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Bacon Seasoning Variety Pack for $42.46 (1 Free Seasoning, 50% off, Free Shipping + Extra 15% Ozb Member Discount) @ Deliciou



Bacon Seasoning makes ANYTHING taste like bacon! With over 1,300 verified five-star customer reviews, Deliciou's famous Bacon Seasoning is Australia's highest rated spice blend. With the addition of the Maple Bacon Seasoning flavour, our Bacon Seasoning Variety Pack of all the 5 bacon flavours is better than ever.

Normally $120, now just $42.46 - this 5-pack of Bacon Seasoning saves you over 50%, gives you Free Shipping, has an extra free seasoning bottle added to your order and bonus discount of 15% for your Ozbargain membership (use code OZB15% on checkout).

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  • …That's pretty much $10 per bottle

    Honestly with those prices for spices, how are you still in business?

  • I've wanted to try these, anyone think it's worth their price?

  • Normally $120 for bacon seasoning.. i would rather $120 worth of bacon instead


      It is $42.46, normally $120. Very big saving!

    • chemical bacon vs real bacon

      which would you rather?

      • Actually there's no chemical numbers listed, looks like all natural ingredients listed on label.


        No chemicals in our products. Real bacon is great, but they often add nitrates and other dangerous chemicals to preserve it and make it cheap.

        • If you think nitrate is dangerous, despite all the evidence to the contrary and the fact that about 80% of the nitrate in a normal diet comes from vegetables, you'd better stop selling your product, since garlic and onions have it too.

  • Bacon Seasoning Variety Pack for $42.46

    So around $140 /kg ?

  • Is this made in Australia?

    • +1 vote

      Yes! Made in Melbourne and packed by a workshop for people with a disability to support the local community :)

      • Do you butcher and season your own pigs, and are they stall-free?

      • You probably mean well by giving disabled people a job. But I cant look past the fact that they are probably getting paid 50 cents an hour.


          It is actually a more expensive packing process for us than using a big factory.
          And our products are vegan.

  • I was going to have a laugh and ask if it was Halal, but thought I'd look at your previous deals.. It was probably only funny the first time. ;)

  • Thanks for the offer. Just made an order.
    This stuff is great on popcorn, baked potatoes, chips and pasta.
    Very handy to have in the pantry.

  • Normally $120 for 5?
    One of your stockists sell this for $8.50/bottle… https://www.crueltyfreeshop.com.au/products/delicioubaconsea...

    This is far from a bargain if you inflate the price from the beginning.


      The deal turns out to be $7 per bottle and free shipping. The Cruelty Free Shop sells for $8.50 + shipping and they don't have all the flavours available.

  • has an extra free seasoning bottle

    Can we choose the flavour and I assume it is the same size?


      The free flavour is the original bacon. It's 55g size :)

      • How's is this compared to bacon salt? :P

        • Not as salty.


          Bacon Salt is completely different. Many people like bacon salt, but it is a salt with added flavourings. Bacon Seasoning is a fine powder based on 100% natural and GMO free maltodextrin with vegan and natural flavours and spices for the optimal bacon taste. If you compare Bacon Salt (4.2/5 stars) with Bacon Seasoning (4.7/5) stars. Bacon salt not many reviews, Bacon Seasoning 1,600 reviews. You can make your own assessment :)

        • YOLO ok will bite.

  • Mmmmm bacon popcorn…. uhhhuhhhuh.

  • Just a word of warning, they could take up to 2 weeks (with free delivery) to ship and I had issues when they did finally did ship when I last ordered (10/4/18), it took 11 days to deliver (1/5/15) after I got the shipping notice (21/4/18), and that's on top of the 11 days it took from the ordering date and I'm in Melbourne where it is meant to be made, I had to get Auspost involved as the tracking number never showed anything, and a lot of frustrating running around contacting Deliciou and Auspost. But the stuff is nice and I've taken a chance on a second order with this deal.

    Disclaimer from email: "IMPORTANT: If you selected the free, made to order shipping option we will spend up to 2 weeks to prepare your order to ensure maximum freshness. Once shipped, delivery takes 4+ business days within Australia and 10+ business days outside Australia. We will send you an email confirmation once the order is being shipped so please add us to your email provider's safe-sender list to ensure you get our updates.


      Thanks for your feedback. This normally doesn't happen and I'm so sorry you had to wait for 11 days. Did we resolve the matter appropriately for you? If not please get in touch again. We want every customer to be 100% happy.

      • I finally received as I said, but I was stuck between you guys saying it was sent and Auspost saying they are yet to receive, and the tracking number still says number can't be found, so it was useless. While every few days getting emails asking to post a review lol

        • +1 vote

          Thank you for your feedback, I'll look into how we manage this communication so it doesn't get experienced like this. Thanks for letting me know!

  • I bought about 6 bottles of this a little while back (because I'm a sucker for savings and upselling).

    It's OK, definitely haven't come across anything else in the market like it. As a 10 year vegetarian, maybe I am not the best point of reference but I wouldn't say it actually tastes like real bacon did though.

    Word of warning, the first bottle (and only) bottle opened so far turned solid almost immediately so now I'm stuck sticking a spoon end in every time to break it up. I can understand how this would happen if sprinkling it in over a steaming frying pan but it was disappointing and perhaps should be warned….


      Thanks for your feedback! The old bottles sometimes went hard in places with very high humidity. Our new formula has improved this issue. Please email our customer support [email protected] and we can take care of this problem you have had. We want every customer to be happy!

  • I have tried the original bacon seasoning. It's pretty underwhelming. Its mostly a small bottle full of flavour enhancers. Spend your money on real bacon is my advice.


      The new formulation has no flavour enhancers or artificial ingredients. We changed the formula earlier this year and the taste is even better too.

  • https://au.deliciou.com/pages/return-policy

    We offer FREE returns, which means we don't charge any return fees to process your refund or exchange of goods. Note that while we can pay the return postage on a product swap to you, postage to send the products to us is to be paid by the customer and does not form part of our free return policy.

    Sorry rep but I think this is a little misleading. Correct me if I'm wrong but there's no free returns - just no restocking fees.

  • Is this code still valid? I get a message saying my order doesn't meet the requirements. Not sure why seeing I'm buying a combo pack. By the way I love the Nacho Cheese one. So much better than nutritional yeast. I also use the spicy bacon in soups. Delicious