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[VIC METRO] Up to a 6.48kW Residential Solar System + 4.8kWh Battery Energy Storage $10,567 @ Jim's Energy


DISCLAIMER - I do work for Jim's Energy - but in my 4+yrs working in the solar industry I haven't seen a Solar + Battery deal like this hence I'm posting it for VIC OzBargainers only

Install up to a 6.48kW quality solar system PLUS 4.8kWh RedBack battery storage system for just $10,567 inc. GST!

Offset Peak Energy during peak times and take control of your energy usage

Monitor & Control with high definition, 1-minute interval monitoring on energy production and consumption

Prevent Blackouts and ensure your home always stays up and running

Scalable with ability to increase your storage capacity in the future and reduce your reliance on the grid

12-Year Panel Warranty with Tier 1 JA Solar panels, ranked #4 globally

AC/DC Compatible

No money up front! Simply pay a $150 refundable deposit to secure your system and finance it within your current electricity spend.

Now with an additional $1000 credit on your electricity bill. Details here - https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/3425759/Power%20Response_Ener...

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    Hi Jim

    What is the normal price?

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      Was $15,550

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    Also what is the inverter type, brand and specs?

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    • Inverter is the Rebdack Smart Hybrid Inverter developed in collaboration with Queensland University - Full Data sheet here - http://redbacktech.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Gen-2-Inve...

    • Agree, provide us the detail information.

      too many dodgy solar ppl out there.

      • Jim’s Energy is part of Australia’s largest, trusted franchise; Jim’s Group. Established in 1989 with 3,500 franchisees nationwide, Jim’s has a proven track record for quality. We are clean energy council solar retailer approved.

        More detail available in the links -





        I cannot post the PDF flyer here as Ozbargains doesnt allow me to attach, but have copy and pasted the text for your info.

        CALL 03 8560 2677 NOW OR
        5.4 kW Solar System +
        4.8 kWh RedBack Storage
        NOW ONLY
        inc. GST^
        ^Standard installations only.
        ^^Additional backup wiring may be required.
        ^^^Based on 28c/kWh electricity rate and 6.8 year finance term. Terms
        and conditions apply. Visit jimsenergy.com.au for more information.
        Offset high energy pricing during peak times
        and take control of you energy usage
        Prevent blackouts and ensure your home
        always stays up and running^^
        High-definition, 1-minute interval monitoring
        on energy production and consumption
        Compatible with both AC and DC circuits
        Increase your storage capacity in the future
        and reduce your reliance on the grid
        Solar + Storage
        Quality, Tier 1 JA Solar panels with 12-year
        Simply pay a $150 refundable deposit to
        secure your system and finance it within
        your current electricity spend^^^
        PAYS FOR

  • Curious URL

  • how much we can save per year by installing this?

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      That's a very difficult question and very easy for sales to give you optimistic figures. Could be anything…the more you can use before it's stored or exported the more you will save.

      I could save about $125 per month averaged over one year saving more in summer and less in winter with the air conditioner running during the day in summer and choosing the right electricity tariff.

      I have spreadsheets using half hourly usage figures from my electricity distributor to figure it out.

      The less you export the more you will save. There are lots of variables.

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        mysterytal would like to have a chat with you about how you were able to calculate your savings. Can you please turn on your private messaging so I can send you a message

      • Agreed - there are lots of variables to figure out how much you can save per year by installing this as every households energy usage patters differ. From our research we anticipate a payback period of between 4-6yrs. We are happy to discuss your individual savings, feel free to contact me directly on 03 8560 2675 to discuss.

        • is the payback for a system with or without battery?

        • @venomx2: With a battery - totally dependant on your usage and whether you take out finance option or pay outright

      • @mysterytal if you are happy to share how you calculated your savings and the spreadsheet you used I'd love to be able to see that if possible?

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          It's difficult to explain.

          I got my usage figures from Ausnet - my electricity distributor. The figures provided cover a period of 365 days and detail every half hour of usage and export. I also have weather figures from BoM to compare hot days to usage. I currently have a 1.5kW solar system and have full (daily) generation figures on the inverter. I then extrapolated that to a 5kW inverter with around 6kW of panels by multiplying the generation figures by 4 and then making the maximum generation 5kW by usually just trimming it for a few hours around midday in December/January. I then added a field for charging a battery at 60% of peak generation whilst exporting the remainder and then slowly discharging overnight.

          Lots of assumptions have to be made as usage can never exceed around 4.5kW (so it's not ideal to have the kettle boiling whilst the oven's going, the clothes are washing and the air conditioner is on) as the excess would have to be imported even if there is energy in the battery.

          It really is a big guessing game. The right tariff makes a huge difference.

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      That totally depends on your usage patterns and what the battery is rated to supply (both discharge rate and minimum capacity)

  • What does "finance it within your current electricity spend" mean? Is this referring to an ongoing payment for xx years? If so, what is the interest rate?

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    Is the battery compatible with the Fronius primo inverter? if so what would the cost be to install the battery only?

    • is the battery good?

    • Yes can be hooked up to a Fronius Primo Inverter. AC connection. Cost $9700.00 for 4.8kWhrs.

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        I’ll pay the difference and you can install just the panels & inverter at my place 😂

      • 'Install a quality 5.4kW solar system PLUS 4.8kWh RedBack battery storage system for just $10,567"

        so your selling the panels and inverter for $867.00? Must not be any good or your ripping me off on the price of the battery.

        It would take me 36 years before I was saving any money using a battery. And the battery is only warranted for 10 years, LOL I will be almost dead by the time I start saving money!

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    I had my solar installed last month (Q cell 305w, 6.1kw, Fronious 5kw) at $4,750 Sydney. Well known panels and inverters are critical for solars.

    • Who did you get this done with? Can you send me their details?

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        Try More Green Energy, they often throw a good deal and their installation was very satisfactory.

        • Jim's Energy also offers Q CELLS panels & Fronius inverters.

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    Are you able to provide information regarding installation and monitoring use at a rental property, I’d like to install a system that allows me to sell energy to my tenants

    • Yes we can provide pricing on a solar system including sophisticated monitoring (Emberpulse) What system size were you thinking or send us a copy of your power bill and we can recommend a system size. Please send any details to [email protected] or call 0408 586 436

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    Hi, can the system work with 3phase power? Thanks!

    • A battery solution is normally connected to ONE PHASE of a 3 PHASE system. The phase should include circuits for cooking, lighting & refrigeration. If all 3 phases require a battery, you will need 3 battery systems.

    • 3 phase inverters exist and can be run from a single battery source but aren't commonly installed domestically.

      • Agreed, our commercial division has access to 3 phase inverters for our large commercial installations, however, you are correct they are not commonly installed on residential homes @adam-07

        If you are looking for commercial 3 phase solutions our Cherry Energy Division could help - https://www.cherryenergysolutions.com.au/solar-panel-calcula...

  • I'm currently in the market for solar. How does this deal stack up for value?


    They also have other packages that seem well priced. Not sure what the catch is..

    • @D3AB we understand that the offer you are referring to is a QLD only offer. Our Jim's Energy/Redback offer is exclusive to Melbourne Metro Only at this point in time.

  • What is the life expectancy of the batteries?

    • Battery Warranty Design life: 10+ Years(25℃/77℉)
      Battery Warranty Cycle Life: >4500 (90% DoD)

      • I guess that is the biggest complication with battery systems (compared to a PV only system)- the massive extra cost & finite battery life has to be considered in calculation of payback period.

        • yep over 30 years before you get a return on your investment! and that is assuming the battery hold up 30 years.

  • Now with an additional credit of a $1000 on your electricity bill - https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/3425759/Power%20Response_Ener...

  • FAQ's on EnergyAustralia's PowerResponse Program - https://energyaustraliadr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/3600...

  • I received a quote from Jims and I have to say it was full of errors.

    • The quoted RRP $15,550 and now $10,567 is an arbitrary figure, I was quoted higher because its a not a site specific figure, yet I fit in their T&C's of a standard installation
    • Proposal is poorly constructed, it details all about the Lg CHem battery used, yet this forum specifically states it Pylontech batteries in the system
    • Proposal is just poor in general, a generic template with half the content not relevant to the system that I was after

    Overall I feel this is just another marketing ad for Jims energy with no bargain in sight,

    Whereas, in my shopping around I've got a decent deal from Sunrise Solar, 6.48 KW risen panel + Huawei 5KW inverter, 9.8KW Lg chem system for $11k