This was posted 4 years 1 month 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Telstra Amway IBO/VIP Offer


Mod: Removed AMWAY details as per request. Deal is over. See merchant take down request from Telstra.

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      I'm not sure; Cashrewards seldom worked for me, so I stopped wasting my time on it years ago.

      • how do u use cr tho? it will take u to the non amway link..

        • I'm not sure

      • Maybe try with adblock disabled?

        • I did. I even tried it on IE with no extensions installed to no noticeable improvement. For me, it isn't worth bothering with and the spam posts on OzBargain by their store reps has turned me against cashback services.

  • 24 month commitment contract one would presume?

    • Yeah, I couldn't fit it in the title. Just updated post to include this.

      • Perfect thanks OP

      • does this entail, the new phone offer after every year…

  • Any contract?

  • Can we keep same number ?

    • You can port a number across from a different carrier or keep the same number if you're currently with Telstra, though you won't receive the $295.50 credit if you choose the latter option.

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        Minimum 3 months required for porting… Hmmm

        How long is this deal for?

        • Until the 25th, as stated in the OP.

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    I wonder what data caps will be like in 2 years time.

    A great option to replace home internet if you are a low user stuck on ADSL2+.

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      One hundred dollars for 60GB is a great option?

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        If you were looking at getting a new phone anyway it certainly is.

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      Eh… 60GB is literally one Steam game.

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    Sweet mother of gigabytes.

    Look at demz data.

    Data outta me mind.


  • This is a pretty impressive deal. Amway must be subsidizing this in someway?

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    Death death death
    Amway amway amway

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    Hope OP is not Comfortably Numb like his/her name suggest….

    Existing customer here… any tricks to get me into the deal?

  • I am on Telstra prepaid, otherwise I will jump to this with $295 welcome credit.

  • Does this mean you get sucked into their " Network "

    • There's no obligation to purchase any products or services, but Amway will send you promotional emails occasionally which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

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    This plan also offers an optional Data Share SIM( for a one-off $5 payment to use the included data on another device.

    The summary says it's a $5 monthly fee?

    Is there any chance Telstra would change the plan if they find out none of us are related to Amway?

    • My mistake, I must have misread it. Updated post.

      And I doubt Telstra will withdraw this offer; Amway plans have been used by Whirlpool users for years.

    • i tried getting their deal a few years ago through the store and they said no way they can beat the corporate deal. pretty happy with the service

  • Damn, I just signed on to that $49 per month JB Offer.

  • What are actually the steps to get this deal?
    I have signed up for an Amway VIP account, now what?

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      Click on the link in the post and enter your VIP number. I thought that was self-explanatory…

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        The description is very detailed, but it would be useful to add a step by step guide.

        I get to the "Mobile Device and Service" section of the IBO portal and it asks for a lot of information, ie: "Amway Business Name".

        And the "Service Details" section of that form asks for a service password… am I setting one? or is it asking for one?

        What do I put for that?

        EDIT: Appreciate the negs for actually trying to use the bargain.

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          Enter anything under the Amway Business Name—it's only applicable to IBO members and the form is generic. And the service password is set by you.

          Also, I didn't neg you.

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          @Comfortably Numb:
          Thanks, and thanks for not negging.
          Not sure why people are getting annoyed by this.

        • @theguyrules:

          Out of curiosity, did you receive a confirmation email after you signed up to the contract? (Assuming you have signed up).

        • +1

          @Comfortably Numb: I haven't signed up just yet. Trying to work out what device to go for, among other things.

  • Jus signed up for a 115$ (120$ plan-10% student discount + $7 device) 100Gb plan from Optus .. they provided me with a free upgrade from my recent 12month sim only plan.. Or else I would have been all over this .. great deal..

  • Damn what a great deal. Just add some international call mins and its unbeatable.

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      It has internatioanl call mins included…to 15 countries:

      "Unlimited International Calls and SMS to 15 eligible countries*
      *Bangladesh, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, UK, USA and Vietnam."

      Guess you want some general mins to any country…

      • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I need to know of this deal would work once the 24 month contract is over will it run as it is… coz I m not getting much with vodafone.

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    "This plan also offers an optional Data Share SIM for a one-off $5 payment to use the included data on another device."

    Are you sure it's one-off? The link mentions that it's an additional $5 each month, that's how it's been in the past with Telstra so I'm curious if anything's changed.

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      Yeah, that was my mistake. I've already updated the post.

      • Thanks for the clarification. Great deal regardless.

  • Can I get student discount with this?

    • student discount ? link it ?

    • +1

      would like to know too

  • Would be good if you can get a Pixel 2 on this plan…

    • I assume the Pixel 2/XL and iPhone X will be available through Telstra Amway, but neither will be released before this specific deal ends.

  • +2

    In addition, Samsung is offering all customers who pre-order the Galaxy Note8 before 21 September a bonus Samsung Convertible Fast Wireless Charger valued at RRP$119* and customers who purchase the handset before 31 October are eligible for complimentary screen repair within the first year of purchase. Customers are required to register on mySamsung by 14 November 2017 to be eligible for Screen Assure - Does anyone know how long it would take for delivery? Or is it just the order date that matters?

    • Purchase before Oct 31… Register by November 14… Sounds like that's your leeway?

  • +3

    This phone supports Gigabit LTE (CAT16) too so you can blow your Telstra data really quickly.

  • Can someone explain why this is a good deal?
    I've always bought outright cheapish phones, last two phones were kogan and huawei so the thought of an upgrade is appealing.

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      It's a good deal for a Note 8. Whether or not a Note 8 is valuable enough for you to justify getting one is your own dilemma, but if you have decided to get a Note 8 this seems like one of the best deals going. It's about money in exchange for a Note 8, not money in exchange for a mobile phone. I hope that clears it up :)

    • +1

      2gb roaming data without having to pay a "daily" fee like the Voda red plans and Optus roaming is pretty big. And you are currently not able to get the 2GB roaming data on any sim-only or prepaid plans.
      Of course if you don't travel then its worth $0.

      60gb is pretty good.

      • thats exactly why I reckon this offer is a bargain atm even without the welcoming credit and I also dont think data caps would increase that much within 2 years

  • Can you actually sell the s8 for $1200?

    • No, but you could sell the Note 8 for that price if you find the right buyer. That's what they go for when they're on sale, for local stock.

  • Ok, i managed to get Amway VIP membership using pretend email address and $2 prepaid phone number….

    Now filling-in details on Telstra website, the page looks highly customised for Amway customers. Do I need to provide my genuine email/phone number details here? Would these details be passed on to Amway IBOs?

    • +3

      You're signing up for a contract; why would you use fake details?

      • yeah I figured it out after posting :)

        • Out of curiosity, did you receive a confirmation email after you signed up to the contract? (Assuming you have signed up).

        • @Comfortably Numb:

          Just completing my application shortly…

        • @Comfortably Numb:

          Application completed, but no confirmation email yet.

        • @Comfortably Numb: i haven't received anything yet signed up to AMway in the morning at 10am.

  • Do I need to call for the referred ID or can I use the one you provided?

    • To obtain an IBO referrer ID, call Amway on 1800 45 46 47; or simply use the details I received when calling that number

      • +1

        Alright i'll use the one that you provided cheers

      • Sorry but i can not see the details u received? Could u pls let me know so that i can register amway?

      • …Which details?

  • Looks like they got rid of the Voice/Data share sim. That's a shame. Would have made it a whole lot more attractive being able to make this a partner plan.

  • Must be a stupid question is it safe to say that if your still a telstra customer (out of contract) you cant sign up? Or you can just dont have the welcome credit available to you?

    • Port out and port in

      • cant have been a customer for 3 months so that wont work

  • Is this for new customers only?

    • dont think so as it asks you whether you want to keep your telstra number or not, fingers crossed as I just submitted mine

    • Yes if you want $295 welcome credit:

      "**A Telstra 'welcome credit' may apply to your chosen service - you must be coming from a different provider and have not been a Telstra mobile customer (with this same number) for 3 months. If you meet this criteria, the welcome credit will be applied to your Telstra account - please be aware that this may take up to three billing cycles to appear. The $52.50 BYO plan and $38 Accelerate plan do NOT attract any welcome credit."

    • New contracts, not necessarily new customers.

  • How long until you get your device after ordering this way? Anyone know?

    • +1

      Usually within the week.

  • +1

    Thanks OP for the awesome deal now just waiting for the confirmation email

  • Has anyone had success in getting confirmation? Just want to know the experience before going ahead….

    • I just signed up, nothing yet aside from a reference number.

      • +1

        Would be keen to know how it all goes if you don't mind sharing - still got a couple days to do it.

        • I shall report back

        • @theguyrules: Hey mate did you get a confirmation back, I never did so… going to assume it never went through (shrugs)

        • @nobby148: I think they'll eventually process it

        • @theguyrules: fingers crossed hope so

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    What are the caveats for the international roaming?

    Unlimited Calls and SMS when roaming internationally + 2GB international data allowance

    Is it 2GB per month? Per trip? Per provider that you roam with?

    • good question im think it would be per month? you will chew through 2 gig pretty quick.

      • +1

        u can use 3G option on these phones for roaming eats less data, 2GB is more than enough for whatsapp and Imessage, snapchat and FB messenger.

    • +2

      Includes Zone 1 + 2 Travel Pass countries:

      New Zealand + Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Nauru, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Phillipines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovak Rep., Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, and Vanuatu

      Edit: 'Grey Listed' countries where prepaid SIMs are reportedly hard to get are highlighted in bold.

  • Any idea if this would include 6 mos Apple Music or 12 mos Foxtel Now that comes with other Go Mobile plans?

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