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Macpac Halo Down Jacket - $99.99 (RRP $279.95) + Shipping @ Macpac


Sale on Halo Jackets back on again. Make sure to order one or two size down as Macpac clothing tend to run larger than normal. Best thing to do is go in-store and try on to be sure.

Mens: https://www.macpac.com.au/2018/halo-down-jackets/halo-down-j...
Womens: https://www.macpac.com.au/2018/halo-down-jackets/halo-down-j...

Hooded version are $150

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    $50 extra for a hood ouch. =(

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        "Commonly used by 6-12 year olds in a game by the name of 'Roblox' to exercise stress and discomfort while getting 'rekt' by another 6-12 year old."?

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    • I got the hooded one a year ago.
      Well worth the extra $$$ me thinks.
      Keeps the head warm and toasty especially if you always forget to wear a beanie (like me)

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      Halo Down jackets are better

    • Macpac has a bit more down fill, i.e. thicker and warmer.

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      Don't know how they compare but I have the Macpac one and it is amazing! Def keeps you warm and toasty! well worth the $100

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      Brand wise - I’d rate Kathmandu well above macpac. Macpac is fine but I’ve a few quality control issues with their products.
      Both companies are NZ based but made in China

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        Respectfully disagree.

        Macpac "has been" renown for there "putting it right" when it comes to warranty issues.

        I'd be sorry to hear that your experience might not reflect this.

        As for NZ based, I'm pretty sure they have just recently been bought by an Australian company so look forward to reading where they will now be based.


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        Kathmandu downs look a lot better than Macpac, cant commnent on the quality or warmth but looks wise Kathmandu has the edge. And North face has the edge on kathmandu

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          You forgot to add "IMHO" :-)

      • The good thing with MacPac is that they back their products. I had an outer shell jacket that developed a few issues after 4 years of solid use (including 7 months of backpacking where it was worn almost daily). I took it in to see if they could repair it, expecting to pay the costs, and they replaced it for free. This was for a $400 jacket. They are one of the few companies I trust and buy from with confidence.

        As for the Halo Jacket, it's fantastic. Kept me toasty warm when I was in NZ during blizzard conditions. Highly recommend.

        • What were the issues with the jacket?

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      Kathmandu Jacket - 550 fill power Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified down
      Macpac Jacket - Filled with 600 loft, duck down fill

      Macpac is a little more warmer than Kathmandu

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        I have the Kathmandu one and I'm already dying of sweat, wouldn't wish it to be any warmer.

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        Macpac uses Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified down too (just received one with the RDS tags)

  • Man that looks cozy!

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    Got this in previous years. Can confirm it runs large. And would have loved the hooded version but not worth another 50%!

  • Very similar to the one at rays …..

    • 550 down at rays. These Macpac Halos use 600 loft duck down

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        any real world difference between 550 and 600 down?

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        • @Gambo:

          Real world difference is 25 though

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        what does that mean to a layman?

        • 50 more ducks get to keep their feathers (important now that winter is here).

        • @ifonlyiwasyounger: RDS down standard means that ducks aren't live plucked, so the Kathmandu one strips no down off live ducks, while the Macpac one may.

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          @ApuN: The Macpac ones use Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified down too. Just received one and it has the RDS tags.

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    Got this last year. Was warm enough for most of the Euro winter when combined with a Uniqlo Heattech thermal and jumper.

    Packs down into a very compact carry bag so great for travel.

    As mentioned, they run big. I am wearing a size S and I am 5'9-5-10 and 85kg/athletic build if that helps anyone

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      Lucky I read your comment. I am similar weight and slightly shorter and was about to get medium.

      Take my upvote for the helpfulness :)

      • Lucky I didn't and ordered the medium AND then decided to read the comments.. fml

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      Thanks! Almost gone for Size M.

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      yeah i'm 6'3 95kg and M is plenty big enough for me

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      As mentioned, they run big. I am wearing a size S and I am 5'9-5-10 and 85kg/athletic build if that helps anyone

      That sounds like me (I'm not so 'athletic looking' in the gut area though) - and I normally wear L to XL depending on the brand. What size do you normally wear?

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        I usually wear M or L depending on brand or whether I'm going for a fitted or relaxed look. I wear a 32-34 waist. XL is almost always baggy on me.

        • Sounds like me again, my waist is 32, and I've to put on L or XL only because otherwise it won't fit around my chest. Some t-shirts I've to buy a larger size only because they are way too tight around my neck otherwise.

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        X or XL 5'9 and 85 kg… Athletic!

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          When I said "not athletic around the gut", I didn't mean it's bloated like a beachball, but just that I don't have packs of defined muscles like most athletes do (and like I used to do).

          Having said that, I don't know what you think is athletic, but do you realize that the 83 kgs could mean a lot of muscle mass on a guy who is 5'10"? I used to be a powerlifter, and carry on a large frame from the bodybuilding days (~10 years ago) but haven't been lifting since an injury. My hip size is 32 and when I put on an XL size tshirt or shirt, it fits snug around the chest, but some of them float like a parachute around my waist.

          Because you seem to be concerned about the negative votes on your post, I though I'd let you know I've not voted on your post. This might come as a shock to you, given how you've been laughing at your own jokes, but your posts are not even remotely funny (solely referring to these two posts).

          And yeah, many people are negging your votes because this forum is full of [anti-feminist-blah-diblah-whatever]. Of course, the other possibility is people find you to be boring/absurd (which I think is most likely the case).

        • +1

          @ozf1: I have no idea what you're talking about with regards to feminist/bigot comments. I negged you because if you can't comprehend an "athletic" figure at 5'10" 85kg, then you need to get out more. Or hit the gym. Or both!

        • -3

          @Tafe: If you have no idea as you admit, then you should not comment, as I stated, 'Touchy', just having a laugh.
          You get out more, and or keep 'hitting the gym'.

          There was more than weight and height there was reference to wearing X or XL, usually… etc.

          Im still laughing… Made my day, it really did, specially seeing that someone reported my second comment as 'inflammatory'.
          I guess it was the ' Goahead punks, negmy day'… reference to 'Dirty Harry'…? Not too sure, Clint Eastwood anyway.- See people can start assuming my age and have a go at me being an old man, that's Ok. It's an online comment, not personal as I've not seen photos etc. Who cares what Ozf1 or anyone comments… R E L A X!

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          @ozf1: I don't think anyone reading your posts would assume you're old.

        • @ozf1: There was more than weight and height there was reference to wearing X or XL, usually… etc.

          First off, X is not a size. But even if someone was wearing XL, how does that automatically make them "not athletic"? Saw that link to footy player Joe Powell's profile? Given his stats, he'd not be athletic in your opinion (and that opinion is laughable).

        • -3

          @CocaKoala: Again, RELAX…or LAX first so you can then RE-LAX, who cares what my opinion is, who cares, I don't care about JP, you can post a link to john Cena or Arnie and I am guessing they'd all be obese or worse under the BMI index… whatever!

        • -1

          @Tafe: Readthe below comments to know what I refer to, "maybe they cater for "american women", then another, "maybe it was a fatchick'.

          They all got 'uprooted'. So Okay to be a bigot on ozbargain, but can't laugh at the potentially chubbies calling themselves athletic.

          If you go by the internationally accepted BMI scale a 5'9 or 10 and 85kg is overweight, and should lose between 8 and 28kg (https://bmicalculator.mes.fm/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-cKN0ou82wIV...).

          Also use metric or imperial, not a mixture of both for frogs sake!.

          But wait, everybody refers to the big guy at the gym who is morbidly obese under the BMI etc. But they are not, I have had a few friends over the years carrying on about this, you know what, whatever makes them happy, they start working out for 5 min. and already claiming -'Hey I'm overweight now because muscle weighs more than fat!'.

        • @ozf1: You make some statements that are absurd/illogical and when questioned with logic, you suggest that nobody should care about your opinions? OK.

        • @ozf1:

          BMI is not some magic bullet and should not be treated like it is: https://www.livestrong.com/article/421339-bmi-calculator-for...

          BMI overestimates body fat in bodybuilders and can underestimate fatness in people of normal weight who have little muscle mass, but carry a lot of extra pounds in the midsection. For both of these populations, a measure of waist circumference may be a better indicator of health.

          Looks like you would like to continue arguing with opinions that are absurd, presenting questionable "facts", but you'd strangely like others to "CHILLLL" and not present you with logic or continue arguing, even if they're right.

    • Do you normally buy M?
      Edit: read ur next comment. I use M as well,might have to go for S then.

    • Is it good for snow?

  • +6

    +1 on the ordering one size down comment for the mens. I am a size M for almost all clothing brands (eg uniglo, billabong etc) and I have a Macpac Halo in size S and it fits perfectly.

    For the ladies, my wife is a size 6 top and size 6-8 bottom, so I ordered a size 6. It was a bit baggy around the chest, but it has absolutely ZERO flare out from the waist, so it was WAY too tight around the hips. Its like they did not take any account of female shape at all in the cut. So just be aware ladies if you have any hips at all, you may have to go larger.

    • +9

      Maybe they cater to American women shapes? ;)

      • +1

        LOL, someone who voted you down has no sense of humour. :)

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          There are some nutters out there who downvote for the dumbest reasons…

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          Was probably a fat chick.

        • +1

          @c0balt: I think they're called extreme feminists.

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          @Munki: wait till sarah hanson young and the sisterhood catches up with you men

        • @garage sale:

          Did she get the OK from her benefactors, Hamas and Hezbollah to do so?

        • @c0balt:

          Nope, sized dedicated around Netanyahu' wife :D

        • @yados:

          She does seem to have the same body shape as Nasrallah and Khaled Mashal and she calls herself a feminist.

          Islamofascism is a fat people conspiracy? Maybe..

        • @Munki: The short hair cut with spikes in the center, dyed purple, and fluorescent green, of course, FAT, and whiney. I know what you mean. :)

    • What's your height and weight mate?

  • +12

    Awesome jackets. I'm normally a large however the M fits perfectly. This jacket is super warm. I've used it in Japan in -15 and I was still toasty.

    The other good thing is that it isn't Kathmandu so I don't look like every other "Canberra public servant" middle class (profanity).

  • +1

    Has cleaning instructions on site… but how do people actually wash them?

    • Just with a damp cloth where required, would avoid putting it in the washing machine

      • Thinking of getting one, thanks.
        I guess I can put it in the freezer like jeans as well.

    • Buy a tech wash or down wash / proofer. Put it on a delicate setting in the machine. If you're really worried, you can use a laundry bag but I don't bother. Tumble dry on low, can also put a tennis ball in to help break up the clumping when the down gets wet.

    • Hand wash or delicate machine wash, air dry for a bit and then pop it in the dryer on low.

      • I don't have a dryer, thanks for your input.

  • +3

    Can confirm this is a well made and really warm, value for money jacket. Source - bought 2 for NZ tour last year.

  • +1

    I thought i will try to order from their ebay store to save some more but it charges 10% import duty as well.

  • The Astro Hooded Down Jacket V4 for kid is more expensive than adults Halo $109.
    Have any one seen cheaper than $109 for Astro jacket?

  • +7

    Just be aware Aldi will be selling their ~$50 down jackets this saturday.

    • +1

      Aldi jacket ($50) or this Macpac ($100)?
      Will be using this for home commute on bike. Might rain. Unlikely to go to snow.

      • +3

        MacPac will likely have better loft/down, meaning they're warmer. They're also likely to be much higher quality and come with fantastic customer support if you have an issue (Aldi will probably refund you, but good luck getting a replacement a few weeks down the track). It's up to you if that's worth $50. I think it is.

      • Down in heavy rain is not recommended.

      • +2

        You'll probably get pretty sweaty in a down jacket on a bike

    • +1

      Aldi don't mention fill power, so difficult to speculate how 'comparable' they are — they don't look particularly 'lofty' in the ALDI catalogue, but I'd be interested to see what fill and fill power they state (if they state).

      Edit: The fact that the ALDI catalogue states "Ultralight" also suggests they won't match the 600 loft of the Macpac.

      • I'm curious too about the aldi one ….it's only $49, heck get 2 medium and X-large and wear one over the other if really cold ….actually it's how the fairydown jackets used to be made so you didn't loose heat through the stitching.

        • +1

          Going for the Michelin man look I see

        • +5

          I've got one of the Aldi ones and wear it now and again.

          I've also had a look at the ones in-store (~ a year ago) at both Kathmandu and Macpac, and bought neither.

          The Aldi/Crane ones go to XXL, and i would say wear small. The largest will be too small for @Scab. The tag says: Shell: Polyamide; Lining: Polyester; Filling: Down/Feather. Plenty of down/loft in the one i have - maybe too much. The baffles aren't particularly sophisticated - no cover at the stitching points if you know what a mean (cold spots). Not rip-stop, but still pretty tough. Stitching is otherwise very precise on mine.

          What struck me about the Kathmandu & Macpac was the lack of loft in them compared to the Aldi one. Forget what the quality was otherwise as that killed it for me. I'd gone in intending to buy a Macpac as they were about $100, but never did. The sizing from memory wore large, though not sure that was the case for both of them, but if you're @Scab then you may need to go with one of them or die of cold.

          Hope that helps my brothers & sisters.

          Oh, and there was another post soon after this one that pointed out you may be able to get these cheaper on eBay. Use the 10% off code and buy something cheap and useless to take it over $100 for free shipping (i think). You'll need to check all this yourself as i have a life.

  • Where are these made? Is the down sourced from China? Thanks.

    • Nz company but products made in china

      • Thanks

    • +1

      Pretty sure they make a big deal about their ethically sourced down as a selling point so do not think they are sourcing in China.

      I'll try to do a search later and leave you a link

      • Thank you very much. I'd really appreciate that.

    • +2

      I've searched the Macpac website and found this Responsible Sourcing manual pdf:


      • Beat me too it

    • china probably eats more ducks than any other place so would be good source of down.

      • I wanted to ensure that the down is from an ethical supplier. Some bad ones pluck the down from live birds. Macpac only uses ethical suppliers.

  • Does anyone know if this is just online or in store as well?

    • When this deal was on earlier this year it was also available in store, I purchased mine there.

      Can also confirm they run large, I usually wear a medium but a small still seems a little loose.

    • +2

      Just got one from Fountain Gate so it's in store as well.

      • Did they have much stock left or was it just a few jackets?

    • Bought one today for this price in store at DFO Moorabbin, they seemed to have plenty in stock.

  • if you're not going to Australian alpine areas, isn't this too much for our winter?

    • +1