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[eBay Plus] Western Digital RED 10TB Hard Drive $401.25 Delivered @ Futu eBay Store


One of the HDD in my NAS failed and I figured now is as good a time as any to upgrade. Found these Western Digital Red 10TB's for $401.25 each which is cheapest available at the moment.

I know what your thinking, have you checked that they are cheapest possible right now…, of course I have fellow bargain hunter!

MSY - $458
Static Ice - $463 ( next cheapest)

So all up they are $57 cheaper right now with the current ebay Plus deal, which is still a saving despite the obvious RRP price jacking.

A couple of sellers have them for the same price so plenty of stock around. Enjoy

Original 25% off 51 Sellers for eBay Plus Members / 20% off for non-eBay Plus Members Deal

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    It's interesting that Western Digital don't offer any of it's "consumer" grade (Blue/Black series) hard drives in capacities larger than 6TB. Do they think that buyers are only interested in 8/10/12TB drives for specialist purposes and not general/backup use?

    • +1

      Because large drive capacities are normally used in a NAS or home server setup. Also when dealing with capacities of this size, higher drive reliability is important given the amount of data that an end user could potentially lose. Production costs are likely a factor as well, the lower profit margins of green drives make them economically unfeasible I reckon.

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    When doing the $ per the comparison I found the 8tb wd reds (on sale for $30x from futu) to be 37.50/tb, or there abouts. The 8tbs have been at best 287 from eBay with discount codes.

  • +1

    The 8Tb is better value

  • Pairs well with the synology ds918+ nas on sale for $670 at futu with proxy code. Has 4 bays and an extra 5% off if a ebay plus member.

  • -2

    This was cheaper in may, $229.
    Futu is a regular price jacker


    • wow thats cheap! surely a pricing error? unless hdd's have jumped in the last 6 months?

  • +1

    You can get the Seagate Ironwolf 10TB for $382.50.


    • is it better than WD REDS?

    • It says 25% off, but the discount is only for 20% giving a final price of $408 instead.

      • Also the 25% off is only for Ebay Plus members. Regular Ebay members are $408 sorry.

    • What about the Seagate SkyHawk 10TB Surveillance Hard Drive for $357.75. Is there any downside to this drive?

      • +1

        The Surveillance drives have different firmware optimised for continuous writes. They are rated for 24/7 use just like the Ironwolf NAS drives. They are probably fine as an alternative though performance may be slightly different in certain workloads.

  • How many platters in this thing?

    I'm still wary of the reliability of these massive drives.

  • +1

    Not a deal. They were $519 for numerous weeks, then increased it to $535 when "eBay Plus" came in. Your pricing includes "eBay Plus" discounts which are tied to a paid membership.

    I can see OzBargain admins needing to make decisions on what constitutes "valid" deals soon, as Amazon Prime & eBay Plus pricing doesn't factor in the fees associated with the programs.

    • +2

      I concur. Not everyone wants to pay membership. If every post now is going to incorporate membership being taking into consideration, pricing on deals could at least be posted with and without membership.

    • -1

      $428 without eBay Plus still seems pretty good. Also you can get a free 30 day trial of eBay plus and with the discounts eBay is currently offering even if you paid the full $49 for a year it basically pays for itself.

      • +4

        With all due respect that still not the point.

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