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Isopropyl Alcohol 99.99% 5L $10ea or 3 for $24.99 Delivered @ Nayld eBay


Hey folks i bought some Isopropyl Alcohol the other day with the 10% off site wide coupon and paid $13.50 and i thought i was winning with that deal. This deal is even cheaper amazing price.

5L of Isopropyl Alcohol for $9.50 using the 5% coupon PULL5 (minimum spending $30). The seller's usual price is $24.95 the page says free shipping. Note also the multi-buy offer: Buy 3 eligible items, save $5.

I mainly use isopropyl alcohol to clean electronics like PCB's and LED's some times my screens but seeing as i now have so much i may splurge :P

(I bought mine from Sydney Solvents yesterday and it arrived today.)

Mod edit: Note if you purchase 4 or more, or combine with other items to reach $30 spend you can use PULL5 for a further 5% off.

Original PULL5 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

WARNING: This is poison, do not consume in any manner. According to the Betty Ford Center, drinking even a small amount of rubbing alcohol can have potentially fatal consequences. Keep away from children. Flammable, Keep away from heat, spark, electrical, fire or flame. Use only in a well-ventilated area; fumes may be harmful. As always read label before use and store appropriately.

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  • Received today. Now to find a use for it.

    Fun Fact: Isopropyl alcohol has a weight of just 78g per 100ml. 22% lighter than water at the same volume. I had no idea until I received this package and wondered why it felt so light!

    • Isopropyl alcohol has a weight density of just 78g per 100ml, 22% lighter less dense than water at the same volume.


    • Plenty of uses on the interwebs, IPA is used for a lot of stuff.

      99% IPA would mostly be used a super-low residue cleaner for various things, especially where you want it to evaporate super-fast. Note that water may be better at dissolving stuff in many cases though, and 70% IPA 30% (distilled) water is sold too.

      Try not to inhale too much though - should be on the instructions.

  • My 50L delivery had arrived thank you OP.

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