2018 iPad 9.7" Cellular $29/Month Including 2GB Data on 24 Month Plan @ Telstra


Not as good as last years deal for $20 however still pretty good as it includes 12gb data this time around.
cost of Ipad comes out at $336 + $360 for the data over 24 months


You can get the 128GB for $34 a month which is also pretty good.

Love the feeling you get when you pick up the latest tablet?

With New Tablet Feeling built into our Go Mobile Broadband plans, you can get the latest tablet on a new 24-month device plan, and upgrade to a new 24-month device plan after just 12 months

All you need to do is wait at least 12 months, pay $149 when you’re ready for a new tablet on a new 24 month device plan and return your original tablet undamaged and in good working order.

New iPad 32GB Space Grey

9.7-inch Retina display
A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture
Compatible with Apple Pencil (sold separately)
Touch ID fingerprint sensor
8MP camera with 1080p video
1.2MP FaceTime HD camera
Up to 9 hours of battery life

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    1 GB per month? Hahahhaha. I need at least 1 gb per day

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      Sort of kills the deal for those that dont only use data lightly (but need data). We have a data share with 50GB this would presumably pool with meaning we have heaps of data, but then it feels like we're paying effectively $700 for the iPad with negligible data inclusions.

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        your actually getting 24gb of data over 24months for $27 above the RRP price of the ipad

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          You’re right. Completely overlooked it being the cellular model.

          Might still be better off grabbing it outright during a sale somewhere, but for the cellular model the deals actually ok. I’d need to pay for a data share sim anyway if going outright too (although I’d probably justvtether the wifi).


          But the data is very limited.

          If I got the wifi version outright, there would be $250 change to spend on extra data for my phone.
          On Belong (Telstra subsuidiary), I get up to 15GB/month (average, more peak) for $2/GB.

          (upgrade to $40 instead of $10 for one month gets 14GB extra banked, no expiry. )

          Tethering is a minor inconvenience, but saves money and no worries about rationing out 1GB/month.

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          @manic: I am sure some people don't like the inconvenience of tethering, or not tech-savvy to do so. Also Wifi model lack GPS too right?

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          @edfoo: Wifi and cellular models? I've nver had a tablet so I have no idea what I'm talking about but are you saying that there are two different models, one that is wifi only and one that is cellular only?!

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          Tether/hotspot is just point & click these days. The cognitively challenged can watch a 2-minute youtube video to explain.

          Missing GPS is annoying in theory, but who uses their ipad for navigation? Wifi location is usually good enough.

          For me, not having top worry about 1GB data quota would far outweigh anything else.

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          @subywagon: one model is wifi only. The other model has wifi and a cellular radio so you can put a sim card in the iPad directly and access the internet through a telco rather than via wifi. So the top models are actually wifi only and cellular + wifi

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          @subywagon: Don't know who neg your post. Everybody has to learn from the beginning. I upvoted you. As others have explained, There are a Wifi and a Cellular model. The cellular tablet has a slot for a sim card just like for your mobile phone. Of course you don't use your tablet to make normal phone call, but it allows you to connect to say Telstra mobile network, so you can surf internet using Telstra service. With Wifi model, if you don't have a Wifi connection, then you cannot surf the net.

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          @manic: Believe me, they are still many un-tech-savvy people (e.g. older people, not to be an ageist) have no idea what is tethering.

          As for your comment on who is using a tablet for GPS navigation, obviously you don't have much knowledge in 4WD offroading. Many of us like to use a bigger screen tablets (instead of smaller screen smartphones) to load offroad maps e.g. HEMA maps to navigate. You don't get cellular signal when you are out in the bush in many places. Offline maps with GPS navigation is very useful.

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          Up voted as well, no idea why people neg vote when the question is innocent and legitimate.


          How did you come up with 24gb


          Thanks for the replies all. I don't really care about negs, it was a legitimate question on my behalf as I've never really looked into tablets. I've always assumed that they would be both cellular and wifi. I guess it creates an opportunity to upsell and charge more for a better model. As I live fairly rural I couldn't imagine using a tablet with wifi only!

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          both have wifi. one also has cellular.
          All Models
          Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac); dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) MIMO
          Bluetooth 4.2 technology

          Wi-Fi + Cellular model:
          CDMA EV-DO & Rev. A
          LTE (22 bands)
          GPS and GLONASS
          Data only
          Wi-Fi calling


          24gb = 24 months x 1gb



          24 months of 1 a month


          No one here would pay retail, so it's probably closer to $100+… Basically $4-5/GB - pretty expensive. Good if you want a payment plan without interest/etc.


          @easternculture: 1GB of data every month for 24 months. 1x24=24GB


      I believe Optus has the same for $35/Mo with 10GB or $52 for 200GB on super sales sometimes.


      Now 2GB per month with the new Telstra Plan reforms.

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    You always can share data with your Telstra postpaid mobile phone data, also always can try your luck with online rep for extra 5Gb bonus data.


      So they will give me a separate sim that is linked to my current telstra account and shares my phone data?



    I got the bonus 5gb last year and use it with my post paid mobile data share ( 50gb )


    Thanks OP. Does this plan include free NRL subscription?


      All plans include
      Live sport. Data-free.

      AFL NRL netball

      Stream AFL, AFLW, NRL and Netball live, fast and data-free this 2018 season.
      Excludes NRL Grand Final, State of Origin and some Diamonds games. AFL/AFLW/NRL live games are limited to a 7" viewing size.

      Only available on compatible iOS and Android devices


    Dammit got for $35 month last month

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    You get free unlimited Telstra Air as well btw if there's one nearby.
    Just tether from your phone the data you need.
    Also a bonus 5GB for having multiple services and another 5GB 'welcome bonus'

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      None of that makes up for the abysmal 1GB data allowance.


        Well considering that they recently had $30 per month for 1GB of data it's certainly a step in the right direction.

        Is 6GB (possibly more) + iPad for $29 per month still "absymal"?


          Telstra used to have 12GB of data 365 days plans for $99


          @asa79: That's a smart move from them, 12GB a year rather than 1GB a month and then you have to fork out more when you realise it's only been 2 months in and you've used 90% of the years quota.

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      Telstra air is slower than dial up


      Also a bonus 5GB for having multiple services and another 5GB 'welcome bonus'

      Do you have any link to this?
      I was looking, but can't find any info on it.


        I guess look in the Pixel 2 XL deal if you want it written in black and white however just ask the online reps and they should be more than happy to oblige.


    Not mentioned anywhere but I assume this is the cellular version.

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          You could easily put your foot down on the accelerator too hard and crash into the car infront of you.

          Do you not believe in personal responsibility?

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          From the Critical Information Statement

          Extra data
          If you exceed your Monthly Data allowance, we will automatically
          add 1GB to your service for $10 (Extra Data). Extra Data is for
          use in Australia shared with other Eligible Data Share Services,
          and expires at the end of your billing month.


          Call and data usage information
          You will receive email alerts when you reach 50%, 85% and 100%
          of your Monthly Data allowance. We will also send you an email if
          1GB Extra Data is added to your service. You can configure your
          notifications, including updating your nominated email address
          to receive your alerts using:
          • the Telstra 24x7® App; or
          • telstra.com/myaccount

          To me that seems pretty reasonable. There's two notifications prior to passing your cap (50% and 85%) and the excess data then comes in $10 chunks. Unless people disable the notifications or ignore their email, I don't think one can argue that there is going to be bill shock occurring.

          In theory you can blow through our data in minutes, sure. In practice the App Store limits cellular downloads over 150Mb and theres very few services that are going to drain your data that quickly. One needs to probably be weary of netflix or playing Fortnite etc however.

          They also have higher tier plans too, this is just the base one. If constant streaming is important then people should get a plan with a suitable data allowance.

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    Got offered 5gb signup bonus just asking if I could data share.

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    They also have the Galaxy Tab S2 for 30/mth if you don't like apples


    Anyone know if this Sim card can be used to receive calls and sms if I put it in a mobile phone?


    i bought one a few weeks ago. The screen seems to have a different colour temp to the Pro 9.7. This is more cool, and the Pro is more warm. I like the look of the Pro a lot better. There seemed to be more colour accuracy.


      The iPad pros have the True Colour display, which uses a sensor to work out what sort of lighting you’re using the iPad in, and adjusts the colour temp accordingly.
      Bit weird but I’m not an artist so I can’t say how good it is.


    Cashrewards $95 cashback as well ?

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        "Special Terms

        Cashback is only available when you take up a new phone on a 24 month Go Mobile Plus plan and handset repayment.

        Cashback is paid once per order/transaction, regardless of the number of plans purchased on that order.

        Cashback is redeemed from Cashrewards (not Telstra)."

        Are you sure? If the $95 cashback is valid it really makes this a great deal, however reading the terms it seems like it wouldn't meet the terms… considering it specifies "phone". I would like to be proven wrong though.


    Ordered one, $29 a month for 6gb data. Will go nicely with my existing ~60gb data.

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