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Free Included Foxtel Movies for Foxtel Subscribers (Until July 19)


Movie channels on Foxtel are now available for all fox customers to use. This is very handy for those on a sport only or similar package.

Foxtel have just emailed out this deal to existing customers. (usually it’s for everyone - but let me know if it’s targeted).

The ten movie channels are open for existing subscribers until 19th of July.

Mod: Comments indicate it may only apply to those on plans from 2014 or later. You may need to speak to Foxtel/change your plan to qualify.

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  • Excellent.. thanks for posting

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      Don't thank me, thank OP

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        Err.. I think he/she was thanking the OP.

  • Nothing received yet.

    • Just check your Foxtel, I haven't received an email but I have all the movie channels now too.

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    Great timing for me - I’ve just ruptured my Achilles so I’m stuck at home!!!

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      Up voted for the great timing, not the ruptured Achilles.

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      Upvoting your Achilles.

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      Upvoting for the Greek mythology reference.

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        Oh my gods!

    • Hope you recover soon, Buck.

    • I’ve just ruptured my Achilles

      Could've been worse, you could have ruptured your Zeus…

      • I like your input, but that's just awful Craig McLachlan-esque

      • +2

        I ruptured my Zeus once. It now has a permanent bend in it

  • Thanks for that - I knew they were open on Wednesday, but yesterday they were locked again, so I would not have re-checked today.

  • Yep, confirmed.

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    no bargain for me i already pay for them

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    Confirmed unlocked for me. No email notification. Currently on the Sports package with the Telstra 12 months free 3 x packages.

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    Offer is also available for Foxtel Now users - the movie channels appeared before the sports channels in my guide this morning when normally they would be on the bottom

  • might want to put (until July 19th) in title.. currently the way it reads sounds indefinite

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    Awesome, thanks! Will go perfectly with the free Foxtel Now deal

    • It's the gift that keeps on giving!

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    not working for me on iq3 box

    • +1

      Not working on my IQ2 box either - and I got the email :(

    • +1

      Not working for me either. IQ3. I only have basic sports package 🙄

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    I know on the iQ2 box we recorded heaps of movies and they worked after the deal had finished does anyone know if this is the same with iq3. Or will iq3 block them after the 19th??

    • I'd like to know too please!

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    well for me, I always call them every 3 months to give me another 3 months of the movies pack for free.

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    I do the same on my iq2- I load up the hard drive and save the kids and myself some movies.

    The deal doesn’t include on demand movies so it’s worth spending 10 mins to set some recordings at the start of the free period.

    • Are you sure it doesn't include On Demand for cable/satellite users? It does for Foxtel Now users (just checked).

    • +1

      my email said includes on demand movies

    • This is what I do lol, I thought I was real slick :P.

      As I get free foxtel basic with my telstra internet I fill it with movies when they have these free movie channels promos.

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    im on the $39 sports HD+Entertainment plan
    and i rang up the other day and they gave me the movie channels free for the next 12months

    • +2

      Rang and just asked? Or rang and threatened to cancel so they would offer free stuff to stay? :)

      • i rang and threatened to cancel, said it was too expensive :) and then i mentioned they had an offer on their website that was free Drama+movies with the $26package they had for end of financial year.. so they said i could have either Free Drama pack or Free Movie Pack for 12months

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    Is it also for Telstra Foxtel customers?

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    I get Foxtel from Telstra and it works for me also. Cheers

  • Cheers OP, I haven’t received an email but can confirm movie channels are available. Foxtel from Telstra customer here.

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    out of 5 months, i have managed to swindle 3months of ""FREE foxtel"" by threatening to cancel every month.

  • -1

    Shame about the subscription required in order to get the "Free movies" though…

  • -1

    so i have paid $78 in total for 5 months of foxtel and 1 of those months i was put on Platinum HD.

  • So we only have 13 days of movie channels if we are subscribed?? Or we have 13 days to claim and then how much time to enjoy movies?

    • The former. You can record to watch later/whenever on IQ.

      • -3

        So even if I record all these movies for 13 days - will I be able to watch them afterwards?

        • Yes.

  • Confirm working on my account (basic+sports+hd). But my free foxtel now telstra sub in an inactive status (but works) no free movies.

  • +3

    The email I got said I was getting this for being a loyal customer. Looks like all subscribers are getting this.
    Don’t feel so special now,,

  • Have the $39 Sports HD deal and can confirm the movies have been unlocked on my IQ3 today. Time to fill up the hard drive!

  • Is this for Telstra customer service that hot free Foxtel now package too?

  • Not working for me. I'm on the Foxtel "Mini" package ($10 per month). Is this package excluded from the offer?

  • Foxtel through telstra here. Working.

    Didn't get any email.

  • +4

    Got the email but no free movies for me. Fine print says only for customers on new pricing structure since 2014. I'm on a grandfathered plan so NO MOOOFIES FOR YOU! So much for a loyal customer of 23 years…

    • Same here, grandfathered plan (Basic + Sports), no free movies for me, didn't even get the email :(

  • -1

    Sorry for ignorance.. don't have Foxtel but looking to get one.
    However from the movies list - I could see NO latest avengers movie / deadpool / baby driver / etc etc

    So are these not available at all and if so then how long does one have to wait.

    • +1

      Baby driver is on tonight channel More Movies at 8:31pm

    • There aren't that recent. They are released on Foxtel after their Bluray releases. Baby Driver is there though.

      • Thanks for the info.. really wanted to see if we could get our hands on black panther / avengers latest one / deadpool 2 / etc. But alas !!

        • usually it's 9-12 months after cinema showing before it gets shown on foxtel movies.

  • +1

    I'll take it, but I will never upgrade my account to get the movie package because 9/10 it's complete garbage.

  • Checked my Foxtel app and the movie channels are working and I’m an exisiting member

  • It's also working on Foxtel Now…well it is working for me at least.

    FWIW, I'm currently on the Telstra Foxtel Now 12 month free offer!

  • FOXTEL customer for 7 years, but didn’t receive this offer :(

  • Working through the app but not on the TV. Anyone know why?

    • Same for me, works on Foxtel app on the Mac but not on the IQ2, no email either

  • It works for me. IQ2 box. Thanks OP. Wouldn't have bothered to check on Foxtel if you didn't post it :)

  • Working on Foxtel Now App (free telstra trial)

  • I didn't have it, but then I just held down power button for ten seconds and did a hard reset of my iQ3 and now have movies :)

  • Thanks OP👍

  • -1

    Another one here on the Telstra Foxtel Now 12 month offer and I've now got the movies.
    That's the wife sorted, so i can watch the World Cup later without her nattering on the side ;-)

  • Damn. Got excited after seeing the posts saying it works for Foxtel Now Telstra freebie customers, but couldn't get it to work for me. All channels still showing locked on Android app. Have tried logged out and back in and restarted app to no avail. Boo.

  • Works for me on Telstra Hottest Entertainment Bundle with 12M free Foxtel Now.
    Kids are gonna love the Disney Movies!
    I've only tested on my Telstra TV and not the Android app though.

  • Works on Foxtel Now, thanks

  • Working. Foxtel Now 24 month free (on 24 mth contract) customer, currently subscribed to lifestyle pack

  • Working on the Telstra TV box. Perfect for the Animation pop up channel for the school holidays.

  • Super excited school holidays sorted. 😀

  • I got it the email and access to the channels, but the selection of movies is… meh.
    Foxtel's retention deals are well-known but it recently backfired on a mate of mine. After 8 years with Foxtel and paying more than $100/mth for 2 IQ2s and all the packages, he lost his job and rang up to ask for a discount.
    And they said no. No negotiating, no incentives, just we'll terminate it next week.
    He got really peeved and told them, OK then, just turn it off now. Disconnected the boxes and hooked up to the NBN the next day.
    Then he started started shopping around. Now he has Netflix and Stan and, thanks to a tech-savvy son and a VPN, access to every sport he used to watch on pay TV, for less than half the cost.

  • Cheers, OP! I never got an email with this notification.

  • Never got an email. Movie channel doesn't work.🤨

  • Great deal, perfect timing for the kids!

  • i cant believe this many ozbargainers pay for foxtel.

    • How else do we watch sport legally???

  • We only have the Sport channel to watch Super Cars and other motor sport, otherwise would definitely not bother with Foxtel. Thanks to you guys for the heads up as we didn't get an email, we have access to movies for now too. Not that there are that many good ones but we have set it to record any that appeal. Its free so why not? I wouldn't pay the extra for them otherwise though. When GOT comes back we will subscribe for the duration of the season but that's all. By the way we have Foxtel through Telstra.

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