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LG G6 (Aus Stock) $467.99 for eBay Plus Members @ Allphones_online eBay


LG G6. Australian Stock. Good price
Yes, historical LG software issues
Yes, probably will have another price drop
Yes, can wait for the v30 to drop price
Yes, not as high-end as the s8

Thanks TA for original post
Original 25% off 51 Sellers for eBay Plus Members / 20% off for non-eBay Plus Members Deal

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  • Thanks for post. Very tempting. I'm not sure how much more this phone will drop. And given the age, I'm skeptical that these phones are actually brand new (I suspect some are refurbished).

    I think I'm just going to pull the trigger on this.

  • G6 or Nokia 7 Plus? Hmmmm

  • +1 for description.

  • Store in title

  • Yes…Still a great phone for that price….and with 2 yr cover

  • +1 for description too! If you don't mind the lack of software updates, latest is international indian firmware which you can easily flash without any complex procedures. Can be reflashed back to the original firmware too just as easily. Oreo software is not available yet. Camera isnt as good as previous G5. Slight lag. Noticeable when loading up the camera. Built like a tank. Only using the basic clear gel cover and plastic screen protector and it has survived multiple drops without a crack. Dropped it on a bowl of soup too and it survived that. Washed it a few times under the tap with running water and its been fine. Just wont allow you to charge until the port is totally dry. That being said I have just switched to S9+. If it was $400 would definitely recommend.

  • Is this the legit allphones account? Its only got 4000 sales?

  • This is a great price for a phone with 24 month Australia warranty. Would not bother with a China droid when you out can get his - great build quality, QC, water and dust resistance etc. Not the newest processor, but unless you play games, who cares. Nice wide lens camera too.

    • Had this phone since Nov 17 and I'll say the most stand out feature is definitely the wide angle lens on the second back camera. Let's me get shots others can't.

  • Great phone. Bought it last year and cannot fault it. The stock camera is not good but you can install the Google Pixel camera software and I can confirm it takes fantastic pics with that. The front camera struggles big time in low light regardless of how good the Google cam software is.

  • This is the same model JB HiFi stock.

    I've actually only had software related issues which went away after a full reset. It's going along fine.

    Get a case, it's slippery.

  • +3 votes

    I currently use this phone and totally love it. Upgraded from Pixel XL and despite having pretty similar specs, I don't regret the decision. Best thing is the built quality which is top notch (very different from LG predecessors, looks like they've learnt their lessons). Easier to hold despite of having a bigger screen (screen is taller less wider) hence typing single handed is actually possible (which is a big plus for me). Rear main camera is great (even comparative to Pixel camera) and you can actually install Google HDR plus camera software in this and get those nicer outputs which are almost identical to pixel photos (if you're fancy that). Having wide angle camera is cool too.

  • It's an unbelievably good value proposition. The phone is a screaming good deal even without the discount, so at this price it's quite the steal. I'd have jumped on it if I didn't have a V20 that's going mighty strong.

  • I just bought. Thanks OP!

  • Got this phone a month ago from Cash Converters for $400. Was new with all stickers still on. I'm still getting used to it but really it's an amazing phone.

  • Like a G6, like a G6! Sing it!

  • How about the deal from eglobal, comes to $411.2 with memory card and type c adapter

  • Yes, it's a SD 821 CPU, which is 2 years old already, even though the phone is only one year old.
    But, worth the price. just not for me, a G4 victim.

  • Looks like the LG G6 has a locked bootloader (except for the European and carrier-free US versions, which this isn't), so no custom ROMs. Combine this with LG's pretty poor record of software updates - e.g. from personal experience I can tell you the LG G4 only got software & security updates for around 15 months from the release date, with nothing since, and the LG G6 is now roughly 15 months from release too - means that you should probably assume that software it comes with now (with if you're lucky maybe one or 2 more updates) is basically it, and you most likely won't get any further software or security updates for Android beyond that.

    • LG G6 870DS version can be unlocked (dual SIM, Quad DAC version). LG G6 870k (Telstra version, single SIM no DAC) unfortunately can't be unlocked yet. However LG has already released Android 8 for those models so there is no much to complain about.

    • Curious. How do you check if you have a European model? Just received mine an hour ago and it comes with a euro plug. Haven't turned it on yet

  • It could be cheaper when you pay by Ebay Gift Card (10% off deal few months ago) + TRS, it will be below $400 mark for an AU stock.

  • Mine legit bootlooped last week exactly one year after owning it. Very soured and will never buy an LG again lads tread lightly.

    • Is it covered under the 24 month warranty?

      • Bought through QD_AU on ebay, contacted them no response. Contacted LG they took my IMEI and then never responded.

        • When you contact QD_Au, make sure you're doing it via My Ebay, go through your past purchases, find this phone purchase, then go "ask seller a question" against that in the list, and then ask them in that form. That's what I did with my LG G4 purhcased from QD_au, when it bootlooped 15 months after purchase (only sold with 12 months warranty), and they were very good and replaced it, but I remember reading people saying you had to contact them this way for them to respond. And my apologies if you've already done it this way.

          LG on the other hand really are just useless for overseas stock (which in my opinion, for a phone that was bootlooping because of their poor hardware QA due to a systematic fault and which really should have been recalled, makes them a bunch of total muppets).

        • @nickj:

          yes. i did it that way for my G4 and got quick response.

  • Great phone! I have to give mine back to Telstra because I'm getting an iPhone for my girlfriend under the 'new phone feeling', and I'll have to go back to an older spare phone.

    Battery life has been phenomenal for me on stock Android 7.0, better than any other phone I've had. I can almost get 2 full days of moderate use if I forget to charge it overnight.

    Apart from solid battery life - phone has always run smoothly and never had any major issues at all.

  • Anyone upgraded from a Galaxy Note 4 to a new phone recently?

    I'm tempted but the S pen will be sorely missed.
    Just watched a screen comparison on G6 vs Note 4 and the Note 4 actually looks better to me in that regard.

    My Note 4 has a cooked battery so I'm currently deciding whether to just replace it again for $20 or to upgrade to a new phone.

    • Don't know how difficult it is to get rid of Spen addiction as I don't suffer from it :D

      I bought Note 3 when it came out and rarely used it because the feel on the hand felt bulky compared to my HTC M7 and M8 I had the time. Guessing you might have similar issues going other way? That Note 3 was the biggest waste of money I spent as I still have the phone in my drawer :P

      If you're happy with your Note 4 then just buy a new battery :)

      But I would recommend a Google Pixel XL gen 1 if you can live without SD card slot and Spen. The price for refurbs is ok right now.

  • This or the Moto X4 for 399$ at JB Hifi?

    • I'm personally going to wait for the Pixel 3 announcement in the coming months.
      My phone is 2.5 years old, a few more months of waiting won't be too bad

  • I swapped to this phone because can't stand s8 edge screen.
    I also do notice the camera is a bit laggy and doesn't perform as well in low light condition compared to my s8.
    Which Google pixel camera app are you guys talking about that can improve this?