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Board Games (e.g. Trivial Pursuit, Jenga, Cluedo etc.) $22 @ Myer


Board games $22, cheap and a large range, only about half a dozen titles excluded (special editions). Online and In store.

Some better than half price.

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  • Cheaper in their ebay store with 10% off code.

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    Some better than half price.

    Some barely cheaper than most other stores.

  • Almost all were selling for $10 more than everywhere else anyway

  • Test match for $22 seems to be cheap. hard to ball tamper when your ball is a metal ball bearing

    • Bit of steel wool will rough that ball up real good - edges will be flying off that straight drive bat in no time!

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    Escape Room in a Box and Test Match seem like the best deals

    • Agreed, although it looks like escape room in a box is a game you could only play once properly. Still cheaper than an actual escape room though!

      • I'd dare say it has multiple scenarios. Otherwise games like Cluedo would only be played once too.

        • Oh that would be great! Reading a review online made it seem like a once-only thing but I may reconsider

        • @brian77: If it were once only, it wouldn't get sales… o_O maybe it is once only and I am overestimating their intelligence?

        • This one might be different, but the version by Spin Master Games was not replayable, although it did have 4 scenarios.

        • This one is one play only. Originally this was a kickstarter that was later published in a more mass market edition by Hasbro.

          The Kickstarter one was resettable so could be played by others or even resold. Not sure if this one can be reset as well.

        • @whitfcd: Jesus. What a waste of money.

  • I recommend the Cranium game, it's absolutely fantastic. Got it as a kid. But you have to have friends/family that enjoy boardgames. Mine didn't so it went unused a lot.

  • For a few dollars more you can buy some newer style games. Consider something like http://www.boardgamesearch.com.au/#!/search/kingdomino or http://www.boardgamesearch.com.au/#!/search/codenames .

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      True didn't realise Codenames was like $30 great game even for older kids

    • hey man both great recommendations and i just bought both ! Any other suggestions?

      • Terraforming mars is my favourite at the moment.

      • Ticket to Ride
        No Thanks
        Settlers of Catan
        Sushi Go Party
        Liar's Dice
        Puerto Rico
        Wits and Wagers
        Love Letter

        Or check out https://www.boardgamegeek.com/

  • I wish they were $25 so we could use Shipster! (I couldn't find anything else to add)

    • I’m having the same problem. Which game did you find to buy? I wanted Test Match.

  • I remember the 80s TV adverts for Test Match and Mouse Trap… after all these years, I can finally find out what the hype was all about at a bargain. Pity I now don't have anyone interested in playing these games with me - lol

  • These are cheese-tier board games. The sort that give board games the stereotype of being boring. There's about a few thousand that are better.

    • @Asakusa can you give examples

      • Viticulture (& Tuscany expansion), Terra Mystica, Great Western Trail, Puerto Rico, Terraforming Mars, Scythe, Agricola, Coup, Codenames, Lords of Waterdeep, Pandemic, Formula D, Yokohama, Jaipur, Dominion. These are all good. Depends on what you're after, but I encourage you to check a few videos on YouTube about board games. I recommend watching some Shut Up and Sit Down on YouTube. Check out a few Dice Tower reviews etc. Games I'm playing a lot currently: Tzolk'in, Twilight Imperium 4th Edition, and most regularly I play an LCG (living card game) called The Legend of the Five Rings - it's awesome.