expired Galax nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GPU $348.75 Delivered @ Futu_Online eBay (eBay Plus)

Galax nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GPU $348.75 Delivered @ Futu_Online eBay (eBay Plus)Affiliate

Great price for a 1060 6GB. Looks like GPUs are steadily coming down, even if it takes exorbitant price jacking and discounting to get this price.

There are a few Asus Strix for $4.50 cheaper but insufficient quantity to post.

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    The ASUS card actually has 100 in stock FYI, the Limited Availability message just comes up every so often for some reason, you can check stock levels by inputting a QTY until it shows a red error message.


    With the 1160 on the way is it worth holding out? This seems like a great price, but if you'll be able to buy next gen for +$50 soon…?


      We don't know how much the 1160 costs, or whether or not Turing is actually a big generational leap. It might end up being only 10~20% faster.

      $350 is a pretty decent price for the card. If you haven't upgraded since Nvidia Fermi / Kepler series, now is a good time as any to go with Pascal.

      I got the GTX 1060 as a very early adopter (before massive price increases made the cards scarce) for $419, so it's likely the 1160 will cost $400+ when it comes out.


        If you check out what the Titan V is doing in terms of die space at the same TDP as the 1080ti, you'll see that Turing should be a pretty significant leap in terms of performance.

        I don't expect it to show any serious efficiency gains, merely be a larger set of cores with slightly higher clocks. The 1160 offering 1070 performance is the minimum expectation of the market (+40%), but at least 60% is achievable if the Titan V maths hold (+50% at the same clock speed and CUDA core count when compared to a 1080, then expect clock speeds to boost 10%, GDDR6 to grant a 10% boost, and compression improvements).

        The only question mark is how much cheaper has TSMC's matured process become in the 2.5 years since - which 12nm is a refinement of - and how much of that applies to this new process. That'll be the determining factor in whether we'll see an MSRP increase due to GDDR6 or not.


          CUDA core count

          CUDA is an API …


          @Diji1: yes, made by NVIDIA, to overlay GPU instruction sets.

          CUDA core counts are provided by NVIDIA, and give an idea of the architecture and core count in a given GPU. The Titan V also has 'tensor cores' in the mix, so it's not a 2:1 ratio for the die size, but it appears to run close.

          A 60% increase in raw GPU numbers is a solid conservative number, and pushes the 1160 to approaching 1080 levels, the 1170 to 1080ti levels and 1180 to a genuine shot at being a 4k/120fps card.

          Also remember that the 1160 has to remain competitive with AMD's Navi offering, which is projected as 1080 performance at 1060 thermals, so there's a strong argument for Turing to exceed 60% performance gains at the same TDP compared to the Geforce 10 series.


      The 6GB 1060 is going for AU$270 pre-tax in the US (via EVGA), so there's price drops we've not even seen here yet.

      So $300-$310 is probably the lowest these cards will go before the 1180 launch (which should be 2-6 weeks from now). Based on previous launches, you can add another 8-10 weeks for 3rd party 1160 cards. After the 1180 launch, it will be slash and burn.

      I'd say hold, for exactly the same reasoning you've highlighted.

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        Yep, I think I agree. Even if I'm not going with an 1160, I think you're right that prices will go down. I haven't actually made my build yet (currently have a HD7850 in an old gaming pc) but I'm thinking of getting one of these. I'm in no rush, so if prices are likely to fall below this I'll hold out. :) I'm actually in the US in 2 months so maybe I'll pick one up over there!


        I think if you can wait it's a pretty bad time to be buying.

        As I see it either these current GPUs will experience a large price drop when the new GPUs become available or the new GPUs are compelling enough to choose instead at whatever price they are. You will probably get more bang for buck by waiting.

        Also who knows how much supply there is of the current GPUs after the crypto market died down a bit. There might be a glut of GPUs to get rid of.

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    GPU prices are so sad. I bought this exact gpu roughly 6 months ago for a shelf price of $330 just before the prices went crazy. I was desperate and kicking myself at the time for not buyg it on sale, now I am very happy with my purchase. Quite a good gpu btw, It outdperforms the original Titan GPU and that baby cost me $1200 5 year ago. Grabbed a MSI 1080 during the last ebay sale. It too is a mighty fine gpu, but if you dont have the RAM and cpu to match it (at least 16gB and a series 7 from intel or amd), you will be better off with the 1060 anyways.

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      tell me about it. i paid this price in october. Not october 2017, but in oct 2016!


        Dayum, fresh off the press, you must be glad you paid "premium" price now! Held its value better than bitcoin >.<


      "cpu to match it (at least 16gB and a series 7 from intel or amd)"

      If you're saying you need a 7th gen cpu from intel to get the most out of a 1060 or even a 1080. That is false.

      the higher end of 4th gen and up is quite capable and will not bottleneck.


        I am saying from my experience the 1060 works just as good with a amd 5 or intel 5 as it does with a 7 and the 1080 works best with an intel or amd 7 with at least 16gB RAM because I own all of these parts and have tested them together and run both 3DMark and general visual tests on them with a 4K tv and true colour monitor. I own 6 GPUs ranging from raedon 550, palit titan, msi 1060 + 1080, gtx 760 and a Saphirre 580.