This was posted 4 years 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Get a $30 | $50 eBay Voucher When You List & Sell $100 | $700 Worth of Items @ eBay


Receive a $30 eBay voucher when you list and sell items totalling to $100 or more on during the Promotion Period.

Acceptance Link

Terms and Conditions

Receive a $50 eBay voucher when you list and sell items totalling to $700 or more on during the Promotion Period.

Acceptance Link

Terms and Conditions


Only items that list and sell during the Promotion Period (5 July - 26 July) will be eligible to count towards the minimum sale requirement.

Only standard single quantity, single item listings are eligible for the promotion.

Limit of 1 voucher per person.

To maximise the value of this offer, list items under a low or no final value fee promotion.

Current Promotions:

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  • Needs to have Targeted in the description.

    • +1

      I have already reported it, will add it to the title for the time being.

      • +1

        Nice offer for those who get the $30 invitation.

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      BEWARE FOR THOSE THAT DIDNT RECEIVE THE OFFER EMAIL: You might not get the voucher if you still can accept the offer and add it onto ur ebay account and satisfy the selling requirements. Ebay didn't send a whole bunch of ppl a voucher and asked for the original email from ebay as proof that you were targeted with the offer

      • -1

        It's possible they didn't LIST and sell in that time period. That was what caught me out.

        • I added the promo in my ebay (ie it was in my promotional offers section), sold within the time period with over the correct threshold so under the offer it said USED 1 LEFT 0 once it satisfied the selling requirement.

          Then when it came time to sending the voucher, the promotion vanished from my ebay and couldn't be found in history either.

        • @mrshorty: me too, I then was on ebay chat for a bit and it eventually popped up after they said they'll look into it.

          I sent screenshots showing it was in my active promotions

        • @mrshorty:
          Have you looked under the "History" tab (next to "Active" tab) under Promotional offers? I always find offers I have accepted but expired there.

      • +5

        My advise is to use this link to show all selling promos available to the account you're currently logged on to:

        Just because you did't receive an email doesn't mean your not eligible.

        • +1

          You keep writing this on eBay posts and i'm interested to know what other people see when following your link as all I see is this

          Am I missing something?

        • +1

          @urbancartel: I didn't get anything on ash' link. However I am thankful of the reminder. I switched mobile to 'desktop mode' (obviously you don't need to do this if on PC) .
          I then go to 'my ebay' , then click 'all selling' , then scroll down to 'promotions' and there was something there (not this offer, but a different offer/promo list items free, which depending on final value, is better than OP deal here)

        • @urbancartel:

          Thanks for pointing this out, as Pete mentions below its needs to be in desktop mode if using from a phone (click hamburger button, click desktop view). I didn't realise this, I must have posted it from my ipad or desktop.

          There will always be something there, even if nothing of great value.

          Here is one of my accounts :

        • +2

          Thanks, also shows I have the

          Your eBay Free Selling Trial - Sell 10 items for free!

          Should hopefully combine nicely.

        • @tryagain:

          Nice….. I've combined both these promos in the past without any issues.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Worked for me.

  • +1

    $30 voucher link worked for me but why I never receive a promotional email? I checked subscription and it says subscribed to general promotion and marketing emails.
    Last time when I accepted link through here, I didn’t get any benefit as rep on ebay chat kept asking for promotion email.

    • eBay are yet to send out emails for this promotion, you will probably receive one later today.

      Check under your Promotional Offers (bottom of the page) - it should appear there, take a screenshot for future reference.

  • Does the item need to be sold? Or list it and you get the voucher

    • +7

      I read the title and it says when you sell.

  • +7

    I qualified for the last round of this promo…
    Accepted the invitation, sold $100 worth of goods within the timeframe. Then all evidence of the promo disappeared from my account, and there was no sign of the $30 voucher.
    Contacted ebay chat and he said, "sorry I can't help you it's not showing on your account"….BS.
    Emailed ebay support with all the relevant screenshots and listing numbers, and eventually heard back from them 3 days later - "Congratulations, you've qualified for the $30 voucher".

    TL;DR - Screenshot everything as proof!

    • +1

      Same thing happened to me. The offer disappeared but after a while the $30 voucher appeared.

      I think ebay is just slow applying the voucher.

      • Have you looked under the "History" tab (next to "Active" tab) under Promotional offers? I always find offers I have accepted but expired there.

    • +3

      this seems to be a recurring theme with ebay promos…promise voucher or credit then make the customer jump through hoops & loops to actually redeem said promo. good way to save on marketing promotional costs i guess…


    • +5

      I also just realised under the T&Cs of this promo:
      - Vouchers will be issued to eligible customers by email from 1 August 2018. The voucher redemption code will also be available in the voucher section of your My eBay account.
      -The eBay voucher must be redeemed by 1 August 2018 on, after which time the voucher expires and will no longer be valid.

      Vouchers issued FROM 1 August…and must be redeemed BY 1 August, haha!
      I'm sure that has to be a mistake…but it's ebay after all, lol

    • Yeah, best to screenshot. I found that I had to logout and login again to see the voucher code.
      Not targeted this time. Not surprised though since I was targeted last time.

    • Don't you get an email informing you of eligibility, and can just use that as proof?

      • The odd things were:

        • After the item was sold, and the offer was still listed, the actual number remains 0 of 0.
        • Then, few days later, that offer simply disappeared from the list. Even when I tried to check expired offers, that particular offer disappeared.
        • When the vouchers eventually got issued, other people were reporting they've got them. I had to log out and log in to see the voucher code from eBay site.

        It was just an odd setup and it's not one where you can assume will remain there in your record as deals offered to you. Also, sometimes you get offered multiple selling deals with overlapping dates. There had been occasions where eBay picked the wrong offer (i.e. not the best offer in the list).

  • The Joy of being an eBay business, no offers ever apply :(

    The 5% and 10% purchases do though so that’s something

    • +1

      make a personal ebay account on the side?

  • +1

    Didn't get an email (maybe it's yet to come) but the $30 offer seemed to work. Thanks.

  • +4

    Hmm so you pay at least $10 final value fee in order to get $30. So you're actually getting $20.

    • +6

      There is a no fees promo right now, or there is $1 fee sundays which you can use, they both combine with this promo.

    • +1

      There's another promo for listing 10 items with no listing fee or final value fee. Only a couple of days left though.

  • Does ebay look very closely at these? Could a new user buy my item, pay bank deposit and Ill still get the $30?

    • +1

      Nope no cash transactions/payments.
      I think the automatic linking of a PayPal payment to the sale will trigger the confirmation that you are eligible for the coupon.


      • Ok thanks, shame I can't think of anything to sell.

      • "Cash transactions are not eligible for this offer"
        Perhaps this means "cash on pick up" payments are not eligible? Cause what is the difference between paypal payment sourced from bank account vs bank transfer?

  • Been selling for three years and never get included in these deals.

    • +2

      That's because you've been selling for three years lol

    • Two words…… Multiple Accounts!

  • Still haven't got my voucher from the last promo and the offer details has disappeared

    • I didn't get anything saying I got my voucher but when I went to buy an item the voucher showed up automatically. Have you tried to buy an item?

  • Yeah this starts when the free FVF promotion ends, so it's not really a good deal considering you'd have to pay fees if you sold during the promotional period…

  • Hmmm!!! Selling to myself ?!

  • Good post OP. Well done.

  • I received the $30 one via email and just looked at the T&Cs:
    * Vouchers will be issued to eligible customers by email from 1 August 2018
    * The eBay voucher must be redeemed by 1 August 2018


    • +1

      all part of their evil plan…

  • Great… I just sold $1,000 worth of stuff the last week.

    • $1000 cash is still better than a $30 or $50 feeBay voucher.
      Targeted deal anyway. I'm not targeted. I actually found accounts with selling restriction got the better/easier offer ($30 for selling $100 worth of items - given that it is impossible to sell $700 in a month on those accounts).

  • I've received one of these promos before, made the qualifying sale, and then spent a month chasing eBay for the voucher they promised. So anyone who signs up, keep a copy of everything relating to the promo, the sales you make to qualify, and be ready to hound eBay day after day to actually get your voucher from them.

    • I still haven't got my code. I just assumed you'd be sent the code after a certain date.

      How did you get yours? I've gotta chase up my $30.

      • I just kept bothering them via online chat.

    • I'm chasing eBay up now on my $50 from the last promo as I qualified but wasn't awarded it. Let's see what they say.

  • I loaded a few sell listings on 1/7… wondering/ hoping if these are eligible for this promo!

    • +2

      You need to relist them after this promotion was offered to be eligible for the vouchers

  • I finally got my voucher after showing screen shots. eBay claims their systems "has problems"

  • +1

    Not exactly a good deal, doesn't eBay take a 10% commission off sales? So if you sell for 700 it's a 50 dollar reduction on 70 dollars of commission

    • +2

      I'm guessing you didn't read this thread before commenting. You can combine with the $1 fee sundays or other selling promotions, which makes this is a much better deal.

      • I've got a FVF offer at the moment, and accepted this offer. However when I list an item, the FVF offer goes up by one and the voucher offer remains zero. That indicates that it can't be used together… has anyone seen their numbers change with the voucher and FVF offer?

        • +1

          The numbers shouldn't change but you'll get the voucher in the end, it worked for me a while back, if not just contact them and they'll provide the voucher

        • @doweyy:

          Fingers crossed then! I don't fancy going through eBay support again, assuming I even reach the sales target

  • I'm reading a lot of comments about people having to chase up eBay for their vouchers from previous offers. For those that did receive theirs without needing to chase eBay up, how long did it take for the voucher to come through after you've fulfilled the requirements?

    I just made $100 worth of sales today and am wondering how long should I wait before starting to chase them up.

    • +1

      Vouchers will be issued to eligible customers from 1 August 2018.

      Last time the vouchers were to be issued from 28 June and I received mine that same day.

    • They didn’t give me mine last time. I chased them up multiple times and they said the buyer needs to check out using PayPal. I had someone picked up the item and pay cash.

      • The terms of the offer do specify that cash transactions are ineligible, but eBay should probably make it a bit more obvious because it’s hidden in the fine print.

  • I had to chase up eBay - they gave it to me as a one time gesture after some pain. Then a few days later I got another $50 voucher, so ended up getting 2 x $50. Thanks!

  • Anyone have a screen grab of the email they could share (personal details omitted)?

    I'm sure I activated this from the link above but there's no record in my eBay and I didn't screen grab like I usually do.

    I listed (on 5 July) and sold (on 13 July) an item over $700.

  • Does anyone know if the $100 of sales includes postage or not? I can't find any information about this and am right on the mark. Cheers

    • +1

      I have confirmation from an eBay rep that the $100 sales minimum does not include postage.

  • +1

    Problem is you need to sell within that period, not list

  • +1

    Sigh. I sold something specifically for this only to realise cash on pickup isn't elegible, and my items too big to ship and priced it with the 30$ in mind. Guess I'll stick to gumtree and the countless non-responders that would rival my tinder matches

  • Has anyone received their voucher?

    • +3

      I have not. And I reached the target amount like 10 days ago. Considering they said vouchers will be issued from 1 August 2018 onwards, I'll wait till next weekend before following it up.

      • Have received mine today :)

    • No,$100 sales exceeded but no voucher. Promotion was showing in myebay but now not showing even under expired offers

    • Not me yet, last month same deal didnt take this long to get it.
      Edit: just got my voucher code through ebay chat

  • The vouchers have been issued - they should appear under your account summary.

    I have successfully used mine to buy $30 worth of eBay gift cards to spend at a later date.

    • Can these be stacked with discount codes?

      • +1

        No, but you can use these vouchers to buy eBay gift cards that can then be stacked with codes.

        • +1


        • +1

          @RyanMK: I tried cashrewards too… dunno if I'll get the $0.30, but don't see why not.

          I also tried to the use the PENNY5 promo code for 5% off purchases of $30, but that code does not apply to gift cards, so don't bother with that.

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