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6x 28-Day amaysim Renewals $4.97 on 1GB Unlimited Plan ($0.82 Per 28 Days) @ Groupon


Cheapest yet. Apply coupon 50SIM at checkout for discount. Offer ends Tues, July 17. Enjoy :)

(1) New amaysim customers only, (2) Redeem voucher by 23rd July 2018, (3) Activate SIM before 31st July 2018.

Use Cashrewards for 15% Cashback until midnight Monday by clicking from this link.

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  • Wow it just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper.

    • -2

      yeah but only 34 upvotes in 35 mins of posting. That must be disappointing for TA!

      • Just got it above the vote/min benchmark

  • +8

    just when i thought it couldnt get any cheaper bahah

  • +1

    that title is so confusing for someone who doesn't know much about this lol so its pretty much 6 x 1 month recharges with 1gb data for 5 bucks?

    also might want to include this

    Valid for new amaysim customers only
    Not to be used with any other offer
    Not to be used in conjunction with an existing amaysim service
    Redeem Groupon voucher by 23rd July 2018
    Activate delivered sim before 31st July 2018

    do these stack?

    • +2

      Yeah it's unbelievable that people went the Kogan way for $7'ish per month when these are pretty reliable!

  • Is that for existing amaysim customes?

  • +1

    I'm holding out for something like this when my contract ends in September.

  • +18

    If anyone wants/needs 4 free 1gb months use the following code:
    I was offered a special offer which expires tonight.
    There are two uses according to email:

    • +7

      Interesting , I’m giving a free code to get 4 free renewals and I get voted cold…

      • Thanks got one!

        • Enjoy, I got two (one for me and one for husband), the first sim was also prepaid, handy if you are giving to kids

        • @fozzie: tried your code, doesnt work :(

        • +1

          That’s shame there were two uses left and one was already gone. Some more popping on here just keep an eye out

        • @fozzie: cheers mate

        • @shakir99:


    • where do you enter that code?

      Is it under Recharge Voucher? It's not letting me click Continue.

    • +1

      For anyone who wants it I have the same offer (expires tonight too):

      CVXLM4 - says it can be used up to 3 times, I don't need it

      • thx

    • VFXA43 - 3 uses remaining

    • +1

      Got 3 more if anyone need this
      Expiry tonight as well

      • +2

        Same here. 2 more available. 4 months free.
        6L24MB expires tonight.

    • E2DTGA. Mine if anyone needs it. Used once. Expire midnight

      • Where do I input the code? When ordering sim from Amaysim website?

    • VBXKW7

      Can be used for three times too.


    • VKE7T4 - 2 uses left. Enjoy.

      • Thankyou for the code.

        Would you know if the porting process is started after I finish checkout or when the sim is received & inserted into phone?

        • Great! Porting will not take place when you order. You will have to activate and start the porting when the sim arrives.

        • @ashik:

          OK. So technically this sim is the same as ones on supermarket shelves & either have a long expiry or don't expire?

          Would like to know as I only have about one month left on Kogan plan before my year is up & thinking of holding off the port until then.

        • @grab_ur_freebies: the sim you ordered today must be activated by 31 July. I am sure that you can activate after 31 July but you will not get the four renewals.

      • What does this code do ?

        • Order sim which has 4 x 28 day renewals.

        • -1

          @ashik: so it's 6+4 months ?

        • @OZB fan: no, only four.

        • @ashik: sorry, I'm confused. Isn't this deal for 6 months (that's posted here) ?

  • I had previously bought similar deal from amaysim. can I still use the same email account to buy and use this deal?
    I don't mind new assigned mobile numbers…using it for my kids mobile just for the Data.

    Or I need to sign up with a diff email address?

    • Or I need to sign up with a diff email address?

      I wouldn't risk using the same email Use the gmail trick

      • what gmail trick, could you please tell me about it?

      • there was no way for me to change the email address that I have already used

    • +1

      Yes, you can use same account as advised by the Amaysim online Chat. Just login to your existing account, click on my dashboard and add a new service and put in the code before check out.

    • Same email address works. I did that and it worked.

  • +1

    Wow, this is dirt cheap. I thought the $8.49 I paid less than 2 weeks ago was already very cheap. I already bought 3!!

  • -1

    Why is the data counted in megabytes?

  • Wtf? I just bought it for $8! Do I need to buy a new SIM to use old number?

  • Who is considered a "new" customer? My number used to be with amaysim until 2 months ago when I made the switch to belong.. do i count as a 'new' customer if i switch back??

    • yes I used to always switch back as new customer

      • Correct.

  • Can we turn extra data cost off? (teenage users)

    • +1

      In Android you can make the phone disable mobile data when it reaches a preset limit

      • thanks mate although the kids would disable that but comment below says you can disable auto $10 per gig over

        • Is that confirmed?
          If auto re charge cannot be disabled then this is not for me.

        • @mrbillions: Auto recharge can be turn off from memory

    • +3

      For our amaysim account once it reached 1gb it just stop using data until you specifically purchase additional data

      • How did you manage that? It just charges me the $10 automatically when the parents go over :(

    • Yes, for prepaid accounts, turn off “auto credit top up” in the amaysim app.
      Then once the 1G is used, it will not top up until it is done manually in the app

  • +2

    Free code here aswell


    • Where do you redeem it?

      • +1

        Add 1gb sim on amaysim and adding code will bring down to $0
        And will give you 4 free renewals

        • it doesn't let me press the Continue button. The code is not in the correct format (e.g. too short).

  • What's the catch? Are there excess data charges?

    • -1

      Yes, data is not unlimited it is 1gb

      • -1

        So just to be clear - if you go over the 1Gb limit do you get charged an additional $10 per 1Gb until the 28 days rollover?

        • +1

          That's what the fine print says

          Excess data charged at $0.072/MB or $10/1GB

        • +2

          @spaceflight: Sneaky buggers. I'll pass on this deal then

        • +1


          The UNLIMITED 1GB and UNLIMITED 2.5GB plans will not be switched to the casual data rate if you run out of data. In these instances you'll need to wait until your plan has renewed, or add a data top-up in order to continue using data.


        • On prepaid it stops at 1Gb, if “auto credit top-up” is turned off in the amaysim app.

  • How long is to port from Catch to Amaysim? It has been half day and still not porting out.

    • About a day (24 hours). You made the mistake of porting from Optus to Optus (Both catch and amay use optus).
      You might also have no phone line for half a day.

      • Amaysim chat said that there will be no issue. Finger cross tomorrow.

      • Optus to Vodafone then back to optus took me only 20 min. Same network porting takes time.

  • +1

    Damn, I bought this without seeing "new customers"
    Is it possible to port out to a cheap sim and back as a new customer?

    • Yes.

    • Get a free telstra SIM from Telstra website. Port to Telstra and then sign up as new Amaysim customer (using different email address) and port back to Amaysim. Should take about 4 to 5 days to port out and back again (longest wait time is for the Amaysim SIM to arrive).

      • +2

        Same email address also works.

      • Cheers - but seeing as the voucher needs to be activated in the next 6 days and I live in Rural NSW I may just buy a $2 sim and get it done asap

        • Once you've ordered a new service using the voucher, get in contact with Amaysim support and they can activate your retail bought SIM.

  • +1

    if using paypal, where to input the code ?

  • Can you use all six renewals in one go to have 6 months of service? Or do you have to use one renewal at a time, then recharge before expiry — if this is the case, will the latter recharges be invalid due to expiry date on various Groupon/Amaysim terms?

    • I expect no. After 28 days the data is automatically added. Just don't forget to log into dashboard and unclick auto renewal

      • Yeah that is what I'm expecting as well. (And yeah thanks for the reminder on disabling auto-renewal)

        But I'm not too sure as to why some users here are posting free codes — sort of feels like each of the 6 renewals is independent rather than as one voucher for 6 automatic renewals.

      • Correct.

    • My experience with this deal in the past is that one renewal is used at a time, applied automatically. Every 28 days I would get an email from Amaysim saying "UNLIMITED 2GB is ready to use!". The redeem voucher/activate SIM dates have to be respected, I am not sure about other expiry dates. About when the 6th renewal was due I simply got an email saying "Something went wrong and we were unable to process your recent transaction." and no explanation. Upon contacting Amaysim via the chat, it turned out that particular plan was no longer offered by Amaysim (despite still being within the 6 months) but they eventually put me onto the nearest available plan (unlimited 2.5GB) for the final renewal.

  • +1

    This is why I love you TA!

  • Can someone explain to me if you activate it can you leave it for several months before porting your number across? I'm on the catchconnect deal and want to port over to Amaysim after it's finish. Is that possible?

    • I don't think it's possible. You only can port during service activation

    • possible but you will need to speak to support, so it wont be a automated process you can perform your own.

      • So if I remember correctly if you activate the delivered sim you can have the sim sitting around until you’re ready to port your number across. Just trying to maximise porting back and forth.

  • +6

    I feel really, really bad for spending $8.95 the other week.

  • +1

    Another free 4months VQ9R97 3 uses tonight only

    • how to redeem this??

  • DAMN IT, just bought 2 for $9 each last night……………………………………………………………

    What are these free codes, for new sim signups or adding to existing plans?

    • New sims/porting

  • This order exceeds the purchase maximum for this deal.

    • Limit of 1 voucher per person

  • +1

    Code expiring midnight:


  • Keep in mind I think they don't have international roaming like Kogan.. So for those who travel might be a problem. But for secondary phones these are good

    • +1

      You've mixed up which service offers what. Amaysim = yes. Kogan = no.

      • Okay. Ignore what I said

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