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HP Omen Accelerator GTX1060 3GB + 1TB HDD $483.75, Gigabyte AORUS GTX1070 External Gaming Box $730.50 @ RevCom eBay (eBay Plus)


Update: I got the Omen 1060 and HDD to work perfectly with my early 2015 MBPr with minimal fiddling (not plug n play though, have to reset).

I've done some extensive research but the TLDR is these are the only two fully featured eGPU machines that make sense value wise in Australia. Comparison Reviews Reviews
You will need a laptop with Thunderbolt and preferably other features, However I plan to use mine with a 2015 13inch Macbook Pro retina with thunderbolt 2 using this adapter. Note: You will be bottlenecked by Thunderbolt 2 but it will still work well Results Comparison

Check to see if your laptop is compatible HERE

HP Omen Accelerator GTX 1060 3GB + 1TB HDD $483.75

Equally best value for money (Omen - GPU = ~$210 for enclosure only)
Full sized GPU upgradability and high compatibility
Included HDD to store steam games
Largest foot print (can be significantly reduced by removing the stupid feet) Guide
Full sized PSU (but not great for changing)

Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1070 External Gaming Box External Graphics Cards $730.5

Requires Mini ITX GPU (not as good upgradability)
Super compact and travel friendly (more room for activities)
Equally best value for money (Aorus - GPU = ~$205 for enclosure only)
Smaller fans (a bit louder)

I personally went with the Omen and plan to sell the GPU if I decide I want to upgrade later.

Original 25% off 51 Sellers for eBay Plus Members / 20% off for non-eBay Plus Members Deal

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  • All these external GPU enclosures require thunderbolt 3, which my computer doesn’t have :(

  • Can this be used with a Macbook Air? But i guess the low processing power would be a let down

    • There have been plenty of builds with an air, check yours here

  • +1

    It's been down under $450 before https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/386345 if only JW Computers were included in the 25% off it'd be sub $400.

    Good deal but I'm hoping to pick it up closer to $400

  • Anyone know if the aorus works ok with HP x360 spectre 2017 model

  • You should run these on external displays to minimize bandwidth waste

  • +1

    i am using XPS 9950 with external 4k screen, does it work with AORUS GTX1070 External Gaming Box?

    I am planning to buy an additional desktop but that cost $1700, this option can save me $1k if it works.

  • +2

    I have one from the $517 deal. It works great, but bigger than I imagined (though from reviews I knew to expect it). I use it with my Dell XPS 9360, with only 2 PCIe lanes, but with an external monitor and a GTX1060 you'd never bottleneck anyway.

  • I am using one with a nuc results are good

    • Which one?

    • That's what I wanted to hear. My boy has a Skull Canyon. I'm assuming if it runs on your NUC, surely it would run on the Skull Canyon…

      He mentioned a Switch for his birthday, but I'm wondering whether this will change his mind??

  • I got a Mac book pro 15…

    will either these good (ie enhance performance) for photo and 4k and 6k video editing?

  • I thought Mac only supported AMD

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