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Telstra Amway IBO/VIP Offer


Mod: Removed AMWAY details as per request. Deal is over. See merchant take down request from Telstra.

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    • I think u can ask the Customer service of Telstra to add that for you since you are having their plan or service. Give it a try ;)

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        One of my favourite pastimes is talking to Telstra 24x7 chat…./s

        Also wondering how strict they are on the Welcome Credit. In the past I've gotten a $200 bonus by porting to Optus and posting back to Telstra but it was a massive hassle. Wondering if $295 is worth changing to a new number but changing 2FA and updating contacts is a pain.

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    Where were you when I my phone fell and broken
    While the days slipped by watching ozbargain for phone deals
    Where were you when I was hurt and helpless
    Because the things you say and the things you do disappoint me
    While you were writing this up and spell checking it
    Dying to believe in what you heard
    I was signing straight into the new Optus plan

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    I've been using the Note 8 for a few weeks now - absolutely love it. The thing is a behemoth but a pleasure to use. Highly recommend.

  • How long does the email take to get through?

    • Not sure yet.

      • mine has been a couple of hours

    • Which email? The VIP sign up, or the order confirmation?

      • Order confirmation

      • I'm still waiting for the sign up.

  • It is the best deal, however, I need for the international call as Cambodia only. Are there any available?

  • Unlimited Calls and SMS when roaming internationally + 2GB international data allowance

    What does this mean; exactly?

    Incoming and Outgoing free in any country you travel to?

    Can someone clarify?

    • Includes Zone 1 + 2 Travel Pass countries:

      New Zealand + Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Nauru, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Phillipines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovak Rep., Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, and Vanuatu

      Edit: 'Grey Listed' countries where prepaid SIMs are reportedly hard to get are highlighted in bold.

      • Thanks nickeveli

        I find it still vague however.

        Outgoing free… calling where?

        Locally in the country one is in? Back to Oz? To the aforementioned Zone 1 + 2 Travel Pass countries? Or to the 15 countries to which it is unlimited calls as per plan?

        • Sorry for not answering your original question, I read it too fast.

          The Unlimited Roaming Calls/SMS would likely to be for the country you were in i.e. as if you were a local. Calls to Australia would likely incur charges. This is just my interpretation though…

          The 15 countries are "International calls & SMS from Australia" per the website so you couldn't call those for free while roaming.

          Edit: 24x7 Chat says it's included!

          ok, I understand the data when roaming. but what about the calls? say I'm in the UK, can I call Oz for free? or can I call the 15 countries for free while in the UK?
          at 19:39, Oct 23:
          Yes, you may call within those countries to OZ.
          at 19:39, Oct 23:
          Let me check on the last question.
          at 19:41, Oct 23:
          Was checking on the critical information summary.
          at 19:42, Oct 23:
          If you are on UK you can also make unli calls on selected countries on the list I have sent you. :)

        • @nickeveli: Thanks again!

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    I am always mindful of companies that don't send out auto confirmation emails - it is the most basic of ordering principles and yet they somehow don't do it here…

    • I'm going to try calling them and getting some sort of info out of them!

      • This would be good to know if you could keep us updated!

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          30 mins on hold, and nothing.
          Gave up after 40 min.

        • @theguyrules:

          Wow - makes me doubt the service all up. Imagine you have a big payment issue - trying to sort this out with Amway..

        • @xtrmn8a: Attempting to call them again now.

        • @xtrmn8a:

          You're calling a team of Telstra peeps who's dedicated to service Amway VIP clients/IBO only. so no, you will not sort anything out with Amway in any way in regards to your phone service with Telstra… You do however get some free vouchers if I am not wrong. Plus if you qualify for the welcoming credit, it should give you about $200-300 worth of credit meaning about 2 months free (depending on your plan)

        • @theguyrules:

          Let me guess another 30-40 minutes and nothing?? I've tried 3 times today.

  • Can we use this deal to pre order Pixel 2 XL ?

  • i am currently with Boost prepaid which uses Telstra network. Am i still eligible to this offer?

  • May be a stupid question but was wondering, Do you own the phone after the 24 months or is this one of those leasing deals?

    • You own it.

  • Hey which handset plan do I choose? Its giving me a few options but not sure which one. Am I being a thicko?

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    So has anyone actually successfully ordered from this and gotten a confirmation email of some sort? It's a little disconcerting to be honest to not be able to review order etc.

    • Maybe Telstra has to manually verify these applications?

      • You'd think it would have been more of an automated process :\ but fingers crossed it works out well.

  • Is the Telstra new phone feeling option an additional cost?

  • Would a Telstra pre-paid count for the bonus?

    • No you wont qualify for the bonus credit as your number has to NOT have been with telstra for 3 months which sucks though I still signed up still works out as a great deal nonetheless.

  • In the form they ask for employer contacts, does this need verification by phone calls to managers? In this digital age it would be easy to credit check, why do they need all this info. Maybe thats the delay.

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    If anyone need helps in registration of the VIP account, pm me I can help you out quick. I am amway IBO

    • Hey. I can not pm you. Could u pm me?

      • +3

        I fail to sent message as well. Would me mind to sent me email through ahzhe90 at

        • I'm just about to drop you an email if that's ok so I can get the BIO number. Cheers

        • No problem, have sent the email to you.
          Also to clarify, I do not earn any bonus by signing up VIP client, purely provide assistance.

  • Awesome deal! Thank you

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    If anyone needs an IBO number, pm me. I can provide you with mine quick and easy without calling. Cheers.

    I'm using Telstra Amway plan at the moment and it's the best offer you'll get in the market

    • Can't pm (I think because I'm overseas at the moment) - can you please send me your Amway details?

  • NOTE 8 - DONE!

  • Has anyone received the confirmation email yet.

    Also if you were porting your number, have you sent the port authority Form already?

    • Nothing yet.
      And no, I haven't sent the form yet.

    • Placed the order last night for Note 8.
      No emails confirming the order.

      • High traffic now so the process is slower . Would recommend giving them a call once you have VIP Client number and signed up the plan online.

        I would recommend filling up the form to expedite the process

        • Which form?

        • @airhitam:

          The port authority form if you wish to port your number

        • Just tried to call them and have in the queue for last 15 minutes.

          Has anyone here managed to get through to the phone number provided?

        • @dragonballz: Not yet. I tried yesterday for 40 min.
          Today its been 13 min so far.

        • @theguyrules: Same. I'm actually calling to cancel my order….with service this sub par, it's very worrying.

        • +1

          @Jaystea: I think once the order is done, it should be better.
          The deal is good enough for me to put up with it for a bit.
          Theyre basically paying to end my contract with Vodafone 8 months early!

        • @Jaystea:

          well it took me a while to get mine too; I've found that if I call them during non-peak hours, I get through to them a lot faster.

          It's a good deal hence the high volume of traffic which is understandable. If you can get Telstra service at below Vodafone price, it's worth the wait IMO lol, well that's for me

        • @theguyrules: I also tried their number for 40mins last night, now Im back listening to their hold music (been 24 mins so far). When will this nightmare end! Goodluck getting through mate!

        • @Serathis: How long did it take you to get yours?

        • @Serathis: Telstra told me that the number can't be ported until I physically receive the phone, insert the sim, activate my service. That's the same regardless of the forms I filled out yea?

        • +1

          After an hour on hold I hung up for my own safety.
          That damn hold music… shudders

        • Same here. Was on hold for an hour before I decided to hang up.

          Now I am debating if I should just cancel the order. Unfortunately, no way to do that either until I find a way to get through to them!

        • @dragonballz: Yeah how would we even cancel it?
          In the phone menu, did you select option 2 (mobile requirements) and then option 3 (new customers and enquiries)?

    • Placed the order last night. No email confirmation yet.

  • Does anyone know whether this plan's data can shared with an Ipad or dongle for additional $5?

    • Yes. It can.

  • ends tomorrow

  • Yesterday I went to Telstra Store to have a play Note 8, and staff there told me the $129 (discount from $149) promotion will be extended.
    Anyone can confirm?
    Then Amway $99.2 will also be extended.

  • If I accidentally entered the wrong Amway IBO/VIP number do you think it would impact the application? Should I apply again with the correct one to be safe?

    • I used the IBO in my application and they adjusted it while I was on the phone with them.
      Unfortunately they have moved the Telstra Amway team an overseas bunch and even within their team, they can't tell what the left has is doing from the right at times.

      • How long did you have to wait to get through? I waited for an hour but no luck.

        • This was for their normal offerings a few months back, not for this deal.
          There wasn't any wait time then thankfully. Normally got through within a few rings.
          Looks like the service has gone down since then.. or hopefully they're just being inundated with applications?

  • Great offer! I'm overseas at the moment. Can someone pm me the IBO and VIP number please? Don't want to miss this deal…

    • Just sign up using OP provided IBO details…takes less than a minute!

  • Ok, I'm still deciding if I should just buy this plan or buy it outright and use the Coles Mastercard's Shopping Protection Insurance for the 24 months price drop claim. I have always used this card to buy phones and claim back the difference 12-18 months later (too long and the original store may not stock that phone). Basically, I'm buying a Note 8 (grey model) at a price 18 months later, so phone will probably cost $700-$800 effectively.

    But this is a local model, 2 years warranty…with free wireless charger and screen assure. Hmm..what do you guys think?

  • Has anybody got the confirmation email (or any other email) yet?

    • +1


    • +1

      no. placed the order last night

  • Can any one confirm that BOOST customers would be treated as new customers from another provider and can claim $295.50 credit?


  • Thanks OP ordered one today

  • +2

    Alright so far I have spent over 2 hours in total on hold with the Amway phone number and haven't yet been able to speak to anyone.

    • I tried reaching them through web chat and the agent wasn't aware of Amway promotion at all..Later she told me that there is a special team dealing with Amway orders…she called me and put me through to their number where I was on hold for about 45 mins before giving up.

      • I suspect it's the same number we've all been using. 1800 426 699? Yea i was on it for 1 hr 5 min and hung up because I had things to do and places to go.

        • Yeah thats the one. Option 2 then option 3 is what I have been using.

        • I tried reaching them again through Webchat and this time it was even more interesting:

          I gave the agent all details of the promo etc. and told her that I have been on hold for a long time but with no luck… I requested if she could firstly try to reach the specialised team looking after Amway orders and then ring me when they are available to talk… She simply ignored that and called me straight away and said she would put me through to them.. Anyways, she ended up putting me through to ADSL team…and when I explained the whole story…the rep asked if I was sure it isn't a scam…because there isn't any Telstra Amway offer…!!!!!!!

          Giving up….

        • +1

          @batrarobin: I wonder how many people actually work in the Telstra Amway team.
          I suspect one. Or none.

        • @theguyrules:
          There are at least 4 different people lol.
          Unfortunately, they are based overseas now.

        • @SuiCid3: Ah bugger

        • +1

          The only way to get through to the Telstra Amyway team is via their phone number.
          Although, you can try complaints? Not sure if they have access to the Amway accounts though…

        • @SuiCid3:

          Been waiting on hold for over an hour now. Have had to hang up and call back a few times throughout the day, and have been on hold for the better part of the day. I'm not sure how anyone can get hold of this team.

          I tried 24x7 online chat and they just called me then transferred me to the same number. There is apparently no supervisor or escalation procedure either.

        • +2

          @Hoverman1977: I am at 1 hr again. I can probably do this for another hour so I'm hoping I finally get someone!

          EDIT: Accidentally hung up at 1 hr 30 minutes. This is ridiculous.

        • @theguyrules:

          I got through at 59mins and 8seconds. Was just about to give up and go home when they answered.

  • How long are people finding the Amway VIP sign up process to take? I filled out the form last night and am currently waiting for my number.

    • +3

      It was instant for me.

    • +1

      instant for me too. Gmail did flag it as a promotion though

      • Awesome, thanks! I didn't realise that I had tabs active on that account and sure enough it was in there.

  • +1

    Just copying/pasting from one of the chats I did with Telstra:

    "It is not from Telstra Website directly

    Only Amway IBOs/VIPs are eligible for Amway Plans and they need to meet the following criteria

    it should be registered on the Amway IBO/VIP list supplied by Amway head office.

    If the applicant name isn’t on the Amway IBO/VIP list or is different, the applicant needs to be referred back to their Amway IBO or the Amway Head Office,

    If you believe you should be registered against the IBO/VIP number listed then you’ll need to contact Amway Head Office so they can amend the records that they’ve supplied to us."

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