Xiaomi Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (2nd Gen) $499 + Delivery @ Kogan


Occasionally come across this one on Kogan. Delivery to my place is $25 so all up still costing $524, probably only saves $10, $20. Not the best but it is form Kogan so I believe the delivery time would be much shorter than others plus I feel more relief with them when it comes to warranty claim.

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    It's slightly cheaper on GearBite ebay if you use PLATYPUS code. $481.5 + $6 postage (Free shipping with eBay Plus) Ships from Melbourne instead of HK.

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    These robo vacs are amazing. I got one recently after my old Neato XV signature pro met his doom.
    It successfully navigates obstacles, plots routes through complex areas and actually finishes a cycle without needing me to rescue it, fantastic.

    It’s also fun being able to use the phone app from work to drive it around the house and pester my wife.

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      My old XV finally died too. Going to see if I can replace the Lidar motor and give it new life.
      I admire its never give up attitude, it used to get jammed and actually drag furniture around the house till it finally got stuck.

      I like the bigger brush size on the Neato's, but the Xiaomi navigation is far smarter, at least compared to the old XV models.


    Please be aware that there is a bit of an issue with this vacuum and the apps.

    You can still operate it by pressing the button on the vacuum but you can no longer operate it through the apps. And obviously you will also lose the spot cleaning functionality.


      No problem for me.. I navigated it from the office just yesterday
      Ours is set to run off the Singapore Server


    You can get the original (1st Gen) for $169.99 on ebay including free shipping


    how bigs the bin? do you have to empty it daily?