is better than this 5.

  • Gopro used to retain their value really well up till GoPro hero 4, then this Hero 5 keep dropping in prices since its release. We'll see on Hero 6

    • Probably has something to do with competition, other brands such as Xiaomi and others are becoming much more competitive now and are making it much harder for GoPro to flourish like they used to. Same thing will happen with the 6 so they can make heaps of sales rather than profit.

  • just bought one

  • Trying to not to buy … Hard to resist…

  • Bought one in store. They didn't give the ebay discount but got discount off another item I was buying simultaneously.

    Wish someone had told me the accessories are expensive AF.

    It says it's waterproof - why does the poster say above it's not.

  • Found a better micro sd card for Cheaper price

  • How long do they usually take for a instore pickup option?

    • Within 24 hours is my experience.

    • I heard that you can walk in straight after ordering and tell them to pick your order in store, so effectively straight away if you want because the order will be in the system. Otherwise it takes them a few hours to pick the stock I think.

  • The good Guys just called me to say they were sending out my bonus arm!

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