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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 $28.99 US (~$38.42 AU) Delivered @ Zapals


Currently the cheapest price this has been on OzBargain.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is an improved version of the Band 2. The Band 3 features a 0.78 inch OLED capacitive touchscreen which offer a better viewing and user experience. The display can show call notifications and with an option to reject calls and also incoming messages on a paired smartphone. Featured with multiple functions including heart rate monitor, weather forecast, alarm clock, pedometer, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, etc. The wrist strap also got some improvement which ensures comfort, and the fitness tracker will not easy to fall off.

It's also possible to use custom firmware to get it in English

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    Need to wait until it down to $20 XD

  • Had a version 1 and am using a version 2. Don't think there is much improved with this version.

    • Can display message is a big improvement.

      Wondering whether it can display traditional chinese?

      • So could the v2 with updated firmware.

        Only real improvements are:
        Bigger display
        Increased water resistance

        • So could the v2 with updated firmware.

          Are u sure? I have v2 can't display text message

        • @superforever:

          You can on Android using third-party apps.

        • @PainToad:

          Thanks, didn't know that. Found some post regarding that which free one recommended?

          1. Notify & Fitness
          2. Mi Band Control
        • @superforever: Sorry, slow reply.

          I used Notify & Fitness (Paid version) on my Mi Bands, now use the AmazFit version for my BIP.

          IIRC, you need the Paid version for text messages to be displayed but even free version is far better than MiFit anyway, (IMHO).

  • Is the language in Chinese for the watch only?

    • +6

      Read the OP's description.

  • Is the band sizing suitable for kids too ?

    Been wanting something for my kids to wear, and fitbits are ridiculously priced.

    • Miband 2 fits on my 8 year olds wrist

  • Great price Clear. Makes very tempted even though I just bought a Samsung Gear.

  • +1

    I have the v2 & oh boy what a useless thing to have.

    • really? i like it. Tells the time, is waterproof, replacable bands, 1/5 of the price of fitbit, and can get the stats when i need it.

      • +1

        screen goes very dull after a year of use. needs replacing sadly. :(

        • well, considering i had to get a replacement from fitbit every month, i can replace the miband2 5 times before i break even

      • I love how I don't have to charge it every day.

  • I wonder if it will fit on the stainless steel band I got for Mi Band 2?

  • Tempted to get one just for the sleep tracking capabilities. I've seen what fitbit can do and I found it impressive. Has anybody used this and knows how it compares?

    • +1

      I’ve been happy with the sleep tracking on the Mi band 2. I found it better than the old fit bits.

    • I got the Mi Band 1S (with the heart rate monitor) and it was pretty bad. It reported times where I was awake as asleep, even when going to take a leak at night. Then when exercising the heart rate only worked fine for like 1 minute, after that it displayed random heart rates. I made sure to adjust it as per the manual and nothing improved.

    • +1

      Never had a fitbit, but I have the miband 2, got up for a whizz, the missus got up for work and the dog woke me up, all three events showed up in the app, I'd be a little apprehensive trusting the deep sleep vs regular sleep tracking but it's spot on for seeing when you were asleep or not.

      You'll have to install MiFit and make a Mi account but I'm assuming it doesn't collect any more data than google\apple\fitbit\etc.

  • Is there a generic app that works with these fitness bands/watches or does one have to use the custom app by the device vendor?

    • Mi Band Tools, but you need Mi Fit installed.

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      Depends on device, some integrate with apps such as Strava.

    • Notify and Fitness for Mi Band

      Doesn't require MiFit to be installed.

      I originally bought Mi Band Tools to use with my Mi Band v1 but NaFfMB provided more functionality and didn't require MiFit to be installed - stopped using Mi Band Tools after about a month. Been using it on Mi Band v1 & v2 for almost 2 years.

      Now use Notify and Fitness for AmazFit with my BIP, (which is far better than the Mi Band).

      Unfortunately they don't seem to be supporting Mi Band v3 yet but since you can use it free you can try it first.

  • +1

    Zapals delivery takes ages though. Could probably wait a few weeks for a better deal and still get it shipped earlier than ordering today.

    • Mine took nearly 40 days to arrive..

  • Chinese only..

    • Correct. The English version hasn't quite made it out yet so I included the English firmware flashing if people want to try.

  • Will wait for mi band x…. Not sure when available…

    • Or iBand ??

  • +1

    Waiting for the next version with NFC

    • So far, the NFC is only confirmed to work with the Mi Pay. Great if you're in China. Not so great everywhere else.

    • heres hoping for android pay/google pay :)

      • Zero chance I’d say.

  • Anyone know if the screen can show text from apps like messenger or on shows sms?

    • My MiBand 2 shows name of SMS sender if I am in phone range.

    • Yes with mi band tools. Even mi band 2 can.

  • +2

    I have Mi Band 2 and it is fantastic. Currently wear apple watch 3 but in all honesty MiBand does the job for most things. Especially the battery lasts 30x longer….

  • Does this work with iOS? if so is there parity features/functions?

    • MiBand2 works with iOS, it notifies you if you get a message from SMS, Line, Watsapp, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Calls with ID. Unfortunately it will NOT display the message. On Android, it can display the messages also. I think this is the only difference between iOS and Android.
      Despite this, I've been using it with iOS for about 6 months and love it.

  • Hey guys, how can we select a different coloured band? Or do they come with all three colours?

    • I recommend just buying some extra bands on ebay for a couple dollars (unsure if there's a huge variety out for miband3 yet though)

  • +1

    I have my MiBand 2 strapped to the steering wheel to skip songs in the car when my phone is connected via the bluetooth car adaptor. Works a treat and having only to charge the band about once a month. Not sure if the MiBand 3 would offer better battery life but I doubt it.

    • i think less battery

      how do you skip songs

      so you don't wear it at all?

      • nope i dont wear it at all, just strap it to my steering wheel. i use this app "Mi Band 2 Func Button" and combined with tasker to open the app when my car bluetooth is connected. works pretty well, one tap to go next, two taps to go previous.

    • Curious how do you skip songs with the mi band 2 also? lol

    • also curious how to skip songs with the mi Band 2

      • Literally just Google "miband skip song"

    • i'm using notify and fitness for miband and i can't figure out how to set the button to do particular actions, eg play next song, even though there's a whole section in the setting of the app for it. Just can't get it to work..??

  • Does anyone know what the real life battery diffrence compared with the Mi band 2? I currently get roughly 4 weeks with my mi band 2 and wondering how much less time the mi band 3 will be.

  • 'new in this generation is the ability to find your phone via the band' (TechAdvisor). Okay, that's pretty cool, but how accurate are the sleep and fitness tracking capabilities?

  • I bought one a few months ago. They are really good.

    • Doubtful, considering it was only released last month.

  • +2

    Coupon isn't working..???

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