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Samsung Evo+ Micro SD Card: 2x 128GB $61.20 (Plus Members), 2x 64GB $45.90 Delivered @ PC Byte on eBay


Cheaper then the previous deal from today.
Original 10% off from PCByte, Cheapest ever and Local stock.
Limited stock available. Minimum Transaction amount for PLUS15 is $50.

ADDED 64Gb: need to buy two bring down to $22.95 per card (possibly cheapest ever) EXPIRED, now from $13.50 per card
Or 4x 64gb=$11.50 each with code PLUS15

link for 64Gb: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-64GB-Evo-Micro-SD-Card-S…
POST UPDATED: DEAL works BEST for Ebay Plus members only now.
30.60 FOR PLUS Members with free delivery.

Original 15% off eBay Plus Items Deal Post

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  • would this go well with the gopro hero 5 black?

  • Thanks OP, bought 2 and it came to $61.20

    • +1

      I got two from the earlier deal. 8$ more than this.
      happy it saved you some cash.

      • Me2, but I'm gonna buy this one as well and use the "free return" to return the other one and should get a full refund (I hope)

  • I need 64gb as my camera only supports 64gb.

    I will wait for 64gb to go on special.

  • Keep getting an error message when trying to use PULL5 OR POST5. Bought anyway as I had a $10 coupon if spending $20.

    • PULL5 should not be a problem at all.

  • +2

    How do you cancel the previous purchase.

  • Does anyone know if this works on BlackVue dash cams?

    • I have the blackview DR650GW and previously had issues with these 'faster' U3 cards, for some reason causing the camera to overheat (specifically the Sandisk extremes).

      I've used a lexar 600x for the past 4 years but seems to be on its way out, for $15 this is probably worth a try.

  • Price is now $40 per micro SD and shipping is AU$19.95? Anybody else?

    • i got 34 shipping…..guess theyve pulled it

    • Same :(

    • Nah add it to your cart - it takes 10% off making it 36 and then the PULL5 takes $1.80

      • Order total

        Subtotal AU $120.00
        Item discount -AU $12.00
        Postage -AU $0.00
        Total voucher amount -AU $16.20

        AU $91.80


        Thank OP

  • Is there any limit to use the code pull5 on ebay? Can I use it more than once?

    • +1

      More information on 'PULL5' eBay code here

      The offer entitles you to 5% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) when you spend $30 or more in one transaction during the Offer Period, for up to three transactions and up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction.

  • Price jacking?

    • Price will reflect at checkout.

      Looks like they added delivery charges so you have to use eBay Plus to take advantage of the deal.

  • +3

    correction, ebay plus free shipping

  • was in my car for free del.. now.. postage AU $19.95 ,, WTF ..

  • Wait the 64gb is 15$ now ??? But it seem I try the plus15 and got error, but checkout without 15% still cheapest for local right ???

    • It's actually $13.50 at checkout. Cheapest so far. Better than the deal I posted earlier.

  • +1

    Just got 2x 64gb posted for 27 bucks.. Thanks op

  • +1

    I just got free shipping. Make sure you have eBay Plus.

  • +3

    I've had a terrible day, missing out on offers and overpaying for memory cards. FMOZBL.

  • I paid $57 for a 128GB one last week from these guys, haven't even received it yet.

    It was an eBay Plus item, can I return it? They say they charge a 20% restocking fee, is that allowed for eBay Plus items? Kind of makes the free returns thing pointless if sellers can add stuff like that

  • If you purchase 4x 64gb, you can use PLUS15 to effectively get it for ~$11.50 each. (eBay Plus Members)

    • Thanks added to description

  • You need to spend at least $50 to get the price to $30.6

  • Thanks OP, ordered 128G x 1 + 64G x 2
    paid $53.55 in total

    • Awesome.
      Cheaper than what the 128G sells normally.

    • how you can get that price?

      • Requires eBay Plus Membership and using the code 'PLUS15'

  • +1

    Already bought 5 Cards and its time to sleep.

    • Same here…

      • 64gb x4
      • 128gb x1
      • +1

        I bought

        • 3x 64GB
        • 2x 128gb

        Don’t know why I get “Amazon prime” before and now have “eBay Plus”

        Can’t stop spending $$$$$$$$$

  • This item is out of stock. Gone now

    • How many did you try ordering??
      Still shows limited stock.

      • Sorry mistake, went out of stock and then back into stock.

  • Just got 2 x 128gb and 1x 64 Gb Thanks

  • How do I make it $30.60 without ordering 2?

    • +1

      You can't. The title/deal needs to be changed to $34.20 each (using PULL5), since the deal doesn't qualify for 'PLUS15'.

    • YOu cant.

      Available to Plus members only.
      Mininimum spend $50.
      Max discount $200.
      Maximum 1 Transaction Per Person.


    • Check the post, 64GB are $13.50 each now

      • The previous deal has expired.
        New deal is in description.

      • Did not need 2 so ordered 1 for $34.20

        • Yes one with PULL5 is 34.20$

  • Bought a 128GB this morning with PLUS15 for $46.75 (Crying), I've just bought another one with this deal for $34.20 then will try to use the free return to return one and get my $46.75 back. hope that works

    • I'm trying the same thing with one I bought for $55 on Wednesday! That was also bought from PC Byte. It was a Plus item, but I wasn't a Plus member at the time. They also say they charge a 20% restocking fee for returns, but can't find any info on if that applies on Plus items. I'll see how I go.

      • I bought mine from FutuOnline. Will see how this "Free return" works out

  • +1

    I bought 256GB for $83. It got me thinking if I should cancel the order and get this one instead, it's $53 bucks cheaper after all!

    • Let us know if you can re-use the coupon. Remember, 1 transaction only.

    • +1

      I'm thinking exactly the same thing. I bought the 256 already. Can we cancel and still get the 128. If so how? Not sure what to do

  • +2

    I have no idea what I'll be using all these for.

    • Buy RPi and start playing NES or SNES games

  • I finally caved and bought a 128 for I think about 45 a few weeks back. Then they kept hitting 40 and I was pissed. Now I'm really pissed.

    I put it in my Switch and at the moment, due to some ridiculous sales including buying Zelda and Splatoon digitally with eShop cards from trading them in (lots of promotions, ended up making 30 on the trade AFTER rebuying them), and anyway, I've got like 6 gig left now, and an order on Wolfenstein 2 that needs 23gb minimum.

    I don't wanna hot swap cards, and as far as I can tell there's no 256'ers on sale, so (profanity). I almost wanna buy another 128 at this price but the idea of hot swapping sucks ass, I've got just over 80 games on my card at the moment, what do I do, move some to the other card, sort by genre or something, or just start new on there and keep my old games on this one? It's a nightmare, damn it!

    • 256GB for $85 is already the cheapest I'd seen. Bought mine last year around $90 though it is an OEM.

      • Yeah, that's about the best I'd found too. At face value it's still not bad, roughly 3 gig to every dollar, but it's just such a steep jump from 30 bucks for a 128, you know?

        Oh well, if Nintendo support the Switch as long as they did the 3DS, I'll eventually get a bigger card pretty cheap.

        At the moment I've decided to archive LA Noire and Doom from my 128, and install them on my old 64, which is where I'll also put Wolf 2, those 3 games alone take up around 45gb, even as physical copies. I'm okay with having a separate memory card for those 3 games since 1. I don't play them that much, and 2. They're the main reason my card is full up. The 20 something gig gained back from Doom and LA Noire should keep me going on indies for a bit longer, then again, Outlast 2 is just over 10gb.

        • Get that 64GB deal instead. You can put more games but yeah more swaps too. :D

    • I was trying to justify spending the price of a full game on a 256gb MicroSD card but I guess I’ll want it to last a long time

      • Depends on the games you play.

        Realistically, if I remove things like Doom, LA Noire, and Outlast 2, that's just over 30gb right there on 3 games. The majority of games aren't that freaking big on Switch, outside of those few guys ruining it for everyone, you should be able to get by with a 64gb for a while, especially if most of your games are physical too.

        • True. I was gonna go mostly physical for the Switch, except I don’t like the fact I can lose my cartridges and lose all my games.
          I just got BOTW digital for like $60 thanks to the BigW deal

        • -2

          @theguyrules: I paid 32.50 for my copy a month or two after release.

          Traded it in for 76.50 at EB a week back with their E3 trade bonus deal.

          Bought the game digitally for I think 67 or so.

          So 76.50 trade value minus the 32.50 I paid for it is 44 profit. But then subtract the 67 repurchase fee from the 76.50 and you got 9.50, now factor in the variables (Gold Coins) of each copy, back before the relaunch of My.Nintendo they gave you a lot less and I think I got like 20 points or something for the physical version, but they were worth more than 1 cent at the time so I don't know, round up to 50 cents to make it relative, whatever, I'm not a mathematician. Then add in the 5% coin bonus off the 67 I paid, 335, so $3.35.

          So there was the 9.50 profit figure AFTER rebuying the game, then the 50 cent (roughly) Gold Coin value from that version cashed in last year, so we're up to a round 10 bucks, then the new Gold Coins brings it up to $13.35 profit overall.

          So you may think you got a good deal, but I got paid $13.35 to own a copy of the game.

        • @TheDukeOfNukem: Lol, got downvoted by two peeps jelly they didn't get as good a deal.

          Wait until they find out that although I enjoyed every second with the game, I thought the story was (profanity) weak and boring as all shit, and honestly it's such a bland, massively empty game for the most part it's like why bother some times? Thank (profanity) for the teleport option later on.

  • Bought two, thanks OP.

    One for the Switch coming from the eBay deal and the other for my (currently) 32GB LG G5 which supports adoptable storage.

    It's been a good weekend.

  • I wish I didn't use my PLUS15 code already. ;(

    • Same, only saved $30 with it. Didn't realise it was a once time use, these things are usually valid for 3 transactions

      • Yeah i saved $20 and just spent another $100 today. lol

    • Make another account

  • Wondering if you could get manufacture warranty for those cards?
    My last 32GB Sandisk tf card died quickly

    • What seller did you buy it from?

  • Great deal. Forced to become a eBayPLus member. Most of the ebay buyers are now registered with eBayPlus to get free delivery and returns.
    but $19.00 delivery fee is too much for regular ebay members ….

    • +1

      The $19 delivery is just a loophole to be able to offer this price for plus members, ebay cover the shipping cost so the vendor can drop the price of the total to compensate. As you can see this is a single listing, so mainly for plus members.

  • Was still able to get this for $34 and not 30 but its still an awesome deal

    • Still $30.40. You add to cart automatically 10% off to $36 then apply PLUS15 to get 15% off the discounted price brings it to $30.40. To use PLUS15 you do need to get it over $50 min spent though.

      • Yeah I completely forgot to apply the code on checkout and only realized after I paid.duh!

  • Is there any chance that Shopping Express Clearance is going to go cheaper than this?!

  • Does anyone want to go halves on a 2x deal to get the $30.60 price?

    Alternatively will consider the 4x 64gb deal as well

    • Happy to go halves with the 128gb if you're still keen? I've already used the code though. I'm able to meet you at Melb Southern Cross station Mon-Fri if that's convenient.

      • I've got someone for the 128gb. Will let you know if it falls through

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