This was posted 3 years 6 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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eBay 10% off Sitewide ($75 Min Spend)


Another 10% sitewide sale for your pleasure. Offer ends at eBay’s discretion. Enjoy :)

Please note eligible products means all brand new, fixed price items listed on excluding:

  1. Real Estate (10542)
  2. Coins (11116)
  3. Services (316)
  4. Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800)
  5. Tickets, Travel (11730)
  6. Other Lots More Items (88433)
  7. Gift Cards (172009 & 184609)

and excludes all items sold by the following sellers:

  1. Officeworks
  2. Fantastic Furniture

Up to 2 transactions and up to a max discount of $300 per transaction.

Click the related tab above to see all PUNCHY deals.

Mod: As of approximately 2pm the code has stopped working, it appears the deal has expired.

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  • +11

    These 10% off codes are a real punch in the…. Give me 15% or no dice.

    • +1

      a real punch in the….

      A punch in the arse?

      • +5

        Username checks out!

      • A punch in the balls

      • welcome back Scab.

        really miss your inappropriate jokes XD

    • +4

      20% off site wide…

      USA gets this much discount

      • +8

        because USA have Amazon that actually works and craigslist. ebay is in its own league in Australia.

    • -1

      dammit…was getting ready with my wallet after got paid last night…FARRRRRk

    • -8

      Another rubbish $300 max discount. I'm eyeing a $5000 purchase and need +%15 discount

      • +5

        I’ll give you some free care factor.

  • Did the other one end wlready? Pizzazz or whatever.

    • Yes it expired I tried using it yesterday evening as my purchase is around $55

  • F yeahhh

  • +11

    Come on TA you can do better than %10 :)

  • Thanks TA. Don't forget 1% cashback from Cashrewards everyone :)

  • Will this work with an item that I won with best offer?

    • If it was a fixed price item I think it should.

  • +3

    dam was expecting 15 percent off for eofys

    • +1

      wait till 30/6

      • Has this happened in the past?

      • +9

        wait till 30/6

        He meant 30/6/19

  • +2

    Robert DeNiro approved.

  • +4

    Surely tomorrow being EOFY will be at least 15%🤞

    • If it was, a bunch of people are going to be pissed that they bought it today for 10% off, only for a 15% sale to happen the next day.

  • Don't forget that you can purchase ebay gift cards with 5% discounted woolies e wish card

    • I wanna do that way but woolies e wish card takes one day

      • +1

        Usually 4 hours

      • People on here sell at 7.5% off

        • How?????? I am not sure I can trust them tho

        • +1

          @ywaa1124: two I know of are mathnerd and tajid. Message them and they can help you out. Up to you though.

    • How do you use these? Is there a limit to card size? Looking to buy a tv

    • Where to buy the woolies ecards for Ebay. Can’t find it online

  • +9

    Save your money for the Amazon Prime Day, it's coming soon.

    • +3

      Probably straight after the 30 day trial period ends for most of us ;)

      • +2

        simple solution

        don't start your prime trial yet

        • my thought exactly…havent start my trial on ebay plus or prime just yet lol

      • I thought all Ozbargainers have like 50 Amazon accounts, since AMAZON20 was in every second post.

        • +2

          Na, just 7 accounts.

        • @raybies:
          Can you do that with your home address or do you have to use another?

    • Bur the Get Santa Tax applies to ebay OS items from Sunday. And also to Amazon.

  • Hi TA, do you know what is happening tomorrow?

    • +2

      What do you think he has, crystal balls?

      • +2

        I do.

        Another new 10% off deal tomorro2

      • Connections is what he has.

      • +3


        and he has a tight arse

        • +2

          We're all tightarses here.

      • "What do you think he has, crystal balls?"

        His wife said yes!

    • I think that TightArse is wonderful in the service he provides here.

  • Thank You.

  • Need a big fridge. Jump on this or hang tight a bit longer. Cmon big box sellers, have a sale of your own plus this.

    • +1

      i haven't seen 15% sitewide in a long time.

      The 20% selected sellers may not cover white goods sellers. It's a gamble.

      If you need one now, I'd say don't wait. If it's not urgent you can take your chances.

      • +4

        Yes, before the ice-cream melts.

  • I got this error when trying to use it (for the first time):

    You've entered this code too many times.

    • +5

      Common problem. It starts at 10am

    • -2

      Got same error

  • Hrm, time to jump on that Dyson deal again.

  • +5

    Pity all the PCByte, PCmeal & Shopping Express deals from the last week have doubled in price

    • heh, just noticed that too.

    • Thanks for confirming. I put a micro sd card in my watch list yesterday - checked it today after seeing this post and thought "I don't remember it being nearly that dear".

  • +2

    Wake up Punchy!

  • Binglee price jacked the price the tab A which was a deal yesterday for $199. Now $249 even though their website still shows $199…dodgy! Complaints area?

    • ANNNNND they've changed it. Can I buy it, add it to my basket and then apply the code after 10am when checking out…?

    • +1
  • May as well be permanent 10% off on ebay these days.

    • We're permanent 5% off already with PULL5 and other codes. But yeah week 10% off codes!

  • +1

    Trent approves

    • +2

      This deal is heaps sick, aye

  • Amazon v eBay

    Customers win!!!

  • Urghhh. I bought a coffee machine for 5% off yesterday. Now it’s 10% off. Anything I can do about this?

    • no

    • +1

      Buy another one today. Free return on the previous purchase?

      • Bought using eBay gift cards, and supplier is in Germany. So can be tricky waiting for refund to get back on cards. Really dark about not saving an additional $100 between yesterday and today. Ouch!

    • +1

      If you bought it using 28 degrees / Coles Mastercard just claim price protection and you will have the extra 5% credited back to your card normally within 24hrs.

      • I don't think 28 degrees covers imported goods, including when purchased through eBay au.

        BargainGeeks used gift cards not credit cards too.

  • Does anyone know how to get the 1% from cash rewards if you’re doing a cart checkout of multiple things?

    • it's automatical

    • Be sure to click through the CR website and make sure the code is mentioned on their site. Big difference between 1 and 10% if you stuff it up.

  • Can anyone find the cheapest S7 for me with tax invoice?

    • Just type S7 into the search bar then set it to lowest price.

      • I did that last time, and bought one, it came and was the wrong colour purchased and it wasnt sealed.

        Very dodgy!

        • why s7?
          how much did you spend on your wedding? lol

        • @shole: haha she wants s7

    • Lazy!

    • I was looking at this one. I know nothing about phones so check listing yourself.

  • Much appreciated OP.

  • Anyone had this issue? Mine says I've entered this code too many times when I get to checkout, however I haven't used it just yet. I did use PULL5 the other day, I don't know if they are conflicting some how.

    • Wait until 10am.

      • +1

        Thanks mate, legend. I didn't read the T&C's. It's all worked now. Saved myself a tidy $30 on a roof rack :) - A Friday schnitty at the pub is now due it seems.

  • Missed out on the previous SSD deals…might be a good time to grab one now :)

    • most of the seller has put up the price already

  • "You've entered this code too many times."

    • +8

      "You came too early"

      • "that's what she always says"

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